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  1. Den4ik_min_EU

    WoWSLauncher update problems

    uninstalled it restarted desktop and redownloaded and reinstalled & still its stuck at 96% on 03/10/2015 18:05:48 "extracting patch file. name="wows_50.120345_50.120344_client.patch", threading=1" anyone anyother more ideas apart from stop it & restarting it crossing fingers & praying it works ?
  2. Den4ik_min_EU

    WoWSLauncher update problems

    indeed, ive uninstalled in redownloading the hole lot again trick
  3. Den4ik_min_EU

    WoWSLauncher update problems

    ive stop and restarted loads of time still stuck on 96% & that "extracting patch file. name="wows_50.120345_50.120344_client.patch", threading=1" as its been doing this since 1:34pm ish & is now 4:52 is now doing my head-in badly
  4. Den4ik_min_EU

    WoWSLauncher update problems

    ive had to reinstall WoWS on to another drive due to space, ive now hit an update issue stuck on 96% in the log file it say's "extracting patch file. name="wows_50.120345_50.120344_client.patch", threading=1" been stuck on that for last 1-2hrs anyone any ideas ?
  5. Den4ik_min_EU

    Favourite naval battle

    Could agree more Battle of the Denmark straight & the hunt for her was epic , I remember seeing a documentary where the presser from the first shots she fired crippled the primary fire control / range finding computer & was using the secondy fire control / range finding at the rear of the ship
  6. Den4ik_min_EU


    we want Polish tanks ! we want Polish planes ! we want Polish ships ! . . . . . come on guy give it a rest there are way navy's that need to come before hand Royal Navy, German navy, french navy, soviet navy
  7. Den4ik_min_EU

    Yamato function of stern lights?

    Normal the stern light is white but was its a warship it not be nav lights & too small for signal lights, seen lots of RC Yamato but never seen any with stern lights really strange
  8. Den4ik_min_EU

    Sir Kay - Round Table Class Minesweeper 1:48 Scale

    Thanks for the comments guys
  9. 1:48th scale Sirkay Minesweeper ive just finished, wounder if there be minesweepers in game ???
  10. Den4ik_min_EU

    the game is not ready!

    i seem to remember way back in 2011 that world of (battleships)warships was anouced the same time as world of warplanes as planes went live last Nov your maybe looking at late 2014 early 2015
  11. Den4ik_min_EU

    Radio controlled models

    Been working hard on the SirKay Minesweeper
  12. Den4ik_min_EU

    Radio controlled models

    down at the boat club im a member of when one of the other members was on about bin a model that no one seemed to want, i asked to have alook and was shocked you cant just bin that i'll have it and do it. great day down the club sunday it was :D
  13. Den4ik_min_EU

    Radio controlled models

    I started to build a graupner sydney star 1:200 in Aug is year, sorry very photo heavy has bow & stern thrusters, lights. Kind of finnished now but adding light under the containers in the walkways the build 90% done and at night Lights under the containers
  14. Den4ik_min_EU

    Radio controlled models

    So can we post non warships ? like container ships
  15. Den4ik_min_EU

    Radio controlled models

    migg1973, on 07 December 2013 - 10:05 AM, said: nice pics, guys.. for the pond, firecrackers, running torpedoes in scale and stuff.. check out the net.. cheers ;-) kind of lost me with your last post . . . . . . .