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  1. Yea I figured it out after some proper reading and less brainfarting. :)
  2. So I need to buy a P.E to be able to join the hall of fame from the start? As i need to complete all the directives in the current stage.
  3. Grimst3r

    [SV1-3] Swedish Viking recruitment.

    Magnus, 44 Grimst3r Currywursten,Hindenburg, Yamato, Zao, Moskva, Minotaur, Montana,och en hel drös tier 8-9 NC,Bismarck Förbenat osocial, säger knappt halv sju men är en lagspelare och såklart norrlänning. :) lever under mottot det är feligt att mänskla!
  4. Grimst3r

    Ranked has started

    A Smoke and Island hugging game this has become :)
  5. Grimst3r


    I'm just wondering if it's possible to get anything else but these special upgrades now? Kinda boring that all i get in my supercontainers are them.
  6. Grimst3r

    Random desync on hits

    Well my mate complained about it in some game we played, and after that yes i've noticed it too. but I shrugged it off to working as intended with some magical formula I don't understand
  7. Grimst3r

    Land Ahoy!

    As a master of running into those islands you so prefer to scatter the maps with I think it's high time for a hoovercraft line. I probably beached this topic in the wrong forum too, so feel free to move it. Thnx in advance!
  8. Grimst3r

    enough with the cyclones. they suck.

    I love the cyclones. had some of my best games in them as a BB and DD.
  9. Grimst3r

    Independence day, what about Brexit?

    I support this so the brexitians can afford to buy something.
  10. Grimst3r

    Grand Naval battles

    "The Grand Naval Battles event will end on Wednesday June 8 at 12:00 CEST (UTC+2). Winners will be announced later this week. If your diamonds are not spent by the deadline, you will lose them!" Posted June 6th in the event. Altho i can agree they could have reminded people about it a bit more and earlier on. but personally i looked it up way before to be sure.
  11. Grimst3r

    Reports from people for being a noob and a moron ?

    I stopped caring about the stupid reporting system long ago, I do alot of good games and get nothing and even reports of playing poorly in great games. And yes sometimes I do something retarded and deserves a report but it's far and few in between. Last match my game crashed and I could not get in to the match and I had 4 reports of playing poorly.