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  1. Kirk_Helmet

    Water physics

    I am sure that visuals will get worked on plenty of times in future. Game now looks really well but probably after like 2 years of release it will look better than we could even imagine it today.
  2. Kirk_Helmet

    Should the capture sound be changed?

    It's true that the "base being captured" sound just fades among all the battle noises. I usually look at the minimap and notice the bar being filled, not the sound itself. It's not too alarming to be honest ;)
  3. Kirk_Helmet

    BB players are killing this game

    Come on, are you serious? Do you really believe something like an "arty player" or "CV player" exists? I was called a clicker/sky cancer/sky pig and many worse names often enough in WoT and according to your "logic" I cannot play other tank types, right? So imagine SPGs were only 13% of my games and I played thousands of them in all tank types. I have also already tried each class in WoWS and while I like CVs, US Cruisers give me most fun. If a player limits himself/herself to one type of tanks/warships he or she will never fully understand game mechanics and will never become really good. Therefore you don't need to worry about players using only Aircraft Carriers cause they will not really harm you (if you really meet anyone really playing only CVs). You should worry about players playing all types of warships who improve, learn mechanics and can predict your evasive manouvers in your BB. They will much more likely sink you. Note that there are lots of players in WoT saying that they will not disgrace themselves with playing arty - they don't know it, don't understand it, believe it is OP not even having tried it once, have no idea about arty tactics and positioning, don't know what to do in order not to get hit. They cry the most. Instead of realising their own mistakes, learning something and improving they just stick to their imaginations and keep getting killed.
  4. Kirk_Helmet

    The hater against CV's is a serious threat to this game

    Yes, Gimbru is probably right that we all will experience toxic behavior no matter which warship class we choose to play. Still as noobs complain the most, never see their own fault and are predictable, there is a high probability IMHO that CV players will be called names the most just as SPG players in WoT. Like I said previously - there is no real reason for that as none of these classes is OP in it's own game, the explanation is that a knowledge/improvement - resistant noob will always cry rivers of tears after being destroyed by something he cannot shoot back because in his simple mind it must be OP if it gave him a beating. No way it was his lack of awareness and knowledge of game mechanics...
  5. Kirk_Helmet

    The hater against CV's is a serious threat to this game

    I met a team of CV haters only once - they didn't want to provide me with any cover. Most of the times I was rather playing in teams where other were helping me against DDs eager to sink me and I was protecting my BBs with fighters against bombers and all was fine. Still the problem which you mentioned is serious and cannot be ignored or it will rise to an enormous level like it did in WoT with SPG hatred. In WoT most of those who resist to learn the game basic mechanics, don't analyse their own mistakes and are generally knowledge/improvement - resistant create dozens of topics to remove/nerf artillery etc. Here. at closed beta stage, the same thing already started happening about torpedoes and Aircraft Carriers and I see the same pattern: Usually those who most often haven't even tried to play such hatred class (CVs here, SPGs in WoT) complain the most. Instead of learning on their own mistakes, putting some effort in understanding the game mechanics and basics they will whine and demand nerfing/removing etc. Everytime something they cannot shoot back hits them hard they will whine because it is never their fault, their mistake nor their lack of knowledge or skill. Whenever something destroys them it must be simply OP/Broken/Ridiculous. Always. The WW II naval battle without aircrafts flying over the warships and a massive AA fire would be like an intercourse without a woman.
  6. Kirk_Helmet

    Possible game breaking mod

    Personally I miss 7 out of 10 shots at distances of 17+ kilometers and I'm still learning how to shoot in such long range fights. Would not want any mod to calculate it for me and would not want my opponent to have such advantage. That would simply deny the fun and satisfaction from game on both sides... EDIT: grammar.
  7. Kirk_Helmet

    BB players are killing this game

    Could not be more right man. This is exactly what happened to WoT which is constantly being downgraded and made more "noob-friendly" for over a year at least making those who resist to learn game mechanics happy while more and more veterans are leaving. Hope it won't happen to World of Warships.
  8. Kirk_Helmet

    Fix MM please

    "THIS IS BETA" explanation is not an excuse and no one is defending WarGaming here but let's be serious about few facts: - While comparing to WoT and saying that MM sucks there you must admit that MM in WoT has improved greatly overt years and you don't get rigged matches too often anymore there. Also people complaining about +/-2 tier MM spread being too wide need to learn the game mechanics and how to play instead of whining. - You need to realise that the playerbase at closed beta stage is small so MM is not always able to create battles with perfectly even teams. We have all experienced that but you should notice that whenever there are more testers online the teams are created really well so I guess after the realease when the playerbase grows large things will be more than fine. - Last but not least - this is Beta, the game is still being developed and we all can help in this process if we come up with good ideas and provide some constructive criticisizm instead of whining, demanding nerfs etc. which is common on WoT forums and I really don't want to see it here... Seriously I hope everyone who spent his time in WoT forums on whining cause "everything that killed him is OP and needs to be nerfed and MM sucks BTW" will get bored with WoWS quickly and just leave.
  9. Kirk_Helmet

    Tactical advice fighting against destroyers

    True about the overpenetration, after reading about it I stopped switching to HE while fighting DDs and had one battle where I sunk 3 of them, each with a single salvo of AP shells hitting directly.
  10. Kirk_Helmet

    Torpedoes too OP?

    Yeah I know the feeling of getting owned by these bloody torpedoes. Once I played in my Battleship and was so focused on exchanging fire with enemy Battleship that I didn't notice 2 squadrons of TB having dropped their their nasty toys behind me. The outcome is obvious I guess. Some other time I was engaging a Destroyer with my Cruiser and I charged against him getting in a close range fight and he sunk me quickly with these damn topredoes of his. Do you see some pattern here? Yes! These were my obvious mistakes which I got punished for. I don't consider torpedoes OP, I consider myself in a need of learning a lot more about game mechanics
  11. Kirk_Helmet

    First suggestions on minor details

    Yes, I know, what I mean is that personally I would prefer not to get warned about torpedoes that are going to swim by and are not a threat to me on my actual course.
  12. Yeah, I think that is the only problem now - you can just spam with torpedoes as soon as you reload. If you had a limited amount of them you would think twice before firing. Still - even if limited the amount of torpedoes DD can carry should be enough not to run out of them in 5 minutes. After all it's their main weapon.
  13. Kirk_Helmet

    Torpedo Bombers

    After some battles I played with Langley I can say that torpedo bombers can do massive amounts of damage only if the opponents allow them to. When I meet opoonents who pay attention to the sky, using one cruiser or destroyer to nail my bombers then it is not easy at all. Even a focused Kongo player can give planes a hard time attacking him.
  14. Kirk_Helmet

    [Guide] Basic CV gameplay

    I have figured some of these things already but definitely not all of them. Great guide. Thanks and +1.
  15. Kirk_Helmet

    beta reward?

    This exactly. This also. Closed Beta came out 4 days ago and you're asking for a reward... Come on... In WoT beta testers got rewarded with a tier V american premium medium tank Sherman M4A2E4, mediocre but it was nice to get it anyway. I think most of us didn't come here for rewards. Most of us wanted to experience the game already and take at least a tiny part in it's further development. And trust me - it is a reward itself.