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  1. Clawdius

    Great deals in Shop

    Aye, now i see it, prolly was to early in the morning for my eyes:) @Adler, Dont forget to login, wouthout that offer is not visible.
  2. Clawdius

    Great deals in Shop

    There are great deals in Shop to get Anshan, Spee, Texas or Ishizuchi in cheap packages and if u have them u get doubloons with over 50% discount so u can buy something else. Its one time deal per account and you need to be logged in. Be aware that Yubari is also at 50% discount but for her u dont get full dubloon price since it is in ingame tech tree and with discounted price at the moment.
  3. Clawdius

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Yesterday, since it was last day, i went for 5 medium crates and got: 3x 1000 doublones 1x HuangHE ship aaaaaand
  4. Clawdius

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hi, I would like to enter raffle Prize 1: Kidd Prize 2: Alabama Prize 3: Saipan Prize 4: Enterprise Thx
  5. Clawdius

    Fara Carrier Guide

    Great effort, thank you. This thread should be pinned in this section.
  6. Clawdius

    Tier VIII-X discount

    Atlast there is discount on all tier 8-10 ships through weekend No words about it on site news so hurry folks, maybe its some glitch before it dissapear
  7. Clawdius

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    Nice initiative ID: Clawdius Ship: Arizona
  8. To get us back on tracks about how bad CV economy is with current patch this should net atleast twice credits. Was hoping to play more CV when i saw that spotting will be rewarded but with this kind of earning ill just pass until further changes. And itsnot "tweaking" needed, its more like complete owerhaul in CV economy (and UI ofc).
  9. Clawdius

    Cursed Ship and your pain...

    Nuermberg, simply cant win with that ship
  10. Clawdius, Nice game, we were losing hard and pulled it through in last moments