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  1. JohnHenry

    graf zeppelin test 2 (or what ever its called) 1 shotting.

    You don't rely on failmaker to assign AA cruisers to you. You don't rely on AA cruisers to support you. In the end it's what you can do on your own. Anything else is a bonus Sorry, you won't sell your "skill" to me. I've played carriers and clicking on someone or avoiding someone for 30 seconds is not a skill by me. GG well paid. And you will go under 100 as soon as first balanced cancer spamming BB takes a dump on you. By definition, your build is useless the moment you take damage.
  2. JohnHenry

    graf zeppelin test 2 (or what ever its called) 1 shotting.

    Today, North Carolina, AA guns mod 2, Ingame AA rating 89 meets a wallet warrior [edited] with 3 squads of db. I shot down 2 aircraft and took 42 887 damage in return. Instant oneshot. That's what I call 100% skill. I suppose there will be plenty loosers sucking WG [edited] and shitting on everyone in randoms. And that's why this game will always be pay2win-ish crap and will never be taken seriously.
  3. JohnHenry

    CV XP for shooting down aircraft = garbage

    Doing damage in CV = waste of time now. In case you failed to notice.
  4. Tier 6 battle, 62 aircraft kills. 5k damage into a destroyer, 5k damage into a BB. Tier 7 game, 56 aircraft kills, 30k damage into BB's, 5 teamkilled aircraft. From the CV point of view, my contribution couldn't have been better and yet, the XP is [edited]. Best games with tier 6 BB or DD ended with 2+k XP.
  5. JohnHenry

    Paper Ship Competition Submission Thread

    A frigate by JohnHenry.
  6. JohnHenry

    State of the game

    At current state, Word of Warships is epic fail game. Here are just some examples why: Teamplay is not rewarded. Shooting down aircraft, spotting with aircraft gives no rewards. Game is supposed to be team based so why the F are cruisers spawning on the other side of map than battleships? Why are support ships not distributed through the whole map? It is more profitable for a DD to go spamming torpedos at enemy cruisers and battleships than to screen own ships fom enemy DD. CV matchmaking is fabulous. Games with one mod 1 + one mod 2 being dumped against mod 3 and mod 1. CV balance at tier 6 is epic fail. Independence and Ryujo, what a joke. Shooting aircraft gives no XP. Somehow, it feels like people are forced to buy their way out of it. At tier 7 and higher, a ship cannot defend itself from a CV of same tier. You can defend only from equal or lower tier CV. Below tier 5 (including 5), nobody can defend from any CV. Balance among battleships is epic fail. Slow ships such as Colorado have no business being on large maps with no cover and in a tier 9 game. Kongo has no business fighting Colorado. Colorado has no business fighting Iowa. Some maps are too large compared how slow some ships are. Whole game is RNG only with almost 0 skill involved. You might aswell go and roll the dice instead of playing the game. Endless HE spam made of pure skill. Ludicrous oneshots and detonations just like in Wallet Thunder. Full health BB? Boom. 1 torpedo? Boom. Issue of DD being op at close range was solved with increased accuracy below 3km. 3 km for real? And is is still crap. Useless secondary batteries. Ludicrous colision model. Split spawns decide one side will be rolled over with 0 chance to change it. When split spawning, one side has all DD on one side while other has DD in each group. No brainer in choosing captain skills. Discuss, flame, whatever...
  7. JohnHenry

    The Colorado... seriously?

    18 km range. Only with spotter aircraft or range upgrade.
  8. JohnHenry

    The Colorado... seriously?

    The reality of this ship: 1k cruiser AP hits occasional cruiser citadel 1k destroyer ap hits 0,9-1k destroyer he hits 0k destroyer he hits slow as crap = you end up alone because everyone is faster you have to comit where the game spawns you 8 inch cruisers hit for 3-5k every salvo Conclusion: infinite fun ship. 100% working as intended.
  9. JohnHenry

    CV experience = epic shite

    BB can angle, use terrain to sneak up. CV can do none of that. If you are so stupid that you don't realize the basic principles, don't bother posting. Please.
  10. JohnHenry

    CV experience = epic shite

    Tier 4 + tier 5 against tier 4 + tier 5. Sounds like I am facing better cv with no way to avoiding its superior aircraft. Next?
  11. JohnHenry

    CV experience = epic shite

    The game puts me in a room with better cv, I blame the person who coded it, hence the game.
  12. JohnHenry

    CV experience = epic shite

    Here are some of the highlights of low tier CV gameplay I collected so far. Air combat degenerates into stomp enemy aircraft with your fighters or get stomped. No skill involved. At best engage and disengage to start the tier 3 "skill". Facing higher tier cv = instant loss. Just quit the battle at the start and do something else. Rewards for shooting down aircraft are epic fail. Downing 40 aircraft with tier 4 CV for 700 xp. The ship ability to carry a game is 0. Now that the beta ended and this is the full release. All I can think of is working as intended tm.
  13. JohnHenry

    not even NavyField level - game review

    Armor was useless in NF. The only ships that could fit enough armour to bounce shells were PoW, Nelson, Lion 1, Lion 2 (and maybe something else) with sacrificing one turret (people would mount one turret less to get the necessary treshold of armour). You needed a certain amount of armour to autobounce HE. AP was used to counter this. Normal ships had 0,1 points in deck, belt and as much bulge so you would not loose speed. One thing is sure, NF had more depth than WoW will ever have. If you want to have a look at the complexity of the game, see here. http://www.nf-guides.com/
  14. JohnHenry

    not even NavyField level - game review

    NavyFail! Yes, the ultimate pay2win scam. Ship and gun handling had bigger impact on the game than in WoW. The ammount of money you threw at the game had equal impact on your ship performance (up to a certain point). All you needed to do well was a little skill. I always complained about auto balance in GB2. Until I saw what piece of turd Wargaming matchmaker produces. In the end, autobalance in NF was not that bad.
  15. XP from battles You can see harbour log in the screenshots. During the course of 5 games, I was supposed to have 790+443+804+2546=4583 And yet, ship XP is less than the sum of supposed gain from last battle. No modules have been researched. Note: I quit the client and logged back. Omaha now shows whooping 10 063 XP. Mysteriou torpedo spawn Sometimes, torpedos spawn from my ship (allied torpedos marked blue/grey). The torpedos are not launched by me. So far this happened to me twice. First time in Saint Louis which does not have torpedos. Second time in Omaha. After I spotted the torpedos, I launched mine and I was able to fire them - no reload was running. If game creates replay files, please tell me so I can upload them.