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  1. Tuccy

    Armchair Admirals: the Battle of Jutland

    Helloes, as there was question about recommended reading, here we go with recommendations by our guests :) Drachinifel: John Campbell: Jutland: An Analysis of the Fighting (Maritime Classics) ISBN 1558217592 Jim Crossley: Voices from Jutland: A Centenary Commemoration ISBN 1473823714 Dr. Alexander Clarke: Vice Adm John Harper & Adm Reginald Bacon: The Jutland Scandal, ISBN-10: 1-5107-0871-5 Andrew Lambert: Admirals, ISBN-10: 0-5712-3157-8 Wesley Livesay: Andrew Gordon: The Rules of the Game: Jutland and British Naval Command, 1557509719 Princeblip: Brown, David K.: The Grand Fleet: Warship Design and Development, 1906-1922 ISBN 9781557503152 Cheers :)
  2. Tuccy

    14 Days of Premium Account as a Gift!

    Nope, all servers: NA: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/14-days-of-premium-account/ Asia: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/14-days-of-premium-account/ RU: https://worldofwarships.ru/ru/news/general-news/14-days-of-premium-account/
  3. Další změna: Zvýšili jsme množství žetonů, které je potřeba pro použití lodí 7. a 8. úrovně v Asymetrických bitvách na 450. Zároveň jsme snížili množství žetonů, které obdržíte denně po zapnutí hry, z 1000 na 800. Hodně štěstí na vlnách!
  4. Hello Tuccy,

    finally managed to get into this forum! Anyway, I said I would show you my piece of the SMS Emden and tell you about how it came to me.


    As you probably already know, the Emden was wrecked in a battle with HMAS Sydney near the Cocos Islands in 1914 and was forced to ground itself there. The wreck was destroyed by the sea and left to rust there till about 1953 when it was finally broken up for scrap metal salvage by a Japanese company.


    How this piece of SMS Emden came to me:

    My father worked on merchant ships in the late 1940's to early 1950's as the ship's radio officer and his ship visited the Cocos Island around 1950/1951. While there he acquired a souvenir of a small machete like blade which had been taken from the wreck of Emden by the locals and fashioned into this blade. My father has since passed away and I have inherited this small piece of naval history. From which part of the ship this piece of metal came from I don't know but in all the years I have known of the blade, this thing has never acquired any rust even though it has never been cared for in any significant way.


    Anyway, hope you find it interesting.






  5. Tuccy

    WoWs replays

    Hello, there are two free camera options: After your ship sinks, you can just press "Shift" and you switch to free cam that allows youto zoom through the battlefield. There is one more way, but warning, do not use this while in battle - it is good for training rooms or again, when you are sunk, because the controls atake some time to get used to and while it is a great thing for beauty shots, it is not a great thing for actual gameplay ;) Press "Ctrl+Shift+Backspace". The only way to do this reliably is to store old clients, sadly. "Ctrl+J"
  6. Tuccy

    Armchair Admirals: Live Premiere

    We have a lot of questions in the survey, so hope we will be able to cover many of them... and I uess the doctrine will be one of the important parts of it all. I would however correct the question above - the Japanese launch procedure was rather fast for its time, but it still took some 45 - 60 minutes (arming of the 1st wave with bombs started at around 3:30 in the morning local time, Midway attack launched at 4:30). Arming and warming up are integral parts of the launch sequence (and were also a significant part of the delays for the Enterprise and esp. Hornet launches). If anything the 1st wave launch was slower than for example for Pearl Harbor - then again there was no need to spot and launch 2nd wave so soon unlike for Pearl Harbor so things moved at a slower pace. Which was still very fast and smooth and the only US carrier coming clodse on the day was Yorktown. Launches continued to plague the US carrier operations throughout the 1942. In any case more doctrine talk on Friday :)
  7. Indeed thumbs up for them - and many thanks! Here is the credit roll (all ships + reserves) Zafkiel_Sama, El_Fruchtini, Kysmet, Covenant_R, Lightbaron, obican, Trainspite, Killerbin34, Mister_Greek, Foenssborough, TigerTex74, OldGrandad, Tar_Eldarion, Dr_Snuggles, Bazinga_Flux, IsamuKondera, T0byJug, Batz_10K, dayofmone, X1_maverick, Earl_of_Northesk, Ecotech, ADM_dude, Kancolle_Kongou, Ataeru, snipingcat, FireRM, DrArcade Would be impossible without their dedication and attention to formation sailing (apparently the Texas caused the most problems :D)
  8. Alternatively opening page in incognito mode and logging in there also seems to work for Chrome but yeah, it seems to have some problems. Hello, Checked the list - and you are definitely on it, so please ¨follow the link in the article while you are logged in on the portal nad you will get the goodies!
  9. Kapitáni, Někteří z vás se mohli setkat s problémy se spuštěním hry po aktualizaci dovladačů NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 445.75. O problému víme a už jsme informace zaslali týmu NVIDIA, v současnosti situaci monitorujeme. Prozatím doporučujeme vyhnout se této aktualizaci ovladačů, dokud se problém nevyřeší. Pokud jste se s problémem setkali, doporučujeme vrátit se k předchozí verzi ovladačů. Děkujeme za pochopení
  10. Tuccy

    Server restart 23/03 at 19h30 UTC

    Hello, captains, All should be well now. Server hamsters were rounded up and put back to work. Sorry for the inconvenience, if you are still in game, enjoy and have fun!
  11. Tuccy

    Server down??

    Hello, captains, all should be well now - server hamsters were apprehended and put back to work. Sorry for the trouble and enjoy the games!
  12. Kapitáni, Dnes jsme upravili pravidla fóra - v seznamu sankcí jsme rozšířili možnosti sankcí za závažné přestupky z 1 roku (a výjimečného permabanu) na 3 měsíce, 6 měsíců, 1 rok a výjimečný permaban. To nám umožní poněkud větší flexibilitu a o něco mírnější přístup, pokud samozřejmě na něj v daném případě je místo. Pravidla fóra Hezký den
  13. Tuccy

    Karanténa - Jak to jde?

    A sakra :D Ještě že rýži nemám :D Ale ono je to i po práci, žejo... Žádné hospody a tak ;)
  14. Tuccy

    Karanténa - Jak to jde?

    Přeju pevné zdraví a nervy!
  15. Tuccy

    Karanténa - Jak to jde?

    Ahojte, Jak vám zatím jde karanténa? Máte dost toaletního papíru? A kolik her ke kterým jste se už nějaký čas nedostali jste znovu pustili? Jak jste pokročili v hodnocených? A tak... Osobně začínám třetí den home office a mám pocit že brzy polezu po zdech Ale vrátil jsem se díky tomu ke Xenonautům a dokonce došlo i na tančíky (a samozřejmě lovím EuroKontejnery) :) Držte se sdílejte tipy, triky a nápady, jak nezešílet