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  1. Win Big with Signal Flags


    As @madmonk wrote, any signal flags count.
  2. until
    Want to have your work featured in World of Warships? Then this is the competition for you... Submissions Window: Starts 28 February at 22:00 CET (UTC+1) Ends 14 March at 22:00 CET (UTC+1) The Challenge: Create a patch (just the symbol, without a background) by hand or using a graphics editor which would correlate with World of Warships visuals. Create a short title (just a few words will do) for your creation. Publish your work in the contest topic on the forum (link will be provided on the 28th February). Save the source materials to present to the World of Warships team if necessary. Before participating, please read the Terms and Conditions (and pay special attention to Section 10). Prizes: As well as ships and signals, the first three prizes include having your patch implemented into the game. If you don't make it into the top five you will automatically be entered into a lottery, with x20 Big Santa's Gift boxes up for grabs (one per player) - Full contents can be found in here. For detailed rules and regulations please check the Portal article
  3. Win Big with Signal Flags

    Feeling Lucky? Captains! Do you know how to skillfully use signal flags? Do you know which ones help you deal more damage to the enemy and which ones line your pockets with Credits? This weekend from 22 February at 00:01 CET until 25 February 23:59 CET (UTC+1) we are holding a special giveaway for those of you who use signal flags. Play any battle type with ships of Tier V and above, with signal flags mounted. Every 15 signal flags "spent", you will earn one chance at receiving a prize (30 signals = 2 chances, and so on). Prizes are limited to one per account. In total 3,050 winners will be determined at random on the EU server. Prizes: The following items will be awarded randomly among players who have spent 15 signal flags or more over the weekend: x50 VIII Roma + Commander with 10 skill points x3,000 10 "Type 6" camouflage (Provides 3% to surface detectability range, +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship, +100%) This weekend equip x15 signal flags or more and play for your chance to win! Action Stations!
  4. Vive la France Part 1


    We have announced French story arc that will span several updates. The 0.7.1 was first of them, and included start of the collection: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/vive-la-france-pt-1/ Money quote: That’s all for the first part of the French battleships event. Follow the news and look forward to the next major update, where we will provide information about the further activities with French battleships. There additionally was an option to get extra containers already in the Clan vs. Clan battles: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/clan-battles-s2/ If you want to have early alert about subsequent activities, there is the Public Test for you to see what these may be (note that the public test started already last week) - especially the "Gold of France" Campaign. However you do not need to participate - there is no direct payout apart from standard test rewards (then you should wait for the next announcement a bit longer - one of benefits of the Public Test is being able to preview upcoming content and see what comes). Of course if you want to skip that or boost your chance of getting the high tier battleship blueprints (and getting more camos etc.), there is the Premium shop option. I would also like to stress that having a cut off dates in missions (esp. in missions to earn Premium things for free) is pretty standard. So yes, if you cannot complete the missions to get the ship for free, your other option is the premium shop.
  5. Vive la France Part 1


    I would point you to perusing the Public Test for the next version and have a look at the possibilities there - the in-game missions are over, but the French arc isn't ;)
  6. Gz test ships?

    they are test variants of the Graf Zeppelin aircraft carriers after infamous speedbump we hit last year ;) For more details about the tests check here: https://www.facebook.com/wowsgraf/
  7. Public Test 0.7.2 - Round 2


    Additional info: Patch size: 155 Mb List of changes: Fixed bugs which caused shells to explode against invisible obstacles near islands on the "Atlantic" map; When national voiceovers are enabled in the Scenarios mode, voice orders will now be issued in the voiceover language selected in the game client, bypassing the national voiceover modifier; Balance-related changes Made an additional task to destroy aircraft a bit more complicated The rewards for completing Operation Hermes were changed: you will get 50 Doubloons for 3 stars, 100 Doubloons for 4 stars, 150 Doubloons for 5 stars. Also ambient lighting on the map was tweaked towards lighter tones. Fixed a bug which required a double mouse click to set priority targets for the secondary/AA battery; Removed the Service Record level and patch picture from being displayed when the mouse is hovered over a player’s nick in the post-battle statistics and in battle; Fixed a bug which caused Ship Status data that pops up when the “H” key is pressed to overlap with the Minimap interface; Fixed a bug which in certain cases could cause the game client to freeze when switching to an allied ship in the Free Camera mode after the player’s own ship was destroyed.
  8. Let's Have Fun: What is This?

    Looks good so far, keep 'em coming! :)
  9. Saboteurs wanted!

    Novel idea: Do not sabotage it (fire hazard peoples!) but start cooking tasty dishes yourself? I know it is a boring idea, but it has its merits. For example it helps to attract other people (esp. past 30 )
  10. Let's Have Fun: What is This?

    Give only wrong answers (but still within forum rules ;)): What's this thing here?
  11. Public Test 0.7.2 - Round 2

    Captains! Join the second round of the Public Test of 0.7.2 and try out the new French Battleships, new Operation Hermes and more! Please do not forget to leave feedback in the dedicated Forum sections - every bit helps us to improve the update For more details check out the Portal article. New to the Public Test? Then head for the Public Test guide! Looking for the download link? Here it is - and now you can add the Public Test client also tot he Wargaming Game Center! Action Stations!
  12. Public Test 0.7.2 - Round 1


    There is a difference in game mechanics between primary and secondary turrets - you wouldn't really want to lose main battery at the same rate as the secondaries, however the mods and captain skills do help a lot. the main turrets on all battleships are kinda vulnerable up close, though it certainly hurts more with the Richelieu as you got only 2 - you need to concentrate on their survivability if you want to brawl up close, but going to your secondaries max range combines the benefits of brawler with relative safety as far as turrets go :)
  13. Valentine’s Day flag

    Corgo the Doggo? Bah! We shall treat you to Czechoslovakian Wolfdog! :p In any case we see that doggies and cats (esp. Grosser Pürrfurst) are popular, so we shall see :)
  14. About crates

    2 supercontainers in 75 containers opened? Count yourself lucky, my longest dry patch was some 120 containers... And then 3 SCs in 20 containers or so :D That being said, that's how the random numbers work. If probability is (say) 10%, on average you get the drop every 10 attempts, but you can have 2 drops in a row and you can have 20 attempts with no drop. It could be frustrating, on the other hand you are as likely to get bunches of SCs as to get a long stretch without any.