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  1. Faray_Heroes

    Well done WG, youve made CVs totally unplayable

    Carrier tears best tears. I haven't played a lot since the patch, but CVs were overpowered and need to be reined in. If this patch is doing so, then good.
  2. Faray_Heroes

    Point of going JPN cv line?

    Awww diddums, so now it will be slightly more difficult to launch your completely unavoidable* risk free attacks. The humanity. I hope they make further improvements to CVs such that they actually require the same level of engagement as the other ship classes. Requiring the same level of ability as to properly play a cruiser would be a good start. *most of the time
  3. Faray_Heroes

    Secondary Armament

    Basically you have hit the nail on the head. Buffing the range of secondaries is irrelevant, they could hit the length of the map because they will miss by the same distance. It should be a priority to sort these out to make them do something useful instead of existing for the comedy value. I totally agree that secondaries should be buffed for all ship classes. bolded/underlined the key argument.
  4. Faray_Heroes

    Secondary Armament

    Bwahahaha! Funniest post this week. +1 internets to you!
  5. Faray_Heroes

    Secondary Armament

    There are problems with secondaries, the op is right about that. To be completely fair though, every ship should have it's secondaries improved in terms of their accuracy, if not their potency. It would make playing cruisers and DDs much more exciting in my opinion and playing BBs would be much more spectacular. Just because secondaries are up to 155mm in some cases, doesn't mean that you should have a two mogamis strapped either side of your BB, but some improvements in accuracy are really needed. Also, OT, DDs need a massive AA boost. And a HP boost.
  6. Faray_Heroes

    About the balance in WoWs

    Pick another target. There is always someone with poor AA or no support around them.
  7. Faray_Heroes

    About the balance in WoWs

    CVs are a low risk high reward class requiring next to no skill in order to get results because their attacks are 100% guaranteed to do massive damage and are unavoidable (with a few exceptions) ie, they are the opposite of BBs. Is that clear enough?
  8. Faray_Heroes

    About the balance in WoWs

    That joke wins the internets, funniest thing I have read on this forum.
  9. Faray_Heroes

    Signature Slogans

    How about... "I know, lets give the historically most powerful ship class terrible accuracy and have him unable to avoid or defend himself in any way from attacks from his main counter! That sounds like great balance!"
  10. Faray_Heroes

    Dissapointed for the third time

    Hi_Azazello_, thanks for taking the time to post. I feel that your post was well thought out and had some practical and creative solutions to help get the game going forward. I think something we are all looking for, in a game about fleets, is more players realising the importance of being in a fleet together. Teamplay is key in this game, going anywhere alone for any length of time will result in your untimely demise rather quickly. So... Why not buff something like dispersion when ~6 friendly ships are within ~3km of you? (numbers can change for practicality). This would, you would hope, result in players actually wanting to be near you to help you kill things faster and win! In the Jingles BB video, he mentions a lack of citadels, but you can clearly see he is aiming rather high to be getting them and should be aiming at the waterline. As for your debate with Aerroon, I am afraid I will have to agree with him. Iowa > Izumo and Nagato > Colorado. This isn't opinion, it just is this way. Mountains of evidence are already available. I would be extremely confident in my Iowa vs an Izumo. Hotspot is a situational map at best. It utterly depends on which class you are playing and where you spawn along with your team all heading for the same place to pincer one group of the enemy team and finish them off quickly. CVs die very quickly on this map however, as they are always very close to the enemy team and have nowhere to go once spotted. Upkeep costs are already prohibitive at higher tiers and should not be increased, but significant bonuses to xp and credits should be given to players who stick together and work towards objectives. killing planes. capping in normal mode and defending caps in domination mode etc. Also, responding to "requesting fire on" should be bonused too, it proves you are paying attention and, more importantly, are there to help your team. At the end of the day, gaming is a reward based thing that we all do for fun and more should be implemented by the devs to ensure we can do things to open up the possibility of rewards for doing the right thing.
  11. Hi folks, Almost every day, someone starts a thread complaining about one balance issue or the next. Usually, the complaints surround e.g. torpedoes and DDs etc. and are smacked down by people who play those classes or claim they can handle them and thus that they are fine. So instead of continuing the trend, unless a thread like this already exists, I thought we could have a discussion about balance and try to gather as many different opinions as we can. I will try to break down each class in broad terms and we'll see where we go. Cry elsewhere please if that is what you want to do. DDs.- These are the WoW Rogues of World of Warships. Stealthy, agile and able to completely gib you if you let them. Does this make them OP? In my opinion, no. DDs are very fragile, always get a busted motor or rudder when hit and basically explode if you shoot them with HE. Once detected, particularly by aircraft, they are just about doomed to die in a glorious fireball. I would like to see DDs get more HP across the board, have better turret traverse so as to be less dependent on their torpedoes, and be less prone to taking module damage. Their detectability is a tricky one to handle, they basically have to fire their torpedoes from maximum detection range (until higher tiers and 20km range torpedoes) to guarantee a hit, making them a high risk style of ship to play with potentially high rewards. I cannot think of any other changes I would like to see made to DDs besides perhaps making them slightly less manoeuvrable, but that may be to hard a nerf. CAs/CLs.- These ships are the Masters and Commanders at the moment. Staying together and focusing fire, cruisers can completely control engagements by, depending on gun calibre and target etc., either burning or wrecking their opponent with relentless fire, high dpm and so many chances at good citadel penetrations. The hard counter to DDs with their HE, they can clear flanks and pathways originally denied by those pesky DDs pretty quickly meaning that an attack proper can begin on that flank. I feel that Cruisers in general, though there will be exceptions like the St. Louis, suffer in the armour department perhaps more than they should. Whenever I see one sailing at 90° to me, I basically know that I'm going to wreck them in a few salvoes, if they don't turn. I feel that the rudder shift time on cruisers could do with coming down a bit, but if they had an armour buff, then this may not be necessary. BBs.- Guns, lots of guns. That is why you play a BB, because you know your damage potential is going to be massive. A well angled BB is an absolute nightmare for certain classes to shoot at, with some ships having to rely on HE and/or torpedoes to do any significant damage to them. It has to be this way, of course, because of their high rudder shift times, turret traverse speed and dispersion. But, every now and then, a BB will take someone out in one salvo, which is the fun part of course. Changes I would like to see made to BBs are better dispersion at all ranges and better turret traverse. Being less vulnerable to fire, but still taking the same base HE damage would be a nice change too. I think the dispersion change in the upcoming patch is pretty laughable and would like to see it tied in with secondary range so it is less arbitrary. Secondary armament also needs to be at least somewhat threatening, but this applies to all classes equally as much. CVs.- It is difficult for me to say much about these ships as they are the class I have played the least, due mostly to their horrible gameplay but I have had some good (and bad) games in them. Being able to completely wreck your opponent without the chance of repercussions to yourself and with your attacks being pretty much unavoidable make this class very non-compelling. In their current state, I feel they detract more from the game than they add. I realise that being able to dodge every torpedo bomber squadron they launch at you would be ridiculous, but for the reasons I just mentioned, I feel they need some changes. I am open to ideas and suggestions about how to change them for the better. Planes probably should have some sort of range limitation on them, forcing the CV itself to come closer and put itself in more danger. So, this is a long post, I am sure I missed something and that I am mostly talking in massive generalisations. Disagreeing with me is perfectly fine, these are my opinions after playing almost 1000 games and you are also entitled to yours. I also realise that I am not a good player and, if you are better than me, you are bound to criticise me but that is entirely up to you. How do you feel about the classes you play, which do you play the most and why? Do you agree with my opinions on things as they are now? What do you love and hate about your classes at the moment?
  12. Faray_Heroes

    0.4.1 Patch question

    fail buff is fail. Yeah so I actually do like to get close with my BB. However, this "buff" is seriously flawed. 1. Anything within 3km of you will be moving so much faster than your turret traverse that your guns wont be able to track the target and fire anyway and, 2. Anything that close will either have already or be in the middle of launching unavoidable torpedoes and you will die or, 3. You will be long dead by the 3km mark anyway due to a combination of either 1. or 2. already having happened. Imo, Dispersion on BBs should be buffed overall, but for close ranges, WG should be honest and call close range something like 6km. or at least your secondary range.
  13. Faray_Heroes

    so, the BB's

    Basically this. Far to RNG dependent to be considered fun or engaging, whereas cruisers are much more engaging to play and with their guaranteed damage from HE, much more fun too. Fire causing % of your HP as damage is really inappropriate for BBs as well and needs to be changed to a flat damage amount as well as happening less often.
  14. Faray_Heroes

    almost 500 battle played already over this game.

    Oh my. Op, the North Carolina is a beast, I unlocked it the other day and have achieved my highest score so far in it and regularly do well over my pitiful average damage in it. I can't wait to play a bunch of games in it so that my average damage and hopefully, my pathetic winrate go up a bit. As for torpedo bombers, yeah there is only so much you can do before they inevitably hit you, but if you could forever dodge them, then CVs would be completely useless. They are intended, as in real life, as the hard counter to BBs, so there isn't much we can do about it. To change things for the better, hug a CA or ask one of them to hug you. The North Carolina has awesome AA for a BB and when combined with a T8 CA, a CV captain will need to be pretty persistent to take you down. As for BBs damage being somewhat random, yeah this kinda takes the shine off of things. What I will say though, is that in the case of the North Carolina, the difference in dispersion and lead time takes a bit of getting used to compared with the utterly abysmal Colorado that precedes it. The key for me, was patience. Don't shoot the first thing you see just because it is in range, pick your targets wisely. Got an Atago in range and side on? That is almost a guaranteed multiple citadel pen volley right there. Got a BB who is angling against you pretty well? That is just about a guaranteed bounce or 1k damage volley. In summary, hug a CA at the start of the battle and follow them around if it is sensible to do so (they aren't going off alone), pick your targets well, be patient, and watch for torpedo bombers and turn into them then follow them. CV captains hate BBs that do that. P.S. forget shooting anything at 20km range. get to 15km or less and start tearing ships apart but be prepared to gtfo as fast as you can too.
  15. Faray_Heroes

    Bismarck class gun range (ingame)

    Pawndemonium, on 07 August 2015 - 03:49 PM, said: dish out the hurt at ~15km this. BB captains that persist in playing at their max range are dooming themselves to have an ineffective game and dooming their team to be picked apart in front of them. Getting in close and dirty with a BB is fun, rewarding with a high damage game and usually puts the sh*ts up your opponents. It also forces cruisers round about you to focus down the DDs like they should be doing.