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  1. Sigh,yes I can count, the missions were in sequence read the missions before you spout on forum, the quote is from a famous Briton and does not make me a Sun reading Little Englander neo facist. I`m from Ireland so do not fall into the I hate foreigners grouping.
  2. Gain 7 stars in scenario with tier 5 plus Gain 7 stars in scenario with tier 5 plus Gain 7 star in scenario with tier 3 plus Gain 7 star in scenario with tier 3 plus Is this to force division play which some of us do not do? I understand the money grab Cossack missions, even though it is a disgusting blatant money grab which has put me off spending more on this game, but why the division play? Or is it a mistake and they should be the other way round? Anyone from Wargaming, can they tell me?
  3. Nothing through to finish Missions 3 and nothing for a purchase of 5 containers. Starting to think no more money to Wargaming. Back to Battletech.
  4. nyarla

    Casual clan

    MCAT is a newish casual clan. Only 3 members so far but we have all but Kriegsmarine and Pan Asia research stations done. Working next on Kriegsmarine. Casual gamers welcome to join. Join a clan and get the benefits of more XP and cheaper ships without it turning into a second unpaid job! English and Spanish spoken but English the common tongue.
  5. Hi folks, casual clan, mainly just to get the boosts, well why not. Have the boost to xp on British and Japanese at the moment and nearly at the next one. Not here to compete but if enough clan members want to, whatever. If you join, after the WG required minimum effort, you get our boosts. We get more oil as you are in our clan, we all get better stuff. If enough useful members join then yes we could do clan battles etc. Not really brilliant players, 46/47% ers so only requirement is be at least a 45 er ;)
  6. nyarla

    Campaign "The Battle of the North Cape"

    Mission 4. Boring boring battleship grindfest. 260 plus battleships in queue. Who ever decided on basically a BB only set of tasks was a fool. You could have made task 1 as well as task 4 any ship. Task 4 is still really a BB task as High Calibre is far and few from cruisers or DD`s. Oh and don`t say Task 3 is not BB only, what other class gets a load of Dreadnaughts? Pandering to the BB players again whilst all other classes are side lined. The game is supposed to be World of Warships, not world of battleships.
  7. nyarla

    Premium shop problems?

    Multiple logins, no luck. No answer to ticket. Suspect solstice vodka.
  8. Anyone else having a problem with the shop at the moment. Purchased gold and time an hour ago and still not showing in game? Ticket submitted but was wondering if a known problem.
  9. nyarla

    Update 0.6.13 - Bugs

    After last patch game will not load. Files checked and checker says all ok. Laptop running Cold Waters. Kerbal Space. Armoured Warfare etc fine.
  10. I just had a lovely loss but still lovely. My Kamikaze R in a twisting turning dogfight with Proson668[OMPG] in his Fujin. Skill and luck and avoiding shells from the big lumbering ships. In a tense knife fight I finally took him down and then peeling round to chase after said big lumberers I walked into one of his dying gasp torps. I complemented him on a great fight and he returned the compliment. It was lovely. Could we have more of this please? Less of the negative waves early in the morning and more of the oh well done chap, you snookered me there!
  11. Oh sorry we are MCAT so all you buggers from Battletech can stop bothering me, Murphy and the CoonCats, not the Omni mech Madcat ;)
  12. Ok this is a clan for one thing only. Oil. The two current members are friends and still do not play as a division. No interest in being a clan. Just might as well collect oil and get the freebies. Anyone who joins will have no say in the way the clan works but all will have access to any benefits derived from the improvement of the base. You give oil, I improve base, faster that`s all. The two members are about 47% WR and play up to Tier 8. Similar or better perps may apply. UK english or spanish speakers only. US english speakers nope;) You may use the clan with permission for the new clan battles but that is not it`s purpose and basically myself and Gallego11_1 are Odin and Loki and our word is law. Anything you do that we dislike and you will be fed to Fenris. Simple really. Both of us play a few battles a day, more if the Fates are on our side less if our team is made up off window lickers. This is a clan for people who do not want to be in a clan but still think it would be nice to get the basic bonuses. Apply to myself initially as Tosh Gallego is off on holiday the P*ta.
  13. nyarla

    Server Down

    Yup had just received Ship Beauties after a good game before dying in Atago. Nope it is not there. Bloody annoyed.
  14. nyarla

    Server Down

    Same as the rest Technical error
  15. nyarla

    Server Down

    Still no access.