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  1. Messayah

    Server down transfering you.. Server down again for repair..

    thank you for the two super containers ;)
  2. Messayah

    Server down transfering you.. Server down again for repair..

    jesus says yes..its working
  3. Messayah

    Server down transfering you.. Server down again for repair..

    jesus says no...not working
  4. Messayah

    cv's in ranked

    Then if that is the case my answer is Yes.
  5. Messayah

    Server Down ?

    Just keep trying to connect and i will finally let you in
  6. Messayah

    Big differents in "skill" between the team's

    There is actually a Conspiracy thing related to the 50/50 winratio.. someone brought it up way back in the world of tank forums and pointed out that WG acutally had an IP (intelectual property) related to how their MM worked.. if i remember correctly the MM took into consideration players with high and low winrations making sure that there was a balance in wins and loses overall so that even the worst of players could taste the feel of victory and the best of players would suffer the bitter taste of a loss...
  7. Messayah

    Remove Detonations

    Took 1 torp from a Lexington in the [edited] while playing G.Kurfurst, Went from full HP to 0.... left battle played udaloi.. stop Crying its only a game... lol while u can because its a lol thing..to few lols in Life..
  8. Messayah

    The Roon - The Strongest T9 Cruiser

    Hey Flamu! If you like the Roon you will definitely enjoy playing the Hindenburg. it extends from absolutely murders cruisers status to practically absolutely murders evrything it is not my intention to hijack your thread but i hope you dont mind i post my vid of the Hindi in action Hope you like it!
  9. Messayah

    Des Moines or Hindenburg?

    Hey _FTD_ I got both the Zao and Hindeburg. i like the Hindenbrug alot due to the fact you shred everything with AP that shows it broadside. from 10-13 KM you deliver 10-12k dmg salvos, without cita crits to BB's, from time to time you can pull of an occasional 20k salvo even on Yamatos. 8 sec reload of the guns is amazing aswell. /M
  10. Messayah

    Tier VII - KM Yorck

  11. Messayah

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Had a good game in my North Carolina
  12. Messayah

    The lagg is back 2015-10-07

    OK it seems to be stable again.
  13. Messayah

    The lagg is back 2015-10-07

    Yea it is still bad though. is it only Comhem specific again?
  14. Messayah

    Colorado needs a buff as soon as possible....

    I play with captain skills in reduced fire chance and ofc increased fire fighting ability on top of that i use both upgrade modules + run with signals when i have them then if you feel like it add the upgraded fire extinguisher and fires wont be a problem and you will just reign destruction