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  1. Tuccy

    Public Test of Update 0.7.11


    @Sentinel_Dreamer this is weird - the launcher should still be working - did you allow the PT launcher through your firewall? Alternatively, you may try to move to the WGC and install through there anew.
  2. hi Tuccy Are the CV test over I cant log in to server

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    2. Desert_Fox_1


      Tucci tell me are u working for WOW

    3. Desert_Fox_1


      got a few idees

    4. Tuccy


      Hello, yes, I am working for WoWs :)

  3. Občas to holt nevyjde, ať děláš, co děláš...
  4. If you are in a 1v1 situation against a full health DD, something went very wrong. Did your team disintegrate? Did you fail to support your cruisers and tank damage for them? Did the enemy DDs severely outplay your DDs? Did you decide to yolo on a flank yourself? DD is simply a counter to BB. BB is not supposed to be the ultimate invulnerable killer. And the game is not a 1v1 game. DD 6-7 km away is in range of your secondaries. If you suspect there is a DD nearby you should be preemptively changing course and speed all the time. So if you do the precautions, DD has serious issues planning his rush. Unless he plans to trade a ship for a ship (which is not the best trade - even low health DD can decide battle by capping). And you can guess where he is most likely to come from - that is unless this is a real 1v1 and there is none of your team left and you are in the middle of open ocean (in which case you are matched against your counter - which sucks, but I doubt you have the same concerns if it is say a cruiser against your BB, right?). It already limits angle from which the DD can come and gives you option to head towards friendlies, likely turning things into a tail chase. Tail chase gives you more time and allows you to steer the engagement towards your allies. It also gives you time to reload to HE, launch plane and further limit the angles he can come from at you. And yes, if it is a full health DD in 1v1 he has a good chance of sinking you. Same way you have a good chance of sinking any cruiser in 1v1. Or same as the cruiser has against that DD. But again, if it is 1v1 against your class counter, something went wrong.
  5. Tuccy

    Public Test of Update 0.7.11


    The signup page is back online. Thanks for the alert!
  6. Just to put an official answer here (though @Queen_Killer already gave the correct one): Nothing happens to overpenetrations, the change just means that penetrations will be treated as overpenetrations. We do not really expect much to change for the battleships - as vast majority of such hits were already overpenetrations and they still deal a tremendous damage. However the "random blaps" will be removed from the long list of DD threats... Basically edging again a bit more to the DD-CA-BB circle of life. Remember: You can dodge torpedoes pretty effectively (if you do not believe that and you are a BB main, go play destroyers for some time ). With shells it is fairly different and to make matters worse for DDs, if you try to evade them you ironically increase the chance of suffering catastrophic damage.
  7. Tuccy

    Public Test of Update 0.7.11


    Hm, the page really seems to be down. We will look into it.
  8. Well you can give targets to the deck guns as well, as long as they last (mine get knocked out all the time apart from the Barracuda ). I know it isn't the same, but still... Oh yeah. Bad timing for diving under target did cause a lot of cursing, luckily I tested the mode a lot so I have learned the wisdom Or what passes for it in a bad light
  9. Tuccy

    Halloween Stream-Fest!

    In time-honoured tradition, your World of Warships team is inviting you to join them for spooky shenanigans on our annual Halloween Livestream! What better way to ignore all the trick-or-treaters egging your house... Together with the twins - Crysantos & MrConway, we will explore the special Halloween game modes, both past and present, with the aim of finishing them all with 5 before diving deep into the abyss in our brand-new submarines. As is tradition, there will be some trick-or-treating for those that join us live. Catch us on Twitch, YouTube or even Facebook from 17:00 CET this Halloween! 😱 SCREAM SCHEDULE 😱 Halloween Celebration (EU Stream Team) STARTS: Wed. Oct. 31 17:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Wed. Oct. 31 17:00 ENDS: Wed. Oct. 31 21:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Wed. Oct. 31 21:00 WATCH ON TWITCH WATCH ON YOUTUBE WATCH ON FACEBOOK This is Halloween (NA Stream Team) STARTS: Wed. Oct. 31 21:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Wed. Oct. 31 21:00 ENDS: Wed. Oct. 31 23:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Wed. Oct. 31 23:00 WATCH ON TWITCH WATCH ON YOUTUBE WATCH ON FACEBOOK
  10. Tuccy

    Public Test of Update 0.7.11

    New update is coming - check out what's new in the Dev Bulletin on our Portal and get ready for the Public Test tomorrow!
  11. Tuccy

    In game economy

    That is not what I wrote though. Surviving there for free includes credit grind at mid tiers - see the points I made in that post Surviving on that level vs. thriving there Sorry if that wasn't clear.
  12. Tuccy

    In game economy

    There is some good advice here. Few more that also spring to mind: Go through your Inventory and sell modules you do not need. This can often provide a lot of cash. At the same time, check out your camo and flag inventory. While most of them provide bonuses geared more to XP, there are Creditmakers as well. Keep an eye out for the missions. They often produce flags etc. - anything to help you grind. Do not rush through tiers, save up FXP/coal for some mid tiers. Evaluate the use of Premium consumables. You may not need to run all of them at full tilt. Jump into the next Ranked Sprint season - Tier V is a good place to earn credits, esp. as there are extra rewards in the Ranked setup (plus it is fun, but that may be just me). Got nice credit income with Minekaze and Nicholas. Go through Campaigns and take up the tasks. Again, they often produce nice rewards to help you grind, and on the end of one there is even a Premium ship. Try to get all Operations to five stars. Could not hurt All in all, the high tier economy is meant to be harsh. But not so harsh as to prevent a determined player from surviving there even for free
  13. Tuccy

    Terror of the Deep

    Operation "Terror of the Deep" will be available as Operation of the Week from October 31 till November 8. Before this date, the operation will be unavailable. Afterwards, this operation will only be available to Divisions until the end of Update 0.7.10. Operation "Terror of the Deep (Hard difficulty)" will be available as Operation of the Week from November 8 till November 22. Before this date, the operation will be unavailable. Afterwards, this operation will only be available to Divisions until the end of Update 0.7.10. For more information consult the Portal article!
  14. So with the new Operation, subs are here... Seems all the tests paid off (random team 5 stars first go for me) - share your results as well
  15. Tomorrow! https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/halloween-scary-battles/#terror-of-the-deep