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  1. The flags be distributred at the moment, save the 111 poor souls who had to walk the plank for the reason of neither their nickname or their mail bein' in them databases. As more than 7,000 pirates be receivin' this here flag, it may take a wee time before everyone get's 'em, but they will get there!
  2. Aaaand... The flags are underway, being distributed as I type. Since it covers over 7,000 players (only 111 were beyond any help), it may take some minutes, but the pirate flags shall rise!
  3. The signups were closing an hour ago. We need some time to get the data, sort through all those who messed up nickname or mail (unfortunately cannot help if someone messed both)... Patience
  4. By the way Vectoranalysis did a nice "TL:DR" version on Reddit, in case you do not want to watch it all (You should though ;)) LINKIE
  5. Just a remindarr ye salty hearties! The signups be open till the Sptember 19 slips under them waves on the Intarrnational Date Line - that be at 14:00. So hurry up or woe unto you! (And whoever flunks both his nickname and his mail of electrons shall walk the plank! We be checkin' both but every time some scurvy buccaneer mistypes both!)
  6. the signup just for the pirate flag ends at 14:00 today, so it will come afterwards. Why 14:00? Because that's when the September 19th definitely ends (on the International Date Line) :)
  7. Wow. A double lucky roll - not only you won the RNG in stream signups to get a box, but then another to get an epic one Seems today may be good day to enter a lottery for you
  8. As promised, here are the lucky ones, favoured by the RNG when picking winners for the stream giveaway: For one, everyone who signed up received the Talk Like a Pirate Day flag. Missed the stream? You can still try your luck if you check our Facebook page! Those 15 lucky guys got one Anniversary lootbox each: @SIRRSB79 @Deeptank @jokamaricevic @Hurz @Hoolahoop75 @dobermanski @iJoby @9Fing3r @TheLegendBegins @DavideHellfire @Error_dll @KL_7 @yoda84 @GeneralOlsen @Markus1337 And the top prize - HMS Hood - goes to @Waifu_is_Laifu Congrats to everyone and thanks for watching (and for suplpying us with questions)
  9. Actually the announcement was already done for all scurvy sea dogs on there Facebooks - so let's repost here as well! http://arrmemateys.hscampaigns.com/
  10. Yes, as announced the criteria for the ship distribution was purchasing the GZ and keeping it. Apart from that ST and Contributors also got the test ships. Do not forget the ships should work for everyone - if anything this testing should show which configurations are good for that without making her overpowered / game damaging in hands of top carrier players (such as the three torpedo squadron setup being quite a death on targets not really intended to be primary CV prey).
  11. No, it is definitely NOT acceptable. The easiest and fastest way to react to any such thing is to make and in-game report (Ctrl, hover over name in team list, go to reports...). Cheers!
  12. Hmm... Will pass this along, but cannot you already modify this by the Windows settings?
  13. While we think about introducing more details into game UI, we also have to prioritize in order not to overload the interface . As for the dispersion, I would tend to disagree on importance of the standard deviation - for regular player, horizontal dispersion is the best stat as it is not really dependent on trajectory (depending on trajectory vertical dispersion could vary not only gun from gun, but also for the same gun depending on range). To put it simply, horizontal dispersion tells you if you hit the dartboard, sigma if you hit the bullseye ;) Overall changing Sigma is a less drastic balance move than changing the dispersion.
  14. There are actually multiple Easter eggs - this one is the most visible, but you can find for example the Captain Bad Advice statues, UFO and more... :)
  15. Bear in mind the Clan vs. Clan content is still being tested so nothing is final. However... High tiers are a logical choice. It is, after all, a "higher level" than Ranked, and the tier should kinda follow - plus all the Tier X ships in port need some employment, right? We have tested different setups on different tiers though and let's wait until we have the final form ;) Same goes for the numbers, as far as I know Ev1n even mentioned it during the gamescom streams. We want to start 7v7 as that is team size that should be fairly easy to get to even in more casual clans, however we know 9v9 is the favourite format of player-created tournaments and it definitely has a lot speaking for it, so when the population in Clan vs. Clan is high enough, we may consider moving up. We are however not forgetting the more casual clans - that is why as the first step we will be releasing the Clan base, which will bring bonuses for the clan and encourage building and joining clans. From there it is not that far to the clan members beginning to form teams - and it will even help them getting captains and ships needed for the Clan vs. Clan battles.