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  1. Ich denke auch, dass es mehr Sinn macht, nochmal eine Reskillung anzubieten, bis die Cvs wirklich im groben umgearbeitet sind. Für mich als Kunde ist das um ehrlich zu sein, ein must have, da sich das Produkt/Produkte in Form von Schiffe ändert! Im Übrigen, gab/gibt es bereits ein Thread in dem mitgeteilt wurde wie mit Premium CVs nach den Änderungen umgegangen wird? Ich hatte mir mal einen Premium CV geholt(vor dem Rework) und da sich das Gameplay grundsätzlich geändert hat, möchte ich diesen gerne zurückgeben(von mir aus auch für Gold). WG hatte sowas in der Form ja mal angedeutet in den official Twitch/youtube streams. Gibt es dahingehend bereits eine klare Richtlinie?
  2. MonkyDLuffy

    Unterirdische Spielweise

    Also ich bin eigentlich kein Forum Poster und bin vor allem nicht immer mit Flamus Aussagen einer Meinung, aber sein letztes Video ist eine sehr gut umsetzbarer Hinweis warum die Spielerbase sich verhält wie sie sich verhält und wie einfach man den Spieler in die richtige Richtung lenken kann. Ich wünsche mir eine einfach und kurze Aussage von WG warum man nicht in solche Richtungen agiert und ob man mit der aktuellen Meta und Entwicklung der Spieler/Games zufrieden ist.
  3. MonkyDLuffy

    appropriate ingame ship details

    At first I want to say many thanks for your reply. I understand the way you are trying to inform the player about the information of a ship, but according to the way you described it, that is what acutally misleads the player. For sure, you have to keep it simple, otherwhise the player can not deal with all the additonal information like vertical dispersion, trajectory, gun ark and so on. However it still misleads, cause the differences are not that big. For example if you compare the gun dispersion details of the current much common battleship Bismarck, it doesn't have less weaker dispersion in relation to the North Carolina. In fact the North Carolina is the 2nd accurate ship in the game, next to the Yamato due to it's great Sigma. If the Sigma or just say any other gun detail will explain additionally that the gun has a higher chance to land in the mid of the circle the player have way better information about the guns and even play them differently. I mean staying in the back with a german BB is the worst thing you can do, due to it's bad dispersion, but the player can not have a real chance to know that as to learn it the hard way. Maybe they are even wondering why they don't hit. I'm pretty sure, that the player would play their ship more to it's role, if it is described better. Maybe adress it in a general describtion or something similar, that the ships are tend to brawl and other ones more like to flank. It is really not fun to see so many bbs staying in the back, sniping and hitting nothing. I can not even imagine that this is fun for the player itself, so I think that such a change will really affect the playstile of some of the bbs.
  4. MonkyDLuffy

    Tears of the Epicenter

    I also consider the map in combination with the game mode epicenter as the worst gameI want to play. As far as I know, I really really do not know any player who actually likes the mode on this map or even the map itself. It is the worst map for a cruiser because you have no points to hide in the epicenter area and if your dd's died fast you have no other option as to go in the epicenter and die, cause you have no cover potential.
  5. MonkyDLuffy

    appropriate ingame ship details

    Hello Sirs, I actually wonder why the current ingame ship details are misleading and maybe leads the player in the wrong direction by playing the ship. If the ingame ship details would be more accurate or even not so much misleading I guess the player would really play the ships differently or even have an different attempt on do so. For Example, the current ingame gun dispersion just shows the horizontal dispersion. As we know there is also the vertikal dispersion and the actual more significant term "Sigma". Is it really so hard to give the player that kind of information so that he knows how the guns of his ship work? I mean the actual dispersion doesn't show the real indication of how the guns perform. Maybe switch to a different overview system, but I'm not really satisfied about the current one. Furthermore also the AA details of some DDs can be strongly mislead for some player, e.g. does the z-52 AA really perform much weaker as the grozowoi AA, but the numbers doesn't really differ that much. Is there any chance that the shipdetails will be shown more appropriate?
  6. MonkyDLuffy

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    As far as I'm concerned I will be pretty careful before I start pushing into a cap or the enemys while playing a BB. You will get focused heavily and due to your lack of stealth(besides of OP british BB's) you have no chance anymore in avoid the damage. I guess random player will face the problem more intenisve, resulting in "say hello" to perma snipe bb battles in which the games are over quite fast, due to one team caps all the caps and the enemy team will lose due to massive point loss or even points will drop to 0.
  7. MonkyDLuffy

    CA(Heavy Cruiser) Rebalance Ideas

    than pls go and play some low tier games and get a new idea of what your fine is though... High tier cruiser are pretty balanced, but almost everything below tier 9(kutu and so on is for sure an exception) are totally fucked right now, due to increased bb mm
  8. MonkyDLuffy

    CA(Heavy Cruiser) Rebalance Ideas

    As someone of you already posted it would be so easy to fix the crap out of the game with either bb limit restriction or put a heal on almost all of the Cruiser from low tier to tier 8. But WG really don't see a reason for it, despite of so many of their playerbase highly recommend it. That is the point I actually don't understand. They got supertester who tells them how to fix things and avoid the issues of new lines, but they constantly refuse to listen.
  9. MonkyDLuffy

    Fix T8 MM

    Actually I have way more issues of being uptiered in a tier 7 ship as in a tier 8 ship. If you really have to play as a Indianapolis in a tier 9 match you know what I mean. It is even the same in a DD. I mean you face multiple downgrades, eg. the missed additional slot for Stealth or Rudder(which you get for tier 8) as well as the additional gun slot for being tier 9. In addittion you also lack in firepower due to lower gun caliber and your way lower HP. I really don't understand what you job is in such a game. I mean you also lack in range of firing so that you can't even kite in the back. Furthermore most of the high tier maps aren't really friendly for cruiser or supporting roles in which you have to stay with your big boys. And everyone knows that you are the weakest part of your fleet so everyone is trying to strike you out as soon as you get spotted. Of course you also face smiliar problems if you play a chapayev or new orleans in tier 10, even DDs might get one shot by retarded BB AP mechanic. So this might be the same problem. Concerning the nice litle tool I could use some time ago, unfortunately I noticed that my suspicion was right about being uptiered in a tier 8 ship all the time. According to that tool, I faced more than 65% of my games playing in a tier 8 ship in a tier 10 match, in which I was one of maxium 3x tier 8 ships. Wtf is this? I mean where is the balance or even the idea about it. I don't have a problem to be uptiered all the time in a tier 9 ship, cause I do not consider the gap that big, but from tier 8 to 10 is such a massive gap, it should be happen just from time to time and not be such common. Actually did not plan to write such a long text, but it really feels great to let all the upset out
  10. MonkyDLuffy

    Normal penetration damage on DDs

    I actually can not say how many times I got penetration damage in my DD. I would say it happens at least every 2nd match and than mostly double penetration damage wich results in 7-9k damage + battleship overpen damage which automatically results in defensive DD playstile, while actually sitting in a gunboat. I really do not favour that type of damage even if I manage to do it during my BB games. There is literally no reason to switch to HE if you are in a BB. The chance to hit the DD in full penetration and maybe shoot a cruiser with a different gun and still have AP loaded is just to high and substantial. If with the recent upcoming announced changes to smoke and IFHE, WG really decides to bring that stuff out, I see even more BB player around and less Cruiser and DD.
  11. MonkyDLuffy

    German BB secondaries need a nerf

    True, because your ship can't just burn on the belt or side. You can only burn on the deck and even there you can shatter with your HE shells. Nothing else was said.
  12. MonkyDLuffy

    [TTT] Tora Tora Tora recruiting competitive players

    Ahoy Ataw, thanks for your reply and no problem about the "late" reply. We all have some kind of real life which pops up intensively by time Your message is well noted and I may be able to push the high tier stats in the close future, but to be honest I'm currently more focussed to level my tier 8/9 ships to get more of that shiny tier10 ships ... so we will see. Will for sure take the chance to join your ts and division with you guys.
  13. MonkyDLuffy

    [TTT] Tora Tora Tora recruiting competitive players

    Hey Guys, I'm interesting in joining a new clan which is on a competetive level and in which it's players are working in teams. I heard from one of your member's that you might have some space for a new one xD. Would be nice if you might have a look at me. thanks in advance. KInd regards MonkyDLuffy