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  1. Kapitáni, Při poslední aktualizaci jsme omylem zvýšili poškození torpéd na Hallandu z 10 700 na 11 467. Chyba nemá na výkon lodě příliš velký vliv a bude opravena v aktualizaci 0.11.7 zpět na původní hodnotu. Omlouváme se za komplikace
  2. until
    EN Due to maintenance work, we will restart our World of Warships server on 20.07.2022 at 03:00 UTC ( 05:00 CEST ). Players on Port Screen will be redirected to another server instance. Players in battles will have to wait for them to finish. DE Aufgrund anstehender Wartungsarbeiten werden wir unseren World of Warships-Server am 20.07.2022 um 03:00 UTC Uhr ( 05:00 CEST ) neu starten. Spieler werden hierzu auf eine andere Serverinstanz verlagert. FR En raison d'une maintenance, le serveur de World of Warships sera redémarré le 20.07.2022 à 03:00 UTC ( 05:00 CEST ). Les joueurs déjà au port seront redirigés vers une autre instance du serveur. Les joueurs en bataille pourront la terminer. PL W wyniku pracy technicznych musimy zresetować serwery World of Warships dnia 20.07.2022 o 03:00 UTC ( 05:00 CEST ). Graczy będących w porcie przeniesiemy na inny serwer. Gracze w bitwach muszą czekać na ich koniec. CZ Z důvodu údržby budeme restartovat server World of Warships 20.07.2022 v 03:00 UTC ( 05:00 SELČ ). Hráči, kteří budou v přístavu budou přesměrováni na jinou instanci serveru. Server bude čekat na dokončení probíhajících bitev.
  3. A pokud se vám nechce moc se rozepisovat, pak tady je nejjednodušší možnost: Naše obvyklá anketa :)
  4. Tuccy

    Armchair Admirals: The Malta Convoys

    Hope you enjoyed the stream, if you missed, here is the VOD. And here are links to our newest guest's channel: https://twitter.com/ITM_archives https://www.youtube.com/user/kkfernet Definitely worth following :)
  5. until
    Earn 1,000 Doubloons per Recruit, as well as bonus money prizes of real PayPal funds in our latest Recruiting Station drive. Fight for a spot among the top-5 recruiters, and you can even get a brand-new laptop PC! How to Take Part ● Rules and Conditions ● Overall Recruiter Rewards Start Recruiting Now Full Article
  6. Captains! While the new update is being rolled out, the server will be down from: Thu. 16 Jun. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) until: Thu. 16 Jun. 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) Update 0.11.5 is bringing the following: U.S. Independence Day celebrations The return of Convoy New map: Faroe Islands Personal Challenges Matchmaker and submarine tweaks Two rounds of Brawls Read through this article carefully, and keep your eyes peeled for a gift! Share this article with your friends and Clanmates so they can arm themselves with all the essential info for this update! U.S. Independence Day The Return of Convoy French Cruisers Faroe Islands Personal Challenges Brawls Matchmaker and Submarine Tweaks Game Balance Changes Content Additions and Changes Transformers Other Changes and Improvements
  7. until
    US USS Black is back in the Armory! To celebrate the occasion, we've prepared a web campaign featuring combat mission chains and themed rewards, and you can pick the career path for your own Commander! Web Campaign USS Black in History Armory
  8. until
    Captains! Want to see your handiwork permanently added to World of Warships? Then you’ll appreciate this opportunity to design your very own Steam-themed camouflage! The steps are simple—download one of the blank Tier VII battleship templates below, apply some color and a design, then submit it. You’re guaranteed to get a Distant Voyages container and a chance to not only have your design implemented but also to win a high-tier Premium ship! Contest Details How to Participate Prizes Rules Contest Details Submission deadline: Sun. 26 Jun. 02:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Sun. 26 Jun. 02:00 Voting begins: Wed. 29 Jun. 15:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Wed. 29 Jun. 15:00 Voting ends: Sun. 03 Jul. 15:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Sun. 03 Jul. 15:00 Winners announced: Thu. 07 Jul. 12:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Thu. 07 Jul. 12:00
  9. Tuccy

    Fotky, fórky, zajímavosti a jinej přístavní brajgl

    Poprvé v životě co jsem viděl Mikasu detonovat... A hned třikrát za tu bitvu :D
  10. On this day in 1918, while sailing to meet the rest of the Austro-Hungarian fleet gathered for the attempt to break the Otranto Barrage, a dreadnought battleship Szent István (sister of Viribus Unitis) was spotted and engaged by two Italian motor torpedo boats. Two torpedoes from MAS 15 and possibly one from MAS 21 hit the battleship, which capsized and sunk. This ended the raid on the Barrage and, in turn, motivated Italy to further develop light forces development.
  11. until
    The Armchair Admirals are back! Last year, we opened the floor to questions and discussion about a very particular topic beloved by naval history enthusiasts — battlecruisers. Now, instead of focusing on the Imperial German Navy's battlecruiser fleet, we'll be shining the spotlight on their Royal Navy counterparts: Admiral Fisher's original battlecruisers. Ask a Question
  12. Tuccy

    Cobi HMS Hood Giveaway!

    Do you want to build a warship? Then Cobi’s beautiful buildable block set of Royal Navy battlecruiser HMS Hood (2,500+ pieces) is certainly a good place to start your new shipbuilding career! We’ve got 10 of them in our hold, plus some other in-game prizes, and the way to win one couldn’t be simpler: Step 1: Log in and click the Participate button in the article. Step 2: Fire up World of Warships and complete Part 1 of the new “The Hunt for Bismarck” mission chain. Step 3: Wait until the mission expires—we’ll hold a random giveaway among everyone who completes steps 1 and 2, then we’ll announce the lucky winners right here! Discuss on Forum
  13. Kapitáni, v systému záznamů bitvy World of Warships jsme objevili chybu, která umožňuje přehrávání externího kódu. Doporučujeme proto prozatím přehrávat záznamy pouze ze spolehlivých zdrojů. Děkujeme všem, kdo naás na problém upozornili, jeho nápravu plánujeme tak brzy, jak to jen bude možné. Děkujeme za pochopení a omlouváme se za komplikace.
  14. Tuccy

    Ranked Battles - Season 7

    Update 0.11.4 will see the launch of Ranked Battles Season 7. Starts: Thu. 19 May 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) Ends: Thu. 14 Jul. 01:00 CEST (UTC+2) Format This season, all the leagues involve Tier VIII and IX ships fighting in a 6 vs. 6 format. The rules for keeping a Star differ between the leagues: In the Bronze League, players who take the first two places by XP earned keep their Stars in a lost battle. In the Silver League, only the top XP earner keeps their Star in a lost battle. In the Gold League, players do not keep their Stars in a lost battle. These changes emphasize the different levels of competitiveness in each league. We have revised the number of Stars required to reach Rank 1. The purpose of this is to make sure that the average number of battles required to reach Rank 1 does not change.
  15. until
    Update 0.11.4 brings you the following new features: Launch of an alternative branch of French cruisers in Early Access. Italian destroyers taking their place in the Tech Tree. Addition of Arms Race to Random and Co-op Battles. Construction of VIII Atlântico in full swing at the Dockyard. Continuation of submarine testing. French Cruisers ★ Italian Destroyers in the Tech Tree ★ Dockyard ★ Arms Race in Random and Co-op Battles ★ Minimap Updates ★ Clan Battles Ranked Battles ★ Continuation of Submarine Testing ★ Game Balance Changes ★ Armory ★ Azur Lane ★ Content Additions and Changes ★ Other Changes and Improvements Once you have gone through the Update and want to share your feedback with us, please fill in the traditional Update Survey Thank you :)