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  1. Animistic

    How to make IJN carriers complete trash overnight FT. WG

    Had weird thing happen now just in my Taiho, sent 2 fighters with all upgrades against 1 Essex torpedo bomber that was fairly far away still, i ended up losing 5 of my fighters against it while enemy torpedo bomber lost 4 planes (and he received also plenty of AA fire from ships) and still managed to drop his torps on my carrier. Either fighters bugging out or something really fishy going on now with 4.1. In past just single fighter would have in similar time wiped out that whole torpedo bomber group without casualties. Also my own torpedo bombers seem to be more glitchy now and end up if fine tuning where i manual drop, turning around and just circling around more likely than before. And i agree that planes seem bit more vulnerable to AA fire now than before this latest patch. All in all some kind of nerf was required for tier 4-8 jap carriers in full strike setup, but not sure if WG really managed to pull it off properly with this patch.
  2. Shokaku's torp planes and DBs got amazing staying power compared to Hiryu, you can circle around many not-so-AA-heavy-ships until you get your strike angles perfected. Also their speed makes it lot easier, can even outrun lower tier fighters. Also with Shokaku you will more likely end up in games full of Tirpitzes, those are like floating xp/cred pinatas with so many green captains cruising in em. Just finished my Shokaku grind and i already miss it after selling, easily most enjoyable CV so far that i've played. Ended up also with my best stats so far on it (126k dmg, 72% wr, solo) but that is to be expected from JPN CVs, they getting nerfed after all next patch for a good reason. Then again, Taiho is getting next patch sort of buff even, 2-3-2 setup gonna be lethal.
  3. Animistic

    This is why draws are bad

    And again had game where last enemy had 5k hp left, with my planes just about to finish it off and time ran out. 250k dmg done yet missed all the win multipliers. These 1 ship left draws need to be changed, since unsurprisingly this last cruiser also was doing its best to avoid fight and just sailed away in end. If you fight and destroy your enemy and rout em with just 1 survivor running for its life away, in my books that is a victory, not a draw. Win conditions need fine tuning for standard mode.
  4. Animistic

    This is why draws are bad

    Had again one of those draws where few seconds more would have given us victory on already "won" game. Enemy had only CV and DD near the end alive and CV got taken out just before the end. I would have driven to cap, but that last DD was somewhere behind me, had few torps come from out of sight from behind, tried to search with planes but couldn't find, so focused on enemy CV instead which went down. We had capper in place too, but around 90% capped when time ran out, not sure if enemy CV even decapped him earlier. End result was 7 vs 1 draw, enemy DD who i don't think got spotted even once, and neither hit single torpedo (70 exp) made it draw by hiding first the entire game, then hiding even more in last minutes to take away our win. Was tier 9 Standard (surprise!) mode game in Islands of Ice with plenty of places for that last DD to go hide at. Just 1 minute more time would have ensured our capping win. Was good game either way with 245k dmg but left slightly sour taste with that one hider who could aswell been AFKing whole game in some corner with sneaky DD. TL;DR Standard mode on big maps could use minute or two extra time on higher tiers. In smaller maps and lower tiers 20min is more than enough. Alternatively, if there is only 1 enemy left, maybe extend or freeze timer, so that the enemy has to come decap or lose. Now he can just sail to furthest corner and hide, which in terms of naval warfare to me seems more like only survivor retreating after lost battle, rather than taking away the victory from winning team and calling it a draw in 7 vs 1 situation.
  5. Animistic

    Welcome to World of Tirpitz

    ^ This. I for one welcome our new Tirpitz overlords. So many newbs sailing straight line in big BB. Perfect torping targets for CVs. Rough times to play my Aoba, Pensacola or other 5-7 tier ships now though, you can easily end up as Tirpitz food then yourself. This game was 90% of the dmg done on Tirpitz'es.
  6. So basicly, what the topic says: Please don't division your carrier with higher tiers Reason for this is carrier MM that often places carriers as highest tiers of the game. So when you division with ships higher tier than you, you strip that beneficial MM and end up way too deep waters for your lower tier carrier. As an example, just had 2x tier 6 Clevelands with 1x Bogue in my team. It was tier 9 game. Bogue had fighter setup so, you can imagine how well those tier 5 biplanes did against tier 8 zeros of enemy Shokaku. Bogue ended up finishing game with 1 enemy fighter shot down and 76 exp, and dooming our team to defeat as enemy team had massive carrier superiority. If you want to division with carriers, make the carrier highest tier in the division, with ships 1 tier lower than the carrier (tier X ofc don't count) And as an additional offtopic advice to cruisers, if friendly carrier follows you around and asks for AA protection when enemy planes try to sink that carrier, please use your AA ability to make the torpedo spread go worse so that they wont be able to sink that carrier, it should benefit your team greatly in the long run.
  7. Animistic


    Sorry about massive necro, didn't wanna make new topic since this has been already taken up here before. Anyways it would be really nice to be able to sell old modules of ships. Currently there is no point whatsoever to buy for example Hull type B if C is available 15k exp later, as B will soon be grown out of, and then the money spent on it will go 100% to waste. Being able to sell those modules would give atleast 50% back to make it worth in some cases. Would also help with being able to afford ships later on the game when they start to get really expensive along with their modules if pursuing multiple lines at once. If nothing else, could atleast add the obsolete modules half value to the ship selling price when you get rid of em.
  8. Animistic

    World of Drawships

    Yeah because world's most boring sport ever invented should be used as a model for WoWS game mechanics. Even the fact we can remotely compare cricket and current state of WoWS draws in Standard mode, should be telling enough something needs to be done.
  9. Animistic

    Remove the timer. It ruins the game

    Thank you Figment, i think my draw issue and others has always been the lack of saying "Tally-ho" at start of game, this small but significant change just instantly put my draw rate to 0% for today. Sir you just solved the whole issue with this, my sincerest gratitude. I think WG should hire you to fix these balance and game mechanic issues, since your simple solutions are so effective and easy to implement, pure genious! Tally-ho a day keeps draws away! ps. i wish it was that simple to just convince your team to follow you and do as you say, atleast there is slightly more cooperation and teamplay in WoWS than in WoT due slower pace and more time to plan ahead your moves. Still majority of players mostly do their own thing and disregard any advice or chat.
  10. Animistic

    Remove the timer. It ruins the game

    Nearly daily new topic about draws pops up and from what i have followed chatting at IRC nearly everyone is completely tired of the huge amount of draws in Standard mode in higher tiers. Putting it all as players fault instead of even questioning if current mechanics might be too strict in Standard mode with bigger maps and higher tiers, is just shortsighted and patronizing towards big part of the player base. We get it that some people are fine with how it is currently (and yes, nearly all of em play tier 5 or below). But that leaves still big part of player base who has issue of the massive amount of draws in Standard mode. Either give extra few minutes to that mode, or give option to choose what mode you play when pressing Battle! button, or third option is keep on frustrating plenty of players who might move elsewhere after getting tired of this.
  11. Animistic

    World of Drawships

    Just had battle where we had 3x tier 6-7 Battleships left and enemy just had tier 4 carrier that ran away and went hiding. Just barely not enough time to cap, and neither time to fetch that hiding CV on other end of map that didn't even send planes anymore. Maybe at least stop timer or give 5 extra min when you get that "You are the last ship on your team alive" message. Besides that just adding couple more minutes to Standard mode would do it. And yeah this becomes even more of an issue on higher tiers, with bigger maps and bigger HP pools. People playing tier 1-5 wont suffer nearly as much of draws, and of course those people here saying everything is fine and it's players fault. Also certain ships like BBs and carriers more prone to draws due their nature. WG please do something.
  12. Animistic

    This is why draws are bad

    His most played BB is Myogi with 50% winrate, but let him talk and act tough here on forums, obviously has need for it.
  13. Animistic

    This is why draws are bad

    Bad game mechanics = defend em and blame the players. I don't really understand logic and mentality of some people at all. This game is barely out of closed beta, i think it's good that people bring up their concern over things that should use still fine tuning, massive amount of draws from certain game mode, certainly falls in that category. But yeah, awaiting already Sub_Eleven and other fanbois coming here to tell its just all our fault and that the game is perfect in every way.
  14. Animistic

    This is why draws are bad

    Also in many cases, it's matter of not having fast ships alive towards the end, or MM not really giving em to you in the first place, so faster enemy team comes pushing fast from one flank towards your cap, forcing your slower team to defend it, then once that big fight is done, often there aren't many minutes left, it's sad to win such big epic battle just to have 3 BBs on your team alive, too slow to anymore to go cap, and some half dead minimal risk opponent alive, hiding somewhere and taking that win from the team that deserved it. Few extra minutes would give people that win instead of sour draw that just highlights bad game mechanics.
  15. Animistic

    This is why draws are bad

    But many ships are too slow and have too much HP to get knocked out of the way before you can go past em to cap, that is the issue, maps are just too big and speeds of many ships too slow in comparison, to always finish things in 20 minutes on bigger maps. Draw rates of 10% on some people is more than enough proof of that especially as they don't always end up in Standard mode either, so its even way higher in that mode than just 10%. 22-25 min or something along those lines would certainly help immensely with that. And aren't these ship battles supposed to be tactical, instead of having to rush the straightest route to enemy cap or otherwise risk draw because your BB just isn't fast enough to both fight at flank and finish game by capping within 20 minutes. Lack of time just promotes yolo rushing mentality, and for the team that is about to lose hiding mentality to cheese out win from dominating side.