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  1. Yep, that was you. Good game m8
  2. Hey erps! Bedankt voor je aanmelding. We zagen em al langskomen ingame, maar we stellen vaak nog wat vragen om zeker te weten of we bij elkaar passen. Met wat jij hier net hebt neergezet lijkt het me verder dik in orde, dus ik verwacht dat je vandaag ergens wordt toegelaten. Alvast welkom :)
  3. Het is echt bbq en worstjes hier
  4. Dutch tech tree

    Well, I guess its easier to shame a national hero from your own country instead of getting your facts straight. Doorman was very aware of the disparity in firepower between his force and potential enemy forces, and had already expressed his doubts about the whole operation to admiral Helfrich. The latter explained to him that it was unacceptable that his combined fleet unit was to retreat without a fight, as standing orders were to make a stand against the enemy no matter the small odds of victory. He had to obey orders, and knowing he and his ships and its crews would likely suffer terribly for it, he went ahead and did his job anyway. He even chose to go down with his ship.
  5. Submarines war

    You somehow made that sound more boring than I already imagined submarine gameplay would be like.
  6. Submarines war

    I dont think sub's would fit in here. Submarine gameplay would be like moving submerged at top speed, which is still quite slow in this game. Here some data on typical WW2 subs: The german Type VII was the most numerous u-boat of the Kriegsmarine, it's top speed was only around 8 knots underwater. The Royal Navy's standard oceangoing sub at the time was the T-class, which go a whopping 9 knots while being submerged. Typical USN subs like the Salmon, Sargo and Tambor class could keep up with dreadnought-style battleships, but when submerged these would also crawl around the water at an unremarkable pace of around 9 knots. Although there are some subs of that time which would go relatively fast underwater, (German Elektroboot; 17 knots submerged. Japanese I-200; 19 knots submerged) these boats would still be quite slow to this game's standards. I dont see what value subs could add to this game. This game already has ships which can launch volley's of torps at ships while being undetected, while doing so at greater volumes than a WW2 submarine ever could to achieve, while possesing greater mobility.
  7. Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

    I'm just popping in here to say that you guys are doing great to keep this idea alive. Your efforts are much appreciated. Goed bezig. 100 punten.
  8. Welkom in de de clan, Elite
  9. Hey Michael! Mooi dat je ons ziet zitten Gezien je onze voorkeur omtrent teamspeak gebruik en algemene activiteit hierboven zelf al neerzet ga ik er rustig vanuit dat je al weet wat we van onze leden verwachten. Ik stuur je alvast dan een uitnodiging tot de clan, ingame. Info voor het gebruik van onze teamspeak kom je dan direct eigenlijk wel tegen. Alvast welkom :D
  10. Dont know about other players, but I did do alot of coop today to get some missions done in less time.
  11. Gisteravond hebben we het toch maar voor het eerst geschopt tot de Storm League!
  12. Surface Radar

    Nah, I've seen too many one-sided games just because one team had more ships with smoke generators.
  13. Maybe, if the struggle you mentioned is too much. Games are still meant to be fun, after all. While the British cruiser line will probably have the most to teach you about mechanics involving detection and stealth, its also the most unforgiving line of cruisers. Cruisers as a class can be quite squishy when the enemy team is allowed to take shots at your broadside. This is due to the citadel area that runs along the lower part of the sides on your ship (typically from front turret to back turret). If AP of HE ammo penetrates this area, the shells will deal full damage. This is how full health cruisers can be blown away by one good salvo. British cruisers especially tend to carry very light protection so any mistakes you make will be all the more painfull. Especially on the Emerald, a mediocre tier 5 cruiser at best, you will enter a tier that can meet enemies two tiers higher on the battlefield. All these things compound the troublesome ship the Emerald already is. British cruiser are not an easy line to start with as a new player, as you need to be very aware of detection ranges, being detected by consumables, and on which targets your AP will be effective.
  14. Richelieu - Tier VIII

    Its too bad, but the way you describe your ship sounds like the only use it has for you is providing you credits by selling it. I'm enjoying mine tho. Finished mission today, played three games. Lost three.. but the ship performed well. I like the improved gun angles and functional bow armor over the Dunk, and the secondaries show potential. The ship seems equally adapt at kiting as it is for getting closer to let your secondaries help out. I'm till on the fence on how I should specialise my captain.
  15. Met het nieuwe clan battle seizoen zitten we eigenlijk met te weinig mensen om met twee divisions tegelijk clanbattles te doen. Hoe mooi zou het zijn als dat gerealiseerd zou worden! Er zijn vast nog wel NL-talige spelers die een leuke clan zoeken?