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  1. EUROPE web in ENGLISH

    Quickly checked. The language selection works, but... Not as a dropdown menu (and let me put here as a preamble the system is weird and I will be reporting this as I can see how it is confusing ;)) Step 1: Click on the language change link. Step 2: Scroll down ( your scrollbar changes). Stpe 3: Change language
  2. Bear in mind: Most players have more important things to pay attention to than follow chat. You can see it in battle - there are times when there is banter, bu when everyone's fighting, chat is usually domain of the guys who got sunk already. Same goes for torpedo warnings: even if you hear warning, first instinct is to look for incoming enemy torpedoes. And do not forget that torpedo belongs to whoever launched it - good bits and bad bits alike. You should be aware of where Allied ships are when launching, the longer range your torpedoes have the more - minimap helps in this. overall the safest way is of course to be ship closest to the enemy when launching, as there are only few ships capable of outrunning the slowest torpedoes :) Example: Just yesterday I had an Asashio battle where I cannot safely launch torpedoes for a long time, as my side's battleships were just in a wrong vector (for me) and I cannot guarantee they wouldn't turn into the torpedoes - so I held my fire and focused on spotting.
  3. Nelson now! or Musashi later!!

    If said assault rifle is SA-80. Which is also an unholy abomination on the aesthetics
  4. Kinda brutal, but... As a bottom tier you should not expect to do good, you should expect to do OK ;) Few points: * Enemy team also should have something in your league * You do not necessarily have to be the first. You can however attach to a top tier DD and support it. * You cannot afford to play as much on your own as when top tier - stay closer to your team * Your torps still hurt * Your HE still sets on fire You have to play more carefully and pay attention to the minimap to spot where any radar or bigger fish could wait for you. just do not rush and die, and do not camp, every bit of damage you deal is worth more since you are doing it to higher tier ships :)
  5. Nelson now! or Musashi later!!

    The book on Hunt for Bismarck from Kennedy includes description by Rodney's torpedo room crew member describing how she deformed during the intense gunfire. Heck, even Neptune's Inferno describes what a mess 8" guns on heavy cruisers did when firing, let alone the 16"...
  6. Hmm... Don't really observe this, maybe also because lately I play higher tiers a lot and people mostly seem to mount the flag (though the Montana detonation from a single torpedo when I was testing Asashio before release was surprising). Then again the way RNG works clumping of data is completely natural. It would be more suspicious if there was a steady "1 detonation every other battle" rather than "3 detonations in 1, 0 in 20" :)
  7. Nelson now! or Musashi later!!

    Who dares, wins! Though compared to the projects leading to her, Nelson is still nice, true. The G3/N3 though... I am missing some 10k FXP for the Kronshtadt... Will get it "just because", even though USSR cruisers are not my favourites.
  8. Nelson now! or Musashi later!!

    Have both, but I would say Nelson is more fun just because she's so different. And so ugly. So ugly that she is beautiful.
  9. game options - emblems

    Some mods (esp. those not updated rigorously by their creator) could conflict with game, so indeed you use them at your own risk, but stuff included in the modpack we share or in Aslains should be fairly safe. Though always remember it may also depend on your computer setup.
  10. The rewards for the last Ranked season should have been delivered over the weekend.
  11. Why Richeliue has no lifeboats?

    Thatr is actually highly realistic :) Most ship's boats were left on forward bases etc. when deployed, as they cluttered up the deck, blocked firing arcs and in case of combat got holed by splinters - so few boats were kept, but most were left behind.
  12. You have to compare era to era. Compare Graf Spee to Pensacolas, and then Kronshtadt or Alaska to Baltimore... You will see a similar relationship :) Basically these ships would be best described as modern armored cruisers...
  13. One thing that makes playing DDs in Ops hard is that the enemies also tent to head straight for your position (+-) so launches are not that effective (that, and regular WASD hacks). Best bet is to try to stay hidden and move to a flank, but they tend to be pretty fast for that.
  14. Special Upgrades

    It MIGHT happen in the future, as we are working on improving the user interface step by step. At the same time won't lie - there are probably bigger fish to fry first, so it is not likely to be soon. Still, worth passing along :)
  15. Veřejný test verze 0.7.6

    Přesně tak, kvůli testování arzenálu jsme ceny na PT upravili takhle :)