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  1. Love the reporting system

    So it doesn't matter if you actually use a swearword, what matters is if you're reported, right? I mean, you could say "Hello everybody" and if I reported you out of spite, you'd get banned? Also, at least one person on the team (in addition to myself) reported that guy for the tons of swearwords he used so how come he wasn't banned?
  2. @th3freakie Thanks for the link, the video has clarified things: the calibre/4 rule pertains to battleship secondary guns unless they are also used on German destroyers or cruisers. So apparently these 105 mm's must be used on a DD or CL in the German tech tree and that's why they have calibre/6 penetration. Which means that the only difference IFHE makes it allows the 105 mm secondaries to shred tier 8-10 destroyers, which they cannot penetrate without IFHE. So basically it's a matter of whether you want to have the 6 x 150 mm guns damaging a DD or 14 guns (with a smaller chance of fire but doing damage constantly).
  3. This is what seems to be the case. Wow, this is amazing! But it's only at Tier 10, because Freddy only has 105 mm. I don't think I'll go there, I'm perfectly happy with the Bismarck and probably won't move up the line. I'm not that fond of science-fiction ships. That's why I stopped playing WoT. :)
  4. @Riselotte you did answer, and I thank you for that, but you didn't give any references. So, with all due respect, to me it was just another answer (like the one in the Warships Wiki, which clearly is wrong!). Your answer proved to be correct but I needed some reference material, so to say, to back it up. And other users have very kindly provided that.
  5. @Nautical_Metaphor I agree with all that you said, but, again, that was not my original question. The question was, did the 105's get calibre/4 or calibre/6 penetration (and, by extension, which armour thresholds were made penetrable by taking IFHE). @Redcap375 thanks mate, gl & hf to you, too.
  6. It is not true the answer is in google. When you google it, you find TWO CONTRADICTORY ANSWERS and that's why I started this thread. Seriously, how hard is it to read the original post and comprehend it? The only reason I asked the question is that I had googled it and I had found divergent answers.
  7. Finally someone said this! Thank you! But there are people who think there is only one valid build-up for a given ship, which is nonsense. If this were true, they wouldn't give us any choice, the captain perks would be distributed automatically. I agree there are different ways of building your captain. At the moment I'm experimenting with enhancing the efficiency of the secondaries as there seem to be fewer CV's so statistically, it seems, speccing for AA is not useful in as many games as in the past.
  8. @tank276 clearly, you're no linguist, so as a linguist myself let me explain: words of the same origin often have different meanings in different languages. Like the word "consequent" and its counterparts, which in many languages mean "consistent" but obviously not in English. It has developed differently in English since it was borrowed. As centuries pass, borrowed words often change their meaning in target languages. So it is of absolutely ZERO relevance what "dilemma" means in Greek for Modern British English. It could even mean "don't start off-topics in internet forums" in Ancient Greek, but it would still mean what Oxford English Dictionary says it means as far as English is concerned. And I doubt the original Greek word meant "not answering the question" or "preaching to other people what you think is right." Ahhh, here is the source of the problem. You didn't even bother reading the original post, you only read the title of the thread and jumped to conclusions. How's that for "not being very bright"? I even made out the bleeding question in bold to make sure everybody knew what it was, but you didn't even read that far. Please, stop adding more posts that have no relevance to the problem at hand. I will ignore any further comments that are irrelevant, it's a waste of time.
  9. That's a good point, thanks! I parked my bismarck 5 km away from the target (bismarck and Roon) so perhaps I should repeat it from, say, 10 km.
  10. @Sigimundus thanks so much, mate! Finally the answer I've been looking for. It's kind of weird, because the table in the Wiki says the opposite. Also, only the tier 10 BB has 128 mm secondaries. Did the Bismarck use to have them in the past? With the 105's only having calibre/6, they cannot even penetrate high-tier DESTROYERS, which means they are absolutely useless for anything else than an occasional fire. If you get IFHE, you can pen 19 mm, which means you can finally pen destroyers and theoretically battleship superstructure, although my tests in the testing room showed that even with IFHE the 105's are not penning superstructure! So in fact the 105's seem to be even worse. It's all very strange.
  11. @tank276 clearly, you don't understand the word "dilemma". It doesn't mean: "please teach me how to spec my captain". It means "a situation where a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives" (as per OED definition, and I don't think you'll find a better one). The two alternatives are: is it calibre/4 or calibre/6. The choice is difficult because there are sources that back up either of these claims. This is an outright lie, mate. You're lying. I never said I needed advice on that. I didn't even say I was considering IFHE for my captain. I specifically asked: 'My question is: is this true? Do the German 105 mm HE shells have "regular" instead of "German" penetration?' This is a quotation from my original post. How hard is it for you to answer a simple question without coming up with a whole illusionary story of me supposedly asking you to teach me things, and you answering questions that were never asked by anybody in this thread? How hard is it NOT to go off-topic? Of course I could if I wanted to, or if I was conducting an experiment...
  12. @Sigimundus thanks very much, finally a factual answer! Do you have a source of this information (that the 105 mm's have caliber/6 penetration)? Because the table in the Wiki clearly shows that German 105 mm secondaries have the caliber/4 penetration rule (http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Armor_thresholds). It's a bit surprising. Is it just a mistake in the Wiki? I've done some testing in the training room and the results are baffling. With IFHE, my 105 mm's don't even seem to pen the superstructure on the enemy Bismarck and Roon, (which they should easily do even if they are caliber/6). Are the 105 mm there just to look nice if they don't do anything?
  13. @Aotearas you're 100% right. And if the 105 mm's have the German penetration (1/4 caliber) then giving them IFHE would mean they could even pen bow armour on tier 10 battleships (32 mm) That's a huge difference. Again, it's well worth looking at this table: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Armor_thresholds As for the 50 mm plating, unfortunately the German secondaries can't help there, even the 150 mm. 150/4 = 37,5, plus 30% for IFHE = 49 mm penetration :( You would need 156 mm caliber to go through 50 mm with IFHE. But another valid point you're making is IF the 105 mm's have regular pen, and you don't have IFHE, then they can't even pen most of the destroyers you come across in high-tier battles :(
  14. Ah, I forgot about it completely! :D :D Thanks for pointing this out. I'm heading straight to a training room :)