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  1. We hebben nog steeds plaatsen! De teller staat nu op 28/30, hoewel er misschien een of twee extra plaatsen bijkomen als we weer inactieve leden gaan verwijderen. We sparen voor de HQ upgrade om de max naar 40 leden te drukken!
  2. Dear Wargaming, My apologies if this question has been asked before. As it stands, this game has no dedicated rank to kick off clan battles. Neither the recruiter rank, (meant to recruit new members), nor the deputy commander rank (kicking members) was meant to be the officer rank to kick off battles in this game mode. I've read topics where players argue that the clan battle gamemode requires a new kind of special officer rank to kick off clan battles, but this could require this rank being handed out to practically everyone to make sure clan battles can be started if clanmembers want to play clan battles. In that case, you might aswell lower the requirement to Line Officer. WoT doesnt have a rank requirement for Stronghold either, which comes closest to this game mode & clan naval base. This game doesnt need an officer requirement to kick off clan battles if you ask me. So I'm wondering, are there plans to remove the officer requirement entirely to start clan battles?
  3. Hey Bold, Ik hoorde hier gisteravond iets over op TS. Kom er gewoon bij, ik heb je de clan invite al gestuurd. Teamspeak login stuur ik je via PM op dit forum. Groetjes o/
  4. Leuk de groeten te krijgen van een andere clan. Jullie ook het beste :D
  5. Het gaat hier nog altijd erg goed, Met 25 leden zitten we hier bij [GEUS] bijna aan de max. Ondertussen sparen we de olie voor meer ruimte in de clan, want dit zijn de enige nuttige upgrades die we nog kunnen maken aan onze clan base. Dus als iemand nog een NL-talige clan wil proberen, daar is hier alle ruimte voor. We kijken hier niet naar "skill", maar hopen dat je gewoon actief mee wilt doen zowel ingame als op onze teamspeak server.
  6. Hey Morlocks, Ik zag je bericht inderdaad langskomen vandaag, maar ik zie dat je al een andere clan gevonden hebt. Ik hoop dat je vind wat je zoekt!
  7. Hey, Toch even trots onze naval base laten zien: De jongens hier bij [GEUS] zijn nagenoeg elke clanbattle avond aan de gang om olie binnen te harken voor meer clan bonusen. We winnen zeker niet alles, maar het is over het algemeen leuk en de sfeer is goed. En zoals je goed kan zien, wordt er erg veel binnengehaald. Op sommige avonden hebben we bijna genoeg mensen online voor een tweede team dat clanbattles kan spelen. Het enige wat we nog op de te-bouwen lijst hebben staan zijn het tier 8 boathouse en de clansize upgrades! Ondertussen hebben we nog ruimte en we willen graag plaats bieden aan nieuwe mensen. Hint hint
  8. Inmiddels bied GEUS een volledige set met dock upgrades aan, welke de reparatiekosten van schepen een stuk dragelijker maken. Op dit moment zijn we bezig de research centers af te bouwen, waarna de boathouses volgen. Met nog ruimte voor ruim een handvol leden kan jij ook deel uitmaken van een deze actieve NL-talige clan
  9. The USS Texas dryberth project has been on the table for over 10 years now, but they always lacked the funding to go through with it. As far as I understood, the ship needs major structural repairs before this is even possible. But to make the kind of repairs the Texas needs, you need dry access to the outer hull which is just not possible right now. All these guys can do is patch holes, pump out water, prolong the ships' life and pray for a miracle that somehow alot of money gets pumped into saving this ship before its too late. As far as its financial situation, the USS Texas is owned by the state of Texas, which means that the vast majority of money spend on the ship is paid by the state. Interviews around august this year highlighting the Texas' poor state mentioned that the state of Texas already spend over 68 million dollars on her, while the dry berthing project is estimated at another 40-50 millions dollars. So just for a second, imagine how many Texas premiums and other bundles WG would have to sell to have any significant impact on actually saving this ship. So while this event and other fundraisers for the USS Texas may throw some goodwill money towards the guys keeping the ship in the best way as they can, its up to the state of Texas to pass the legislation to really commit their money and save this ship. Untill then, all you can donate for is some more patches and some more water pumps. And thats not going to be enough to save the Texas. I really hope the state of Texas comes around for this ship.
  10. Dear Tuccy, Thanks for your answer... Couldnt you have atleast passed down the suggestion up the chain, make inquiry about this somewhere, or anything more than just copy pasting what we already know? If this is supposed to be the extend that WG handles the A out of Q&A, this board of the forum has no meaningfull purpose. I dont understand how you can bring up that either Ranked or Clan battle popularity could suffer from the other, while there are only four days in the week with very limited time windows to even play one of the game modes. Clan Battles are only active for a total of 12 of the available 168 hours per week. This doesnt really cover much of the week to begin with, and your chosen timeframe to make this mode accessible doesnt really work for everyone which will make the mode even less populated. I do not believe for one second that WG's agenda for the rest of the year is so unflexible that any changes therein are impossible. WG has demonstrated before that it can make a deviation on its plans if required if they want to. You guys at WG are letting clan battles clog up the pipeline for events that are much more accessible (and therefore argueably more enjoyable) for the entire playerbase - such as a Ranked season. You can close this topic. I am discouraged to ask again.
  11. Well, After some disastrous "attempts", I finally got a few battles in where the team got 4 stars out of 5. I'll probably play more scenario just to be that one guy in the team that gets it or shows others how this scenario works without the usual rage retoric flying around. A few pointers from my end: Consumables: The consumables on these ships are 2-3 times as cheap as the normal one's. There is no reason you'd be going around these scenario's with normal consumables if you're serious about getting some rewards. Superintendent and premium consumables will get you two extra charges and quicker damage control. Dont get in the circle if you dont need repair: The more friendly ships in the circle around Transylvania, the faster the ship goes. Not only does this mean your slow BB's might have a problem keeping up with the team and fall behind, it also means your team has less time to deal with a wave of enemies before they move to a point where the next wave of enemies spawn. Just stick close to the circle in case you need some health restored. Some teams will stick together and all cram into the circle, which means their BB's will have fallen behind when Rasputin shows up. And Rasputin will wreck your Transylvania, Blade's and Igor's. When you get close to the portal you'll need those Jackals at the front. BB's prioritize catapults: Those catapults are your DD's worst nightmare in this scenario. The Zikasa only have secondaries so their damage output is very limited and depends on damage over time (fires), but those catapults will tend to shoot your DD's first. They are often around the front of the team and typically can expect a fireball being hurled their way when a catapult pops up. Getting hit by those firebals really takes a large chuck out your destroyer's healthpoints, so your BB's should really be on the lookout for catapults. The Jackals AP can one-shot a catapult with one salvo. When no catapults around, you switch back to shooting Zicasa's. This allows the Blade's in your team to stick around to the end of the fight where their smoke and torps will be priceless. Blade guards the circle: The Blade just slings torps and smokes up the Transylvania when things get dangerous. I believe that the Blade's might be the key to getting 5 stars in this scenario. The Transylvania will stop once an enemy ship enters the circle, and the devastating torps from the Blade are ideal for those close range Zicasa that get too close. I think this is the way to getting 5 stars. Blade is the only ship that can get up to 4 charges on one of its consumables, (smoke generator) which is a pretty big hint on its own. Igor burns everything: The cruiser is the only ship with a fire chance on its HE, but its actually very high at 33%. This is basically a St Louis, so you have guns pointing all round and you can keep several targets burning at the same time. Keeping a few fires going during the Rasputin fight is priceless, as fires tick for 0,3% total hitpoints per sec. On the 200k Rasputin, thats 600 damage per sec for each fire you keep going. The AP on the Igor is good enough to switch ammo type when youre satisfied with the amount of fires on target. Needless to say, the good runs I've had we're filled with players that actually communicated very well with each other. In those runs, there was no player that wandered off on its own and asked if someone could explain what he was supposed to do in german. If you play this scenario with random people, you gotta be prepared to explain the same things over and over and experience frequent dissapointment. Good luck, you guys.
  12. This is what I needed. My clan would have been able to play some clan battles yesterday, were it not that I was not online. Appointed a bunch of ad-hoc recruiters just now. Thank you for sharing, have a like!
  13. Dear Wargaming, Intro: Because of the scheduled clan battles being 6pm - 9pm (in my timezone), its going to be nearly impossible to take part in the new clan battles game mode. Many of my clanmembers will be just about getting ready to leave their jobs around 6pm. They would have to race home and skip dinner because of your decision to only allow clan battles for a limited time per day, directly after working hours. So after initial dissapointment over clanbattles, now it seems we as a clan, will not be participating much if any at all. I imagine many clasual clans finding themselves in the same situation. Yet, despite of a clanbattles season alot of players cant even participate in, there will be no ranked season for the rest of the year because of the lengthy clanbattles season lasting throughout the year! The casual warships player is left with nothing. Question: Is it technically possible to host both a clanbattles ánd ranked season? And if the answer is yes, why not host one for all the players that cant meet your impossible clanbattle schedule?
  14. Goed nieuws Inmiddels is ook de small dock (cruisers) gebouwd bij onze clanbase. Hiermee hebben we nu een battleship en cruiser dock. Het voornemen is om eerst alle docks te bouwen. Met een gemiddelde 350 olieopbrengst per dag gaan we naar de volgende upgrade! Benieuwd of een beetje aanmodderen in die clanbattles hier nog veel extra mee gaat helpen. Inmiddels zijn er nog ~10 plaatsen vrij bij ons.
  15. I think I'm gonna let you find out the hard way that this game doesnt fully revolve around smokeclouds and radar.