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  1. Tuccy

    Server unavailable, disconnected midgame

    Hello, we are experiencing some issues - our tech guys are checking, we will let you know as soon as we have any good news. Sorry for the hassle, please stay tuned!
  2. Tuccy


    Hello, first and foremost yes, this answers are wrong and I would like to thank you for bringing it up. This is definitely not how this was supposed to go, sorry for the inconvenience - we will look into it. As to the question itself, the Commemorative flag was not part of the package in the Dockyard and it is not available at this moment - so far it is just the ship and the skin. If and when the flag becomes available, we will share information on how to get it, but right now we are not ready to share any more information about it. I know this is not too satisfying answer, but at least it is correct :) Once again thanks for raising the issue and sorry for the incorrect answers you received.
  3. Hello, To populate the battles on Public Test we are turning on the Sandbox matchmaking - if the queue time exceeds 3 minutes, bots will be added to the battle on all battle tiers. Disclaimer: Bots do not fully understand the Arms Race mode. At the beginning of battle, they will be stationary until first enemy is spotted, then they will start behaving normally (for a given value of normal). Cheers!
  4. Commanders! There was a technical issue with Clan Brawl on the 21 of December, which made it impossible to form divisions of 9 players during the first hours of Brawl in ASIA prime time. Those players, who have encountered this problem will receive the following compensation shortly: - 1 000 000 credits; - 40 000 Elite Commander XP; - 2 Santa’s gift containers. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Good luck and fair seas!
  5. Tuccy

    [RESULTS] Double Recruitment Points

    Hello, a quick update: Our server mages managed to implement the bonuses directly, meaning that from now (well, from about 15 minutes ago) this system now works automated and the bonus is directly in game. All players who earned the bonus before this happened (12:10 UTC) will be credited the bonus points in the following days. Cheers!
  6. Thank you! Good news: The issue was identified, isolated and hunted down. The fix will be implemented already for the next session (01:00 - 04:00 UTC). Cheers!
  7. Hello, our team knows about this issue and is working on a solution. To gather some more information, if you encounter this issue, please get a WG Check log and add it here. Thanks! Update: No need to upload WGchecks anymore, issue was identified and fixed.
  8. Tuccy


    Hello, the bonus was re-launched. If you did not claim it yet, do so, if you got a wrong reward before, now is the time to get the right one! Cheers!
  9. Yes, transfer is possible - there will be one more step needed to finalize it though: "If the email address is already used on the destination server, your login will use a throwaway email account named (Your Account Email)@transfer.loc (E.g. tatersmith@transfer.loc) and a new password. Reach out to the new server’s Customer Service and request an email change." Hello, unfortunately not (see point 8.)
  10. Yes, BUT: Do not fret, as stated on the page the transfer period will start in December, today you just click a button to show you are interested in being moved to server XYZ. The account will be mirrored at the time of the transfer, not right now. We timed the event specifically so that it affects the directives as little as possible. They will stay. Yes. You have it, you keep it. Unfortunately right now we cannot specify if and when will we repeat this offer For now I cannot give no specific answer to this. As far as I remember from the India transfer earlier this year we did not have any container-related issues, however if you want to be 125% sure just open 'em all and recover the goodies :)
  11. A můžu se zeptat, kde se tento problém vyskytnul? Hned, jak se včera objevila první hlášení, jsem projel CZ, EN a FR sekce pro zpětnou vazbu z veřejného testu a nic tam nebylo - takže bych rád viděl, kde jsme ho přehlédli
  12. Aktualizace: Problém je vyřešen, omlouváme se za komplikace, ale Luigi už snad zlobit nebude.
  13. Just dropping it here, as I think it might be interesting for some of you, after covering Midway in a similar fashion earlier this year decided to do a blow-by-blow reporting of the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal (November 12 - 15) on Twitter as well: Tune in for the hashtag #Guadalcanal1942 with all time stamps fitting with the appropriate time zone. I would say "Enjoy and have fun", but that is not really the point of this exercise... To be fair, after the Midway I did this mostly to get a better insight into the battle and where Midway tweet preparation helped me to really understand the pressure and mixed information Nagumo was getting, preparing this Twitter stream underlined the sheer chaos, terror and intensity of the night battles. The Midway is a slowly unrolling drama... Here you have sudden, brutal bursts of action in the pitch black darkness...
  14. Tuccy

    Community Event - Den Helder

    Join us at the Dutch Navy Museum Enjoy free entrance all day, as well as a boatload of activities! In honor of the incoming release of our first Dutch ship – IX Friesland– on September 14th we will be at the Dutch Navy Museum (Marinemuseum) in Den Helder, Netherlands, for a day of World of Warships-related fun! Event starts: Sat. 14 Sep. 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) Event ends: Sat. 14 Sep. 17:00 CEST (UTC+2) For more details head to our Portal article or the Facebook Event!