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  1. Marlekin

    [GEUS] Recruiting! (Nederlandse Warships Clan)

    Wij GEUSjes gaan ook in 2019 gewoon door met spelen. En we zoeken dus altijd nog spelers die graag meespelen in normale divisions, clanbattle divisions, operations, of wat dan ook. Omdat we zoveel via Discord doen is het belangrijk bij ons dat je meepraat via microfoon, iets waarop we de laatste tijd meer op zijn gaan controleren. Zo blijven we echt de clan zoals het in onze omschrijving staat.
  2. Early morning, got my coffee, I read the news article and see what the url guy did. *chuckles* Thank you, url guy. Never stop.
  3. Marlekin

    Penalising players who don't pay to play.

    If you honestly want to talk statistics, In World of Tanks, you would be known as a potato player: A below average player. Wowsnumbers shows you are lagging behind average player scores on the EU server. This means you need statistically better players in your team more often to compensate for you, which makes you much more reliant on the randomness of the matchmaker. Even if you were to buy a "pay to play" premium account your progress would still be slow, because 50% extra when youre getting bad scores is still not much. The same applies to premium ships. This game definately has its faults, but if you want to improve on your situation you might want to get better at playing this game. Wether you make an improvement or not, find a clan. Clanbases have decent bonuses that save you a bit of experience points and credits. You could really use the boost.
  4. Marlekin

    [GEUS] Recruiting! (Nederlandse Warships Clan)

    Hoi degen, Ik heb je een PM gestuurd. Groetjes.
  5. Marlekin

    Better than tanks?

    Anything is better than World of Tanks. I played over 6 years of Tanks but the old problems will never go away in that game. Playing the lowest tier in any tanks battle just plain out sucks, while playing high tier tanks is very expensive to maintain and the premium ammo spam has taken alot of the challenge out of the game. I dont think this will ever change because it all helps WG to sell more premium account, premium vehicles, and other packages on their shop. I can get that a game needs to be profitable but Tanks has the dial tuned up to 11 and WG doesnt seem to care about its Tanks playerbase aslong as they keep paying up. So I pretty much moved over to Warships. Compared to Cashcow of Tanks, things are more down to earth here. In this game, high tier gameplay is actually affordable for the average player credit-wise, even without a premium acount. You can even farm credits in these kind of ships fairly easily. Clans are actually usefull in this game for the average player, even if you dont play clan battles at the highest tiers. Clanbases can give you permanent bonuses in special currencies ingame (except doubloons), nice experience point boosts and can safe you credits on repairing/buying ships.
  6. Marlekin

    [GEUS] Recruiting! (Nederlandse Warships Clan)

    We hebben inmiddels onze Teamspeak server vaarwel gezegd en we zijn overgestapt naar Discord. Omdat de textchannels van discord praktisch dezelfde functies hebben als onze facebookgroep om nieuws en grappigheden te delen, en daarmee is eigenlijk alleen nog maar discord als platform nodig om volledig mee te doen in de clan. Dit wordt dan ook goed ontvangen onder clanleden en je ziet mensen er actief gebruik van maken. Intussen blijven we gewoon een funclan waar je lekker met andere spelers kan gamen. Er is nog altijd ruimte voor meer spelers.. :)
  7. Marlekin

    The Battle of Jutland

    Thanks for sharing!
  8. Marlekin

    Jean Bart Flash

    I think he didnt know about the reload booster consumable yet.
  9. Yep, that was you. Good game m8
  10. Marlekin

    [GEUS] Recruiting! (Nederlandse Warships Clan)

    Hey erps! Bedankt voor je aanmelding. We zagen em al langskomen ingame, maar we stellen vaak nog wat vragen om zeker te weten of we bij elkaar passen. Met wat jij hier net hebt neergezet lijkt het me verder dik in orde, dus ik verwacht dat je vandaag ergens wordt toegelaten. Alvast welkom :)
  11. Marlekin

    [GEUS] Recruiting! (Nederlandse Warships Clan)

    Het is echt bbq en worstjes hier
  12. Marlekin

    Dutch tech tree

    Well, I guess its easier to shame a national hero from your own country instead of getting your facts straight. Doorman was very aware of the disparity in firepower between his force and potential enemy forces, and had already expressed his doubts about the whole operation to admiral Helfrich. The latter explained to him that it was unacceptable that his combined fleet unit was to retreat without a fight, as standing orders were to make a stand against the enemy no matter the small odds of victory. He had to obey orders, and knowing he and his ships and its crews would likely suffer terribly for it, he went ahead and did his job anyway. He even chose to go down with his ship.
  13. Marlekin

    Submarines war

    You somehow made that sound more boring than I already imagined submarine gameplay would be like.
  14. Marlekin

    Submarines war

    I dont think sub's would fit in here. Submarine gameplay would be like moving submerged at top speed, which is still quite slow in this game. Here some data on typical WW2 subs: The german Type VII was the most numerous u-boat of the Kriegsmarine, it's top speed was only around 8 knots underwater. The Royal Navy's standard oceangoing sub at the time was the T-class, which go a whopping 9 knots while being submerged. Typical USN subs like the Salmon, Sargo and Tambor class could keep up with dreadnought-style battleships, but when submerged these would also crawl around the water at an unremarkable pace of around 9 knots. Although there are some subs of that time which would go relatively fast underwater, (German Elektroboot; 17 knots submerged. Japanese I-200; 19 knots submerged) these boats would still be quite slow to this game's standards. I dont see what value subs could add to this game. This game already has ships which can launch volley's of torps at ships while being undetected, while doing so at greater volumes than a WW2 submarine ever could to achieve, while possesing greater mobility.