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  1. AndyinBrum

    Rework of CVs

    Well sounds completely historically accurate to me. http://www.historynet.com/killing-the-yamato.htm
  2. AndyinBrum

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    I for one believe this is legally binding* and therefore we should all get the ships. *Its not but come on I WANT TO TRY THOSE RN SHIPS!!!!
  3. AndyinBrum

    General Feedback - Update 0.7.7

    Hi, update seems to hang on “updating sound and special effects: receiving updates” it’s been saying that with no movement on the progress bar for a while, it’s the second time the update’s hung this morning on me
  4. AndyinBrum

    Important Update: 2nd Anniversary Rewards

    @MrConway Sleep is for the weak - do what I did with mine, learn to play one handed (behave yourselves) with the child resting, asleep on your chest. This works until theyre old enough to want to grab the keyboard, mouse, cables, everything, then youre screwed
  5. AndyinBrum

    Update 0.6.10 - Known Issues

    The server's realised how awesome the lion is and collapsed in sheer amazement and joy. Or the server hamster died. Take your pick ;)
  6. AndyinBrum

    Balance Changes

    not go the Khaba or Udoli on the main server, played it on the PT, a little buff to concealment aside, or range of guns, I rather like them. coming from the US and IJN DD line its an interesting change, not a horrible one
  7. AndyinBrum

    Cyclone Additional Notifications

    Im on EU, I like it
  8. AndyinBrum

    Ranked Battles Feedback

    I hadnt realised it was back, I'll check once the server hamsters have been replaced and its back up
  9. AndyinBrum

    Armor Viewer

    I'd like a way to see the effective armour if the ship is angled
  10. AndyinBrum


    I got his as well, got bored after a minute and canceled
  11. AndyinBrum


    Torpedo choppy for me too - using a GTX 960 4gb
  12. AndyinBrum

    Bug Reports PT 0.5.6

    the dynamic range finder, doesnt seem to be accurate when zoomed in
  13. AndyinBrum

    New User Interface 0.5.6 Feedback

    Like the mini map, like the new post game results screen anyone else getting issues with the dynamic range finders? Seems to be when zoomed in that its completely inaccurate compared to the fixed range finders
  14. AndyinBrum

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    Whats happening to the premium ships we bought with cash?
  15. AndyinBrum

    IJNs really needs to be buffed!

    I play the american destroyers and think theyre awesome, although the 4 or 5km range of the torps does mean youre very likely to get creamed by any cruiser or BB that's awake. The range of the IJN torpedoes must do some balancing, but im never that worried in a BB or cruiser when i see one, because of the lack of torps they put in the water.