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  1. Geist_Krieger

    Server down

    Login server seems to be up again, can log in, and the player number is skyrocketing atm.
  2. Geist_Krieger


    I would call it bad luck when I'd have seen it only 3-4 times as I said and it still stands I've observed it about 2 dozen times and no it didn't happen to me all the time, I was on the receiving end of USN dive bomber 2 times over course of the last 5 days. But when you watch the battle and see how an enemy midway bombs your entire team into oblivion one after another it gets ridiculus. And then to come to the forums and see people complaining that USN carriers are UP is complete bollocks. Sure langley and bogue are crap but that doesn't mean the entire lineup is UP.
  3. Geist_Krieger


    Well what a load of bull.... USN dive bombers dmg: 5.4k on tier 4, 7.5k from 5-7 and 10k from tier 8-10 IJN dive bomber dmg: 4.6k from tier 5-10 USN torp bomber dmg: 8.5k on tier 4 and 9.8k from tier 5-10 IJN torp bomber dmg: 8.5k from tier 4-10 USN squads have 6 planes (7 with skill) while IJN has 4 planes(5 with skill). USN torps are even grouped tighter than japs but sure IJN torp bombers do more damage.... whatever you're smoking, please give me some of it.
  4. Geist_Krieger


    USN Dive Bombers are currently too accurate, at least from tier 7 and up. 10 out of 10 times a ranger/saipan/lexington/essex/midway drops bombs, even if its just a single bomber left, the bombs will hit, to max damage and cause a fire. This figure drops to 9/10 times when the target is a cruiser and has AA barrage up. Observed it dozens of times over the last week and its probably gonna increase with the carrier weekend. I might even start leveling usn carriers and abuse the dive bombers until wg does something about it.
  5. Geist_Krieger


    Description: Division spawns are bugged, ships are spawning way to close to each other. Reproduction steps: Form a division and enter a battle. Result: Division ships spawn extremely close or even inside of each other. Expected Result: Ships spawning normal distances apart. Technical details: See screenshot
  6. Geist_Krieger

    []Historical Naval Ensigns (Flags) in 4k HD

    I found a bug in the newest patch( the CBT flag is shown as the american flag.
  7. Geist_Krieger

    Mogami: 155mm vs 203mm (new poll)

    Gotta say I hate the 155mm on the Mogami so far, But I've been used to playing with 203mm guns. HE on the 155s is lackluster to say the least and AP is not that much better but at least I'm doing more consistent damage with it. Additionally, the ship is squishy as f**k, while I could go bow in with the Myoko, the Mogami gets citaleled from any 16" gun that hits the bow. And as makhot already said, the gun traverse is shite, but "Main Battery Modification 2" can help offset that until I get the 203s. So far I've been barely able to sustain her rep cost with premium, but thats mainly because I'm not used to puny 155s and teams that set records instupidity(how the thell did they even get tier 8, 9 or 10?). Right now I'm still learning while grinding the xp for the B hull and the 203s. Oh and farming hits(the only positive about the 155s) for the Fleet of Fog Ashigara.
  8. Geist_Krieger

    enough with the cyclones. they suck.

    Cyclones don't suck....they blow. Seriously though I really like them, I guess you just need to git gud.
  9. Geist_Krieger

    The most important skills to be a good player.

    Most important uber haxx0r skillz every BB player needs: WASD
  10. Geist_Krieger

    buff Kawachi and SC to bring them in line with Nassau

    No tier 3BB bufferinos needed, BB player need to git gud from the beginning otherwise we'll never stop Jingles from making fun of them.
  11. Geist_Krieger

    Pick your votes for the sexiest ship ingame!

    Yamato, because dem guns hnnnnng!
  12. Geist_Krieger


    Back in beta and even after release, everything was fine for me, I stopped playing after the german cruisers were released and everything was also fine back then. I came back about a week ago and noticed the UI lag but saw the post on the portal about multicluster support comming and supposedly fixing it. Well it hasn't been fixed for me. Now I do have a theory: back when I last played(german cruiser release) I still had an AMD card, a Radeon HD 7950, now I have a Nvidia GTX 770. Considering Nvidia's drivers are complete shite, it might be a nvidia only problem, so are there any AMD users here having extreme UI lag?
  13. Geist_Krieger


    1. Description Horrible UI lag in the port. Even worse than before the patch, sometimes I have to click a button 3-5x in order for the game to recognize it. 2. Reproduction just load up the port 3. Results Horrible UI lag in the port 4. Expected Result NO UI lag due to multicluster introduction.
  14. Geist_Krieger

    French Cruisers

    Well VonPletz, if you would read the info threads in this forum, you would know that the frensh navy and even the italian navy are planned, but they will come after the Royal Navy, which comes next year.
  15. Geist_Krieger

    myoko... help pls!

    Incoming fire alert only works if the shots fly longer than 6 or 7 seconds(enemy needs to be about 20km away for that) and when the enemy has targeted you, so when someon comes around a corner 10km away and you're currently focused on something else, that skill is useless and ofc if the enemy isn't targeting you but still firing in your direction the skill is also useless.