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  1. callumwaw

    Dynamic sights problem in the Musashi?

    @AmiralPotato same here! :) (by the way, this is totally counter-intuitive. Normally you give MORE lead when aiming at a longer distance, but in the world of Wargaming it is the other way round. Well, we shouldn't be surprised, after all this is a world where radar and sonar work through islands :-))) )
  2. callumwaw

    Dynamic sights problem in the Musashi?

    @LDPDC thank you so much, I had no idea - I thought that since the sight scales depending on the zoom, it also adapts to the distance accordingly. So the time-to-target is always given correctly but the scale is not. The reason I did not notice this earlier is probably that I rarely fire at very long distances. As far as BBs are concerned, I have mostly played the Bismarck and I like to play it at medium distances - about 15 km, now that I think of it! So it is only in the Musashi that I have started to use the spotter plane extensively and, yes, I do fire at longer distances. In the Bismarck, I must have adjusted this automatically. Once again, thanks for pointing this out, mate. I didn't find this information anywhere else.
  3. Hi guys. I'm having problems aiming with the dynamic sight in the Musashi. It seems to me that the shell flight time to target indicator (in seconds, the one to the left of the aimpoint) is totally off. It seems the actual shell flight time is shorter than what the indicator says. For example, if the enemy ship is sailing broadside to me at about 30 knots and the indicator says flight time is 14 seconds, then if I give a 14-dot lead on the sight, the shells will actually get there faster and hit the water ahead of the enemy ship, at about the 10th or 11th dot. Has anyone else noticed this? I know the Musashi/Yamato have a pretty fast muzzle velocity but I understood the shell flight time indicator takes into account the shell velocity of the actual ship you're using at the moment. This is something I've only noticed on my Musashi. BTW I use the dynamic sight with all ships and I have no problems aiming accurately. Only the Musashi seems to be the problem. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Ahh, I guess we'll have to wait & see. I really wish they gave everybody who voted a chance to get that camo, it's pretty nifty. But what I would like even more is for the Blyska to get some love & attention, it's been power-creeped to hell.
  5. OK, I got confused by this: "All prizes will be credited by 7 Dec.". I thought that, seeing as the mission was the prize for voting, we would get the mission on 7 Dec. :) Thanks for clarifying this.
  6. (https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/community/pole-position/) Guys, has any of you received that in-game mission to unlock the winning camo? The way I understood this was that anyone participating in the vote would get the mission. So far, I haven't got it. What do you have to do to get this mission?
  7. You nailed it, mate. But I don't think you'll convince him.
  8. Dude, seriously? You play a game where radar and hydro can see through islands and rocks, and where Soviet ships have better radar technology than the UK and US, and when one ship spotting the enemy allows all allied forces to fire accurately at that ship, and where torpedo tubes get reloaded in about a minute, and you complain about lack of WW2 immersion in a fun competition camo pattern???? LOL, mate, maybe if you took your condescending head out of your butt you would see the game has nothing to do with realism. Fortunately nobody is forcing you to use this camo, you can use the original one. Originally she was light-grey, then when she was based in the UK she got the Admiralty Light Disruptive camo in 1941, then Admiralty Dark Disruptive, but if they were used in the game, she would look too much like some British destroyers for my liking. The camo you're mentioning is the one she received in 2012 so in this way it is 100% realistic. Below is a picture of her right after the paint job. By the way, check out the gorgeous Dar Pomorza to her port. One of the most beautiful tall ships in the world these days.
  9. Well said, @Sadzior. Go ahead, people, tattoo a friggin' hussar on your buttcheeks if you like them so much, but leave our beloved Blyskawica out of this ignorant right-wing nonsense. 17th century heavy cavalry has absolutely nothing to do with one of the best destroyers of the 20th century.
  10. How and where can I vote? Can I vote for more than one design?
  11. callumwaw

    Hero of Dunkirk??

    @BrusilovX that seems to happen a lot, as you look at the descriptions of some of the missions etc. It's clear they've not been written by an English native-speaker. You would have thought that Wargaming could afford to hire ONE native person to proof-read those texts for them ;)
  12. callumwaw

    Hero of Dunkirk??

    OK, not very logical but it's clear now. Thanks very much, mate!
  13. callumwaw

    Hero of Dunkirk??

    Guys, could you enlighten me on what the current Directive Mission 1 really is about? It's called "Hero of Dunkirk" and the description is, "Earn 10 stars - must be completed in a Scenario Battle". Am I correct in understanding that they got their own terminology mixed up and what they mean by "Scenario Battle" is in fact "Operations"? This week, the Operation is "Raptor Rescue". The name of the mission, however, is "Hero of Dunkirk" - does it mean I have to switch to "Operation Dunkirk" and get a total of 10 stars there? Or can I play any Operations mission? Also, apparently I can only play Operation Dynamo as part of a Division - why would they force people to play in a Division? Not everybody likes it.
  14. callumwaw

    24h Premium Account as a gift from WG

    Ah, I see. Thanks!