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  1. Hallo, ich hab mich grad ingame beworben. Suche eine gute Truppe, mit der ich auch mal in Divisionen/Ranked/CB spielen kann. Ich bin Gelegenheitsspieler und hab nicht jeden Tag Zeit zu spielen.
  2. H3llHound

    Odem Mortis [OM] rekrutiert

    Ich hab nur 'Japanisches Umarmungskissen' gelesen und will dabei sein :D
  3. the furutaka is actually very easy to play. You dont HE spam with it. AP against cruisers and jap BBs. HE against DDs and US BBs. always attack in a sharp angle; either driving towards them or away.
  4. H3llHound

    HE mechanic is very broken

    A few changes I think should be done to work on the HE spam: 1. Reduce the fire chance on fast firings ships (from 7% to 3% on cleveland for example) 2. Reduce the time it takes to repair DOT hits (fires 30s, flooding 60s) 3. Reduce the HE dmg by 15-25% You would still do consistent damage with HE but not relying on fire to do it for you. You need to stay engaged and manouver.
  5. H3llHound

    The quality of ship models.

    I have to agree that while equipment on ships looks very detailed including their textures it is not the same with some ship hulls where the texture lacks details imo.
  6. H3llHound

    Tactical advice fighting against destroyers

    If he is close enough you can actually see through your scope when he launches his torps. Use that to your advantage and adjust your course. Burning away from him is also a good idea, it gives him a very shallow angle for torps and again you can see when he turns to drop torps and simply evade. Keep away from the smoke. Load AP and shoot single turrets do get a feeling where to aim for shots. Also the secondary battery commander skill is your friend when the DD decides to be stupid and comes in close for a hug.