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  1. romarkov

    Pan Asian DDs and Cruisers

    Public test 0.6.14. announcement: 'Update 0.6.14 will bring a line of Pan-Asian ships to the game, comprising of one cruiser and nine destroyers. The new ships will carry a new type of weapon, deepwater torpedoes. A small detection radius and increased chances of flooding an enemy ship are a great counter when facing-off against enemy cruisers and battleships. But this advantage comes at a price—the new torpedoes cannot hit other destroyers.' Confirmed.
  2. romarkov

    Pan Asian DDs and Cruisers

    I believe you. Don't get mad at us. :)
  3. romarkov

    Pan Asian DDs and Cruisers

    I think there were some other cruisers beside RN ones which were immune to DW torps.
  4. romarkov

    Pan Asian DDs and Cruisers

    I also thought they will go with 'can't hit DD' mechanic, but the official announcement is: 'The new branch of destroyers all feature the new and exciting deepwater torpedoes that travel at greater depths and deal more damage to larger capital ships than standard torpedoes. But there is a catch though... they can also pass beneath a ship without hitting it, depending on the draft (the depth of a ship's keel below the waterline). So if you're facing other destroyers or shallow-draft cruisers, you may want to think twice before launching your deepwater torpedoes.'
  5. romarkov

    Skip the German DD Line up to...

    Hydro indeed gives you entirely new type of gameplay, one which is centered around aggressive cap contesting. But you can only start to feel it properly with Z-46 and 4,7km hydro. When you get Z-52, smoke/hydro combination becomes brutal. The only potential problem is you can get overconfident and die because you have overextended. But you can contest caps against several enemy DDs and still come on top (especially on smaller caps). I think high tier German DDs are currently the most versatile and fun to play DDs in the game.
  6. romarkov

    Gearing feels underwhelming.

    Priority Target is a great skill. It is always useful to know if you are only spotted and not targeted, targeted by 1 enemy (e.g. knife fighting DD) or targeted by more than one enemy which is usually a sign to run for cover. I'm running it on all DDs and spend 1 point on it as soon as possible. It heavily influences my decisions while I'm spotted. You should try it.
  7. romarkov

    Which of these DDs would you recommend?

    I would recommend both Shima and Fletcher, but 10 point captain with CE is a minimum for both of them. Between those two Fletcher is much easier to play.
  8. romarkov

    Shimakaze: "IT'S HAPPENING!"

    Spotting range reduction for Shimakaze torps (in adddition to turret rotation speed buff): F3 1.9 km -> 1.8 km Type93 mod.3 1.9 km -> 1.7 km
  9. romarkov

    Shimakaze: "IT'S HAPPENING!"

    It will be probably reduced to 1.7 km.
  10. romarkov

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: USS Black

    With TA reaction time for those torpedoes falls from 8,05 sec to 7,21 sec but even with TA they are slower than infamous Sims "mines" (49 kn). Probably not worth 2 skill points. AR should be a better choice. The only US DD which really benefits from TA is Gearing.
  11. romarkov

    Torpedo Acceleration on Fletcher?

    Take TA on Gearing. Swap DE for SI.
  12. romarkov

    So I started playing Shimakaze again...

    Shimakaze's firing range will be buffed from 9.81 km to 11.37 km in 0.6.3. (along with almost alll other IJN DDs and a number of other ships; Yugumo 10.13 to 10.95 km, Akizuki 9.23 to 11.33 km ...).
  13. romarkov

    So I started playing Shimakaze again...

    I have to disagree with this. Fletcher is the best torp/hybrid DD in the game, but Yugumo is not far behind. I play them both exactly the same; cap, spot, smoke, torp and use your guns when the opportunity arises. I have specced both ships as torpedo boats with SE. Fletcher has better torps, but 12km ones on Yugumo are also very good (F3 are too risky in current meta). Fletcher guns are better at ranges below 7 km. Above that, Yugumo guns are giving me better results (flatter trajectory, higher shell speed). You also get 2% higher fire chance on Yugumo. Yugumo's small detectability range (300 meters less than Flecther) is big advantage if you know how to permaspot other DDs and let your teammates damage them. Only Kagero outspots Yugumo. Fletcher has some other advantages but none of them are that important (for me). In the end, the same playstyle has translated in 68% wins from 114 battles in Fletcher (58k avg damage) and 68% wins from 62 battles in Yugumo (48k avg damage). As for the Shimakaze, I have played only 4 games, won all 4 with 100k avg damage. Same playstyle, similar ship/commander specs, 12 km torps. If I rate Fletcher with 10/10 (among all DDs), Yugumo would be 8.5/10 and Shima 9/10. That is why I really don't understand all the complaints about the Yugumo/Shimakaze. The really hard IJN ship to play for me was the old Kagero. Yugumo is a very good ship (and Shima so far).
  14. romarkov

    USN DD Captain Skills in 0.6.0

    Yes, before 0.6.0. I also had VIG on my Fletcher. If I start eating torps, I'll probably have to respec it in the same way. I only have 11-point captain for Gearing (19-point stays on Fletcher). Is this build workable for Gearing? I think I'm not missing anything crucial for start. How are you doing without RPF? And how would you spec 14-point Blyskawica nad 18-point Khaba (both without RPF)?
  15. romarkov

    USN DD Captain Skills in 0.6.0

    Yes. And use those smokes for teammates whenever the opportunity arises. Well placed smoke can be the difference between the successful or failed push (or defence from the enemy push). Just place the smoke and spot the enemy team for others. Don't fire your guns, use only your torps. You'll get the exp for spotting damage.