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  1. Baldfish

    HMS Hood Teaser

    This new incarnation of the Hood sounds much better. I did not like the whole defensive AA. Improve the Sigma on her and you can just shut up and take my money!
  2. Baldfish

    Yaaay RN cruisers! Oh wait...

    Time to bring the Nikolai out to harvest some tears...
  3. Baldfish

    Are you having fun in Ranked ?

    Hate it ...especially when the worst player in cruiser can get topspot and not lose a rank because he went all lone warrior and capped zones whilst not supporting the rest of the team as they got pummelled. Dont seem to be able to ever hit top spot on losing team with BB its always DDs and the odd cruiser. Even though have done all i can to support the team.
  4. Baldfish


    Three times more effort
  5. Baldfish

    Sovjet DD branch

    As expected from that propaganda video they will be superior to all other nations Destroyers.
  6. Baldfish

    Mikasa accuracy

    Total heap of junk sitting in my port not getting used. Accuracy is terrible, Decks seem to be washed off with petrol and scrubbed down with fire-lighters. The secondary battery's have such a short range and appear to be manned by crayon eaters so will never hit anyway. Actually tempted to sell it to have a more useful port slot.
  7. Baldfish

    Mikasa Tier2

    I concur its absolutely poo, was going to ask for a refund then I saw the text that once you have used the ship you cant get a refund.
  8. Baldfish

    Mikasa in premium shop, is it good?

    Its absolutely rubbish... - Main Guns are so inaccurate you will struggle to land hits on ships 3km away. - AP seems to overpenetrate unless taking on another Battleship, with HE i've never seen any huge numbers. - Secondary's are a bit meh (there are alot) but such short range - You'll be on fire all the time Only worth getting if your collecting ships.
  9. Baldfish

    Dynamic stats changes in port

    +1 more transparency on stats can only benefit us all.
  10. Baldfish

    Torpedo Bombers and mountains?

    Double post from phone oops
  11. Baldfish

    Torpedo Bombers and mountains?

    And dive bomber's dive into the sea before flying away...
  12. Baldfish

    share all XP equally between "division" members

    Yes yes yes... I feel bad when divisioned up teammates in battleship and or cruiser occupy an enemy battleship long enough for me to sneak up in my destroyer torp and take the kill. I end up with a ton of damage done and experience when that result was brought about by a team effort.
  13. Simple as the title suggests. It's annoying that when using bow guns / forward facing turrets, the rear guns are left to rotate side to side. This is not great when the course you finally set your broadside on all your rear turrets have been on full locked to the opposite side. So simply a key to toggle the locking of rear facing turrets would reduce this time it takes to bring all your guns to bare.
  14. Baldfish

    independent front and rear turrets for BBs

    Yeah key to toggle on, off by default so if it is to complicated for people they don't have to worry about it... scarlet0pimp, on 04 July 2015 - 10:44 AM, said: If the devs think this is too complex for casual players then as I suggested in the op, just have it as an option that I not enabled by default. I Think just a simple key say L that one press switches to front turrets 2 presses switches to rear turrets which I would include middle turrets too and then a third press selects all guns, highlighted by an icon showing which turrets are currently being mouse controlled. I fear this is to complicated for most casual players... I wouldn't mind and I think it would give an advantage to better skilled players which again is great because I prefer seeing skill being rewarded. However I think my solution above of just locking rear facing turrets to centre would be adequate and allow the greater population to benefit.
  15. Baldfish

    independent front and rear turrets for BBs

    It doesnt have to be complicated. Id be happy with just a simple key that will lock rear facing turrets to the centre this would at least stop the turrets having to turn from left to right when your using just the guns on the bow... Then when you know what course you want to take press the key to unlock and the guns only have to rotate from the centre.