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  1. dblkion

    French Battleships

    Anyone else notice BIG accuracy nerf in today's patch for the République ? I can't hit anything
  2. dblkion

    Richelieu, your opinon on guns dispersion?

    In its current state the ship is crap. Idk about any other T8 being worse. "Muh 8% spoodbest lasting 3mins"
  3. dblkion

    Question about the pumpkin containers

    I got all of them and didnt get anything worthy.. rewards were for me 2 x 1.5M credits 20K free xp 75 or so 1% fire flags 75 or so credit flags
  4. dblkion

    TX - we need some changes

    Nerf CV torp drop range, its retarded.
  5. When the [edited]are they going to nerf that cancer ability of CV's to one shoot high tier DDs ?
  6. dblkion

    Destroyer's Invasion?

    Yeah, you really don't know about Wargaming bro. I find DD's to be the most fun class ATM, with proper skill they can be quite rewarding. I think they are quite balanced now, the only terribly broken thing about them is amount of planes spotting torps at high tiers. Maybe people are slowly understanding that all other classes are dull as hell.
  7. dblkion

    Anyone needs some bad weather or is it just me?

    Like it will ever happen ahah. You see bad weather in WOT ? No. So WOWS will never get bad weather or at least not in the 5 incoming years.
  8. dblkion


    Looks like the new russian DD lane will be better at the "gunning" job than US ones, I've stopped griding US DD lane for now.
  9. dblkion

    Didnt take long !

    And what would that achieve ? Wargaming is such a sad compagny, they have good game concepts but fail so miserably at everything else.
  10. dblkion

    Didnt take long !

    3rd Ranked game, another AFK player in my team. Screw this i'm done with ranked. this game is seriously pathetic
  11. dblkion

    Didnt take long !

    My bad forgot to point out that was in ranked.
  12. dblkion

    Didnt take long !

    Took me a whole 2 ranked games to get that afk guy on your team, resulting in a lose. What kind of punishement are they getting ? Also what are those moronic report options .. "BOT" so far there is no bot for WOWS "Plays poorly" Is that a bannable offense ? So yeah, does nothing "Misbehavior in chat" nothing is done.
  13. dblkion

    The SIMS is awful now :(

    The only thing it does half decently is hunt other DD's but since you are spotted from farther its quite retarded.
  14. dblkion

    Destroyers are so useless

    Hatsu isnt better. You won't get the opness from Minekaze again.
  15. sims was good in CBT, now its crap, no refund, thx WG