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  1. Gulyabani

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  2. Gulyabani

    Update 0.6.12 Feedback - Bugs

    Teamviewer 12 Bug 1. Description: Game will automatically minimize and will never go full screen if TeamViewer is already running. 2. Reproduction steps: a) Launch teamviewer. It doesn't need to be running in window mode or have any connections to anywhere. Just the unattended component running in the taskbar notification area as an icon. b) Launch WoWS. Either straight from the .exe file or through WGC. 3. Result: Game will launch. The loading screen (before the sign-in page) will be briefly visible (for about half a second) and the game client will minimize. No amount of effort of trying to get it back into full screen/focus will be successful. Windows 10 FCU task manager will report that WoWS is using the GPU 3D engine. If at this point you right click the Teamviewer icon and "exit" the program, WoWS will again be able to go full screen. Launching teamviewer again once WoWS has gone fullscreen will not repeat the problem. 4. Expected result: That teamviwer run status should have no impact on WoWS or anything else. This used to be a problem with Armored Warfare too. Previously, before the 6.12 launch, this was not an issue. 5. Technical details: I achieved this problem while running Teamviewer 12.0.83369. However, if this is the same problem Armored Warfare was having, teamviewer version has no impact, version 11 produced the same problem in AW. This problem started immediately after updating WoWS to 0.6.12. Teamviewer has been running in my PCs for the entire time of WoWS's existence and this is the first time there has been a clash. My PC upgraded to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update at the same time WoWS was updating to 0.6.12. I have no details on if this problem exists with teamviewer + 0.6.12 + pre-FCU Windows 10 UPDATE: The issue arises because TeamViewer tries to put a QuickConnect button to the main game screen. The issue can be resolved by disabling the QuickConnect button from TeamViewer. However, please note that this was not an issue before the latest WoWS patch.
  3. Hello, I'm starting to play CVs, on the US line i'm going air superiority builds (just finished bogue) and i'm doing pretty OK with it. With Zuiho however, i'm coming across things that i just don't understand. Example one: Single CV game, Zuiho vs Zuiho. I'm running 1/2/1 with all aircraft upgraded, captain with Servicing Expert, Torp Acceleration, Torpedo Expertise, Air Supremecy. Our fighters meet over a friendly Danae, he completely obliterates my fighter squadron in dogfight without losing a single plane. I launch a second squadron of fighters, he obliterates that too with only losing a single fighter (one figher, not the squadron). Considering this is tier V, aka no strafing, how can he destroy two squadrons without losing planes of his own? Example two: I set up an attack run on a stationary bogue (ie, standing still). I aim the bomber to attack from the bow, aim circle along his hull length, and the two torpedo bombers from either side. Bomber run goes through, zero hits. Torpedo run one goes just as he launches his fighters so the aim goes wide, zero hits. The second bomber squadron just stays there, not attacking. Despite my furious clicking, it doesn't accept any orders, it doesn't target the bogue. Result: all planes lost, zero hits on a stationary bogue. What am i doing wrong? I know i'll be able to manual aim from tier VI but at V i can't do that and i don't know how i'll get to VI with zero performance. I leveled up my planes on co-op but the xp is low and that's not real training. All help is appreciated.
  4. Gulyabani

    Update 0.6.4 Feedback - Maps and Ports

    New "Naval Base" map has ridiculous GPU load. On an Nvidia 1080 card: Actual game in its most intense moment: 45% load Sitting idle in the Naval Base map: 63% load
  5. Gulyabani

    How often do you experience WoWs crashes and / or freeze-ups?

    WoWS has been pretty stable and i've been playing it since Closed Alpha. Yes, it was in excellent form even in alpha stage. I'm also doing localization work for WGN and i have access to their localization servers that run interim versions, those are also in excellent condition, Lesta has been amazing on that department. That said, i've started experiencing frequent sudden freezes (need to kill from task manager) both in port and in game but this is a quite recent problem. I haven't done any troubleshooting but i'm suspecting either the latest 0.5.16 patch or the latest nvidia drivers. My money is on nvidia but it hasn't gotten frequent enough for me to bother checking yet. PS: Packet drops both in port and while in game has always occurred. I've never been sure if it was internet hiccuping or a problem with the client but those have never caused disconnects or freezes.
  6. Gulyabani

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I got 250 India X-Ray (1% chance to cause fire, etc)....and no money.....from choosing the "Give me cash" option..... Seriously, i've been choosing the cash option since release and i always get 50K credits, and 2 of either 5 flags or 3 camouflage. If my choice ends up giving me all 3, what's the use of choosing money/flags/camouflage/random at the start?
  7. Gulyabani

    Containers - what will be your strategy?

    I'll go for whatever i need. Like everyone i tried my luck in the first few containers but right now i'm short on credits (those high level mods cost a lot) and too many ships that i'm leveling simultaneously, so for the moment, credits. While i'm pretty good on flags too, zulu hotel is a pretty hard one to get (can't be bought either) so i might go for flags once i'm done on credits and see if it turns in good flags or waste. I have pretty much every premium ship that i'd want to drive so the idea of getting a ship isn't that appealing to me.
  8. Gulyabani

    Did the Dunkerque get nerfed in 0.5.13?

    Thanks, that's the first logical comment yet. I have until recently played at longer ranges. Since i started missing so much i had closed to point blank range, that might be the overpen. Stll doesn't explain missing completely a ship that's filling the entire screen though While i like the nice jab here & there, i made this post after discounting all the battles i had where the game said "thou shalt not win" and all the weekend madness. I experienced this sudden loss of accuracy (and only on this ship) very recently and was asking if anyone else had similar experiences. WG does stealthnerf tanks/ships, especially if they're premium. Rare but it happens and i did think the Dunkerque was a tiny bit OP when i first got it, so a nerf wouldn't be too out of place - it just feels overdone if they actually did something like that.
  9. Is it me or has the Dunkerque gotten a huge nerf to its aim in the last patch? I used to do quite well with this ship, scoring citadels even at long ranges, to the point that i was starting to think maybe the ship was overpowered. Now, since 0.5.13, there hasn't been a single game that hasn't had me pulling my hairs out at the huge inaccuracy of the ship. By inaccuracy, i mean firing at a beached, broadside cruiser at 7.5 km and scoring a single overpen - the rest missed. Again, missing a broadside, straight sailing cruiser at 8 km. 4 times in a row. Hitting nothing at ships in the 10-12 km range. At all, no hits landed. Anybody else experience such a thing?
  10. Update on the "progress": After reading MrConway's post that played games were still being counted, i played 6 games (my counter was stuck at 291 at the time). I cleared the cache, refreshed page, tried different browser, etc. I still ended up with 291, those 6 games never got accounted for. Now, i just logged in and played a SINGLE game. I got credited for two. So, no, your counters don't work, at least not properly. I don't mind losing 5 games (i do mind losing the several ships that i killed, but that's beside the point) but if i had played, say, 30 games, i'd be pretty pissed off right now. Let me explain why we're all so upset. The rewards for this event aren't that great. But we all spent inordinate amounts of TIME for a sense of achievement. We got screwed. TIME is irreplacable. When lacking in proper updates, timely information, you're wasting more of our TIME. Sorry, i don't buy the "we got swamped" excuse. It looks to me the event design was flawed and nobody there with management responsibility had the guts to go ahead with the decisions to cool things down/make things right and instead sought peer/boss approval, delaying answers and solutions.
  11. Clearing the cache doesn't solve the mission progress halt problem. I'm still stuck at 291/300 games even though i've played many more after that number showed up. I tried two different browsers, one on which i had never before logged into wows portal
  12. Gulyabani

    Battleship of Destroyer Lines?

    I'm currently on Hatsuharu and i don't agree with the above comment. It's better than the Mutsuki, significantly so. The real problem with the IJN destroyer line is you have to learn to play a different style in every ship past Minekaze. Un till Minekaze inclusive, you're the assassin, hiding in plain sight and simply mugging ships when they're looking away. Isokaze and Minekaze are absolute devils in this respect. Then the torpedos start slowing down, enemy gets more experienced, detection range increases and you suddenly have to play a different game. Mutsuki is simply bad in every respect. But at Hatsuharu you at least get guns that are more than deadweight (until somebody knocks them all out - which happens with frightening regularity). You wont have the guns of American or Soviet DDs but you can still be a destroyer hunter or concentrate on finishing off low hp targets. ie, completely different game style. To me, it looks like once you're past Mutsuki it's not an impossible grind. Nothing like the fun you had in Minekaze mind you but nothing to make you quit either.
  13. Gulyabani

    Hotspot-worst map yet

    The split team idea i think is very nice - it adds an element of surprise and a lot of variety to the game - or rather it would, if the damn map wasn't too small. I find the real problem with the map is the size. Within seconds of start DDs will start capping the nearest bases (talking about domination mode here) and at the same time expose 90% of the enemy, at which point the carriers are just a BB reload time away from doom. A larger map, with a bit more complex island structure would turn this mega pain into a beautiful map i think
  14. Gulyabani

    Rules of the Sea (or how to not sail like an idiot)

    Oh I had that happen. Got yelled at by a cruiser captain the entirety of the game because i bumped into him (he was going straight) while trying to dodge 4 squadrons of torpedo bombers in my fuso.....(got hit by just 3 - yay!)
  15. I've played a lot of BBs in Alpha and some (up to Saipan, just like now) in CVs. Here's a few tips i picked up (most of them have already been said, this is mostly a repeat in ordered fashion) A. Is the CV driver experienced in manual control of planes? No: Easy. Planes will maneuver to get to your side. Start turning hard at full speed while they're at 5 km range. By the time they "think" they've got a good lock on you, you'll have shot down half of them and the rest will do a crappy drop, you can probably get away with zero hits. I've managed to avoid 4 squadron of drops like this (that's something like 30 fish in the water at the same time) Yes: This is significantly harder. The CV captain has to get his planes to your side at a specific angle before he can give the order to drop torps. Constant maneuvering (not just a straight turn) will make this difficult for him. Still, he will drop them pretty close. Even then the torps should have something like 5 secs travel time minimum. If you were already maneuvering, it wont be a perfect layout so turning into the torps then will mean that only part of the salvo will hit you. Make sure all attackers have dropped their load, hit your repair and rejuvenate buttons and carry on. Ship based torpedoes dont have a lot of firepower. If you can avoid some of them you'll still be up & running and your repair ability will keep you going through many salvos. But the REALLY most important part of dodging airborne torpedoes is not to let the damn planes come close enough. Keep your AA friends close and your own AA crews well-fed . It's a lot easier to avoid torps that dont get launched