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  1. Naeron66

    Camping bb's

    Make Torpedoes single use on any ship that did not carry reloads That is one big reason that BBs camp well away from the action, its to avoid places where the wall of skiil may happen. Its noticeable that once all the enemy DDs are out of the game the BBs start getting more aggressive.
  2. Naeron66

    Battle of Jutland - still a no show in WOWS

    Its not regarded as a win, its regarded as pulling a small victory out of a large defeat.
  3. Naeron66

    Battle of Jutland - still a no show in WOWS

    Until the RN has more ships I wouldn't expect Jutland to be featured.
  4. Naeron66

    How can you report a poison message

    Edit out the player name from this post as its against the forum rules. Raise a support ticket and include details of what was said. https://eu.wargaming.net/support/tickets
  5. Naeron66

    Was that a glitch, or what?

    He had done enough team damage that he reached the point that any team damage he did was reflected back. So he was firing at his own team and took all the damage he did killing himself and earning the -1. If he reached that level of TK he would also have suffered any fire and flooding damage.he caused to his team.
  6. Naeron66


    The 24th and the 25th are the days that adults get the least amount of free time to play games. WG put the bonus on the right days.
  7. Naeron66

    Getting Pink because of blind team sailors -.-

    100% your fault, if you think its ok to TK in situations like this then your ban will be well-deserved.
  8. Naeron66

    how to report cheaters

    Not even better players, just average players who have played enough battles to work out the basics of leading ships when firing. I've notived my accuracy has very slowly been getting better. As to the later comment about people in premium ships using aimhack the more logical explantion is that having bought a higher tier premium you tend to use it a lot, which means you get accustomed to the shell speed and dispersion which improves accuracy.
  9. Naeron66

    another matchmaker thread

    just... lol. The more logical explanation is that you are just not as good as you think you are.
  10. Naeron66

    Saving Transylvania

    No its not, even if you lose you get the rewards for completed secondaries.
  11. Naeron66

    WG developers never learn

    WG have stated that the line is for skilled players, meaning that they will underperform for most players, that is what people are annoyed about, and its a valid complaint. Low damage HE won't fix the issue as it will be pretty much useless against BBs. What is needed is normal damage HE with a low fire chance to compensate for higher RoF but high enough that it equals the chance over time of other cruisers.
  12. Naeron66

    WG developers never learn

    While I agree that the implementation of the RN Cruisers (making the first line of a nation "special" so that only skilled players can do well in them) was grotesquely stupid on WG's part the rest of you post is just silly. As an example I am merely average but I don't have much trouble hitting targets.
  13. Naeron66

    Saving Transylvania

    I managed to dodge 90% of the catapult shots in the cruiser, so its not hard to do.
  14. Naeron66

    Saving Transylvania

    Then you are doing it wrong. Only took me 2 attempts to get a win and that was with pubbies and I ain't nothing more than average.
  15. Naeron66

    english-russian cruiser swap

    You have proved nothing. You have just stated an opinion. That opinion is directly contradicted by other posters and for the average player it is contradicted by WG themselves. I see that all you rely on is ad hominem attacks.