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  1. Update: Fixed the error by completely removing and reinstalling the modpack. Regards LocutusBS
  2. Icons of Major Renegade are not working with Side Panels of BADoBest and Hakabase. Always results in the standart "blank" WoWS Icons. Worked before Regards LocutusBS
  3. Great work as always Aslain! Really appreciate your efforts. You think you can enable the Crosshairs from Bowser (especially "Green Lemon")? Best Regards LocutusBS
  4. The last part did it for me, thx a lot Aslain!
  5. Will try tomorrow, my I-Net is just too laggy today to play and test further.
  6. Icons of the Major Renegade Pack are inverted on enemy team, anybody knows where to switch them back to "normal"? Regards LocutusBS
  7. Yeah, for me too. Yesterday working like a charm and today not. Tried Versions 00-04 from the 0.6.9 Aslain Modpack.
  8. LocutusBS

    Payment with Paysafe card not possible?

    It worked back bout a month ago, last time I bought something with Paysafe Card. **Update** For me this only happens when trying to buy the Dragonflag Packages...
  9. Np, I rarely play on Patchday :-)
  10. Nice work as always Aslain. Just missing my favorite Crosshair (Bowsers Geen lemon) ;-)
  11. Great Work Aslain, but the Links on you HP dont work( the lead to eg. http://eu25.gamersplatoon.com/Aslains_WoWs_ModPack_Installer_v.5.14.0_00.exe
  12. LocutusBS

    Dragon Flags

    Got the First Set of Flags right now for the Number of Battles but not the "Bonus" Flags for the Tier 10 Ships in Harbor. Strange...
  13. Good work so far Aslain! Got a bit of a Problem myself: When switching from Queue-Screen to Battle-Screen I do hear the sound of WoWs being ready to switch but the screen stays in Queue-Sceen. Using only Crosshair Green Lemon and Training Room... Regards LocutusBS
  14. LocutusBS

    Update on Project R in Europe

    Same for me, 278 Pearls and no Ship :-(
  15. LocutusBS

    Project R and first stage (100k credits)

    Read too late, mine was empty too...