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  1. Doerte

    CV Player - How to get on to test server ?

    How do I install the test client? 1. Log in to Wargaming.net Game Center with your main account - the one you used for your application; Easy 2. Go to WoWS game settings and chose "install additional game instance"; Done 3. Choose "TST" region and install the client; What? There's just EU/NA/GUS/PubTest (which isn't it)... No TST 4. To log in to the test server, you will need to launch the test client and put in your login and password for your test account - the credentials we sent you in your email. Already got the credentials... just nothing to use them with. But tried logging in with them (obviously didn't work) Moral of the story: A well spent break, a coffee well ignored and a "feeling of pride and acompliment" for wasting half an hour. gg
  2. Doerte

    General Feedback - 0.7.6 PTS

    Thank you for reacting so quickly. Appreciate it.
  3. Doerte

    General Feedback - 0.7.6 PTS

    Of course that is totally a problem on a Testserver that will be wiped within a week's time... /s No one's asking why the 3-days are in place on Live Server. But on PTS that is just dumb.
  4. Doerte

    General Feedback - 0.7.6 PTS

    Could you please remove the 3-day period for joining a new Clan? Anyone who isn't in a 3-person Clan will have to leave their PTS-Clan and wait 3 days before being able to test anything CW-related. After those 3 days, there's barely time left to test sth. This seems like a major oversight to me.
  5. At least on my end all Zoom-mods tended to break eventually. And massively slowed down my mouse-speed, making fast look-arounds and target acquisition almost impossible. After a restart it worked again... until it randomly broke a. Was really weird and made me stop using Zoom mods (though I really like the additional FOV).
  6. Doerte

    [ALL] female German Voice Mod

    Credit where it is due. This must've been a lot of work and it shows in quality. As for popularity: German+Woman= Win in Japan So I'd consider spreading the word (I did, too btw) and maybe post this on other platforms and/or forums. Again congrats to this great mod.
  7. Doerte

    [ALL] female German Voice Mod

    Just tried it out. Sounds. You seriously re-recorded a TON of new samples.You are crazy!But so far the mod is excellent (and rather cute tbh) Only thing I noticed (but I'm not entirely sure) 1 or more of the Torp warnings seemed to say "Links" when the torps were actually heading from the right. And the volume might be a bit increased, but I'm not sure on that. But overall really impressive and high quality work! Since this seems to be one of the very few complete voice-mods, I'm hoping this might be part of some of the popular mod-packs (if you'd give your permission). Thx for all your work and pls give Suppenhuhn a fist bump!
  8. Doerte

    [ALL] female German Voice Mod

    Will check it out. Thx for your work. Those sounds seem rather WoWs-specific. Did you seriously compile those yourself? If so: YOU ARE CRAZY! That must've taken ages.
  9. EDIT: I see the issue. The torp Imperial siren is no longer replacing the standard sounds but is it's own voice mod, to be activated (Though some directions don't seem to work). Guess that was done due to the repacking of the sound files a while back. That said: Is there any (easily accessible) way to replace those standard files by modded ones but enabling me to still use voice-mods? Oi! Having this (very minor) issue for a few months now and just decided, I'd like to fix it. The torpedo "voice mods" stopped working for me a few months back and have never worked again. Ofc since then I did Integrity checks, going back to full vanilla and 1 or 2 clean installs. Python log says "Some error with dir name 1" and 2, 3 accordingly. Guess that's causing the issue. Since the repacking of the "banks" folder, I got no clue how Sound mods work (aside from just copying files in folders). Any ideas or hints are greatly appreciated o7 P.S.: Since I haven't posted here for ages: Glad you stayed strong and with us, Aslain! Thx for your work, mate.
  10. Doerte

    Update 0.6.10 Server Issues - Compensation

    That's cool. But seeing how quickly this was handled, I guess you will choose ignore the entire week of constant sever lags, outages, disconnects and throwing people out of their game or ending games but not counting them for XP gains? Or did you simply forget about that?
  11. Doerte

    Dunkirk event for EU?

    Cut them some some slack, will ya? It's understandable they forgot about Dunkirk. After all it's a 3 hour drive from their office in Paris.
  12. Doerte

    WG Remove the staggered HMS HOOD Bundles

    And there was stupid me, thinking WG EU FINALLY got the memo to stop screwing over their community and stop "spoiling" us EU-cashcows... Instead we get this sh*t again. How could I be so naive?. Edit: at least all servers seem to get the same BS staggered release crap.
  13. Doerte

    Public Test 0.6.5 - New Skins Feedback

    I don't understand or like the whole concept about the camo. It existing is nice, but not only does it not display the dmg Bismarck took before sinking but (and this is my issue) is it a very odd and an unhistoric mix of weird stuff. More of a "fan fiction camo". No one really knows whether those yellow turrets were a thing (the wreck does not have yellow turrets) but IF you go with yellow turrets you have to paint over the swastika, too. As painting turrets yellow AND painting the swastika grey were part of the same order she received before she sunk. But instead we get this very, VERY poor adaption of an Iron Cross together with questionable yellow turrets and a fantasy damage pattern. To be frank: The Iron Cross looks terrible and amateurish. Sure, Iron Crosses are to a degree fan service, but this is looking outright crap. An unhistoric camo is one thing (like Bismarck's perma-camo that WG still didn'T bother to correct) but at least it should look cool. If it is neither historic nor cool looking, I can't say I'm impressed with the reward for the Bismarck-campaign. Either the real damage she took could have been displayed... or The real state she was in before she sank (turrets and painted over swastika)... or at least the most visually cool-looking mix of reality and fiction you could come up with (including a less craplooking Iron Cross) And we get neither of the above. Missed opportunities...
  14. 6.4. Part 2 improved performance in new port a lot, but on some maps the game still slows down to a crawl when zoomed in. Disabling postProc and MSAA helps, but overall performance for me is still a lot worse than on vanilla client. Also: Alt-Tab triggers 1-2 second freeze frame upon re-entering the game. (System: i5 6600K, R9 380X, Win10-64, SSD and all other settings to max. Setting everything to "low" does not improve fps much)
  15. Doerte

    Kampf bei den Lofoten ? Gehts noch?

    Stichwort: Feuer legen. BBs lassen sich am einfachsten in Brand setzen und reparieren oft erst spät, So lässt sich der Schaden recht entspannt zusammmenfarmen, wenn man es drauf anlegt. T8+ sollten es aber schon sein. Pack ein, zwei Torpedotreffer dazu (ebenfalls auf BBs am einfachsten) und die Aufgabe hat sich erledigt. (Hab's beim 1. Versuch in der Udaloi geschafft) In RU oder US DDs sollte das mit ein wenig Glück kein Problem sein. Besonders am Wochenende (mehr BBs und nicht zwingend bessere Spieler ) Viel Glück!