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  1. keltu

    [Gamescom 2015] Ask the Developers!

    Are you planning similiar promotion as E3 humble bundle but for Europe during Gamescom?
  2. keltu

    Removed from beta

    No, just the guy i killed got a tad mad it seems, though it's kinda amusing..
  3. keltu

    Removed from beta

    Pay attention to chat.
  4. keltu

    Removed from beta

  5. keltu

    Why can't fighters attack ships?

    Probably ammunition or fuel explosions.
  6. keltu

    Why can't fighters attack ships?

    Kamikaze is a whole different story..
  7. keltu

    Why can't fighters attack ships?

    The same reason you wouldn't shoot Tanks with hand guns.. as for the attacking CV's, i dont see much sense in option to attack just 1 type of ship and also it would weaken CV's pretty badly.
  8. keltu

    Zapis do bety

    Póki co masz okręty zaledwie 2 nacji, tylko 5 map więc jest to bardzo wczesna wersja gry.. na oko 6-12 miesięcy, myślę że Open Beta nie pojawi się wcześniej jak za pół roku. (czyli podobnie jak w przypadku WoT)
  9. keltu

    Zaproszenia do zamkniętej bety: druga fala

    Do przedwczoraj też byłem "głodny", jakoś potrafiłem się powstrzymać od bezsensownego spamu który do niczego nie prowadzi..
  10. keltu

    Toxic Behaviour

    Got it, thanks.
  11. keltu

    After subscribing, any warning on beta key waves ?

    I didn't received any notification either, luckily i found a thread on Reddit saying there is small window of signups open for EU like 2 days ago? I lost time count, too much WoWs lol..
  12. keltu

    WoWS mods. Should they be allowed?

    Define game breaking. Though i'm against mods aswell, play the game as it was intended by developers.
  13. keltu

    Toxic Behaviour

    Where do you report them, with a ticket system or there is a different place for that?
  14. Besides the poll options, what quite annoys me is amount of destroyers in games. I mean it happens rarely but sometimes there is 6 Destroyers per team, there should be some limit per team definitely.
  15. keltu

    Closed Beta Survey

    Done, i hope it will have some use.