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  1. sunday

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - Bugs

    1. Description Task 7 of Mission 1 of campaign Honorable Service stuck at 4 battleships destroyed. 2. Reproduction steps Enable the task, sink 8 BBs, counter stuck at 4 3. Result That task could not be completed. 4. Expected result Task should be able to be completed. 5. Technical details None.
  2. sunday

    Ranked needs to be less DD friendly

    DDs hiding on smoke could be countered by launching torpedoes into the smoke. If they are sitting still, they die. If they are sitting still and firing, you could aim to the origin of the tracers even more easily. I find this is the main use of torpedoes in Japanese cruisers. Of course, American cruisers do not have torpedoes, nor the somewhat long range of German hydroacustics, so they are in a bit of a disavantage.
  3. Opino que uno nunca debe entrar en Ranked con un buque que no esté desarrollado al 100%. Hay excepciones, claro, como los destructores US en los que es mejor disponer de 5 cañones que de una AA mejor. Pero entrar con un acorazado o un crucero que no estén totalmente equipados no es una buena idea.
  4. sunday

    [AMURA] Comunidad Amura

    Lo del estilo de "Zona de combate" será puro, ¿no?
  5. sunday

    Anyone else think RU destroyers are most fun?

    They are fun, but a pet peeve of mine is Tier VII and Tier X being not destroyers but destroyer leaders. Some navies used light cruisers as destroyer leaders, like IJN with the Kumas.
  6. Fair points. Even Yorck does not suck too much in the test server.
  7. Well, went into public test, bought Hindenburg as first tier X since Beta times, put a scrub skipper with only sixth sense on it, and into battle!. Was a win, my Hindenburg was #1 ship with two Mogamis, one Ibuki, and one Iowa sunk. 108 main battery, and 9 torpedo hits. 180k damage. One Mogami and Iowa were solo-ed. But Iowa needed 9 torpedos to be sunk, using that tactic so dear of Clemson skippers to give both torpedo broadsides. Yes, it's like a Tier X Cleveland, but shooting AP. Nemesis of citadel-prone ships. Pimped it a bit, and AA battery value jumped up to 84. Not shabby.
  8. sunday

    Karlsruhe should be a tier III, give me Emden as T4 please

    Or the SMS Scharnhorst, Von Spee's flagship. That could be a German St. Louis, but there is the problem of a main battery with 2 separate calibers - 210mm, and 150mm.
  9. There was a CL with DP main battery at the end of WWII, Worcester class, 6x2 automatic six-inchers. https://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints-depot/ships/cruisers-us/uss-cl-144-worcester-light-cruiser.png https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Worcester_(CL-144) http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/1908-worcester-class-cruisers/
  10. sunday

    please dont ever let divisions in ranked battle

    Massive possibilities of sealclubbing?
  11. sunday

    Colorado, saltarlo o no....

    Magnífico. Llevaba acumulados 80k puntos de experiencia libre a fin de saltármerlo, pero podré usarla para otras cosas.
  12. sunday

    ¿Donde esta el oro y la EXP libre unificada?

    Al ver el título del hilo, y tratándose de este juego, lo lógico es pensar: "En el fondo del mar, matarile rile rile..."
  13. sunday

    Win strategy in Ranked Battles

    Oh my, my... Now you will be asking OVan what a Senjo is...
  14. sunday

    Win strategy in Ranked Battles

    Agree very much.