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  1. Graff Zeppelin WHEN ?

    is this how it's supposed to be now? 1 drop 32k dmg, thankfully he dropped torps too close to blow me up....
  2. Bug Reports

    I just won the Bretagne from mission. The gun range is bugged. In port it says max range is 18.1km. When i load the game, the circle indicates that same range but i cannot aim further than 16.68km. As soon as i open fire circle reduces to 16.6 as shown on screenshots. Played it 3 times and it happened on each battles.
  3. RN Smoke: Bugged or just strange mechanic?!

    Actually it's bugged. Sometimes I [edited]it up and I slow down from full speed to 1/4 thinking I'm at 0 and I get only 1 puff after dropping smoke below 20kn and I get 1 puff. When I do that correctly I get 2. When I do it correctly I'm closer from my 1st puff than when I'm going 1/4 speed so why am I not getting this 2nd puff at this speed? Hopefully my explanation were clear enough.
  4. It's just simply not rewarding. Yesterday I lead a push in F. Der grosse, I was focused obviously but my teammates manage to kill most of them while I was slowly dying and we won the game. I felt like I contributed a lot but the battle result showed i was a yoloing donkey and put me at the bottom of the list. Why would you want to tank if there's no specific reward for tankers? It's really risky but there are no incentives to do so.
  5. It's funny I find d this post while I'm raging about omnipotent CV, especially with this week end. I just got bombed and top to death in my Fletcher. A CV found me and another dd close to me so I activated AA, which I was thinking of removing, just in time. Guess what : mutsuki lost 60% hp. So I go cap another point and guess what's coming, 3 sqds of bombers and TB. Yeah AA is on cool down the but planes are still coming. 3 sqds that remove 20k hp in 1 run and almost kill another dd, how fair is that? I'd advocate to give defensive fire to every one period.
  6. Kriegsmarine

    I bet Brits will be 4th and hopefully French navy then.