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  1. Coenraad

    [HEART] Hearts Of Oak

    Hello casual player looking to join your ranks. I like history and books about Taranto, Bismarck, Narvik, Tirpitz and their missions are what fueled my interest in these ships in younger years and WoWS is bringing that fire back to life. I live in Norway and play during the evenings and in weekends. I am 32, employed and married and have kids so gaming is ofcourse affected by that, i i don't always know if i am online at X time as things can happen (kids sick, and stuff like that) I hope i can contribute with some knowledge of both game and history al be it limited in certain areas, with friendly discussions and banter. I love sailing the British ships, and am getting ready for the tree. Sailing mostly Tier 6-7 with Warspite, Hood, Nelson and Fiji atm. Planning to keep all RN BB's i unlock as i want them all and will sail them all. Sailed IJN line to T10 for the Yamato, and now i am mainly going up trees to collect and sail historical ships.
  2. Coenraad

    Full Nelson - Gamescom in-game competition


    Just to clarify, do we need to sail 10 battles in 1 ship on each tier, or only 10 battles overall that can be in any ship (like 2 in Warspit, 3 Hood, 3Yamato, 2 Hipper)?
  3. Coenraad

    Public Test 0.6.10 - New Effects

    The splashes look nice. The fire however looks horrible. The fireblast looks way too big and while the flash is fast enough, maybe a bit slow, the smoke should linger a bit more. Also the fire is waaaaay to bright and it looks totally out of place.
  4. Coenraad

    A fix for clear edges in the skybox?

    No one has had this or has a fix for it?
  5. Coenraad

    Shell type changes by itself

    I think ColonelPete is right on the money. It is easy to test if you bind HE to 9 and unbind 1 and see what happens. I am quite sure it will solve your problem.
  6. Coenraad

    A fix for clear edges in the skybox?

    Hey guys, please see the attached screenies. I have often issues with those clear edges showing, they come from the corners of the map up to the skybox. Is there a fix for this? I have not noticed this before and only now after i came back after a long break. I run the game on Max settings. My system is: OS: W10 64 bit CPU: i7 3770 @3.4ghz (not o.c.) GPU: 660Ti 2GB p.s. I tried the search function but could not find a related topic. If there is i apologise for the double.
  7. I loved this game allot, a whole lot even. But like said above, it just boils down to sailing around rocks at quite slow speeds raining fire on others. And personaly i find the ships feel much alike and it just gets boring very fast for me to a point where i just don't care anymore. I did bring me back to WoT though. I find that allot more fun. Faster gameplay and more active angling, use of cover etc. Personaly i think they schould speed up wows by 30-50%. Things go faster and the matches are quicker and there should perhaps be some more action and less time nosepicking.
  8. Coenraad

    The lack of work from EU office

    Still 60+k people online at peak last time i checked. WT is not dying fast it is being pretty stable with some minor fluctuations. It is not my cup of tea as i dislike the way the dmg model works, but it is doing just fine. I'll stick to WoT though. And taking a break from wows as it is just so boring after a while.
  9. Coenraad

    Do NOT Buy the "Special Offer".

    Not too mention 7 day of premium is more expencive per day then 1 month. So they make you buy a pretty expencive 7 days of premium. Pfff
  10. Coenraad

    Ranked Battles - disappointing start!

    Probably becourse they need 2 weeks of data for the ranked battles to work. If they activate it now you still get mixed players as all start new in that rank and ppl will whine about how bad ranked mm is.
  11. Coenraad

    Short range fire can not sink a battleship

    I don't understand the OP's question that well. If anthing close range say 4-6 km is great for relatively easy citadels. Hell, even on my cruisers with 203's i can do tons of damage to a BB with AP rounds at that range (but you die very fast as a cruiser being that close). Does OP mean we should be able to cause flooding with gun fire? Unless there was a catastrophic explosion, very few battleships were really sunk by gunfire becourse that is just such a hard thing to do. The gunfire usualy took the ship out and torpedo hits or aircraft bombs did the sinking or caused the major flooding that sunk the ship.
  12. Coenraad

    041 knocking at door : no HE nerf ?...

    I have a fuso and NY and tbh fires aren't that much of a big deal. I feel i have little issues vs cruisers, they die fast and fire damage is easy healed No nerf needed i feel.
  13. Coenraad

    Unlimited torpedos? Please remove this arcade option

    Lol to the OP. "Please remove an arcade solution from this arcade game" Btw WG did state they might add a cost to ammo so there is less careless spam.
  14. Coenraad

    When will border abuse get patched?

    OP watch the 0.4.1 test server notes.
  15. Coenraad

    How did this get past closed Beta

    Tbh i see it only rarely. And when it happens i really don't care, it's not like it is hard to hit them. Yes their directional speed is lower, but it is not hard to predict the sideways motion by the angle they are at.