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  1. rigawe

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    Yes but the package also include "COMBAT MISSION TO GET NUEVE DE JULIO"
  2. rigawe

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    Hum, Is it me or this offer (https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/9970/) gives BOISE and NUEVE for only 31.80?
  3. rigawe

    ST Le Terrible - the speed daemon

    Crap, I was thinking about buying Aigle...
  4. rigawe

    Radars ruining game

    I would like to know how you guy do it. I mean when you have 4 or more radar in the opposite team, the chance to get rekt because of random radar not even aimed at you are way to high. It happened to me tonight while I tried to torp a republique. A random moskva came up, there was two island between me and him. I couldn't fire at him and couldn't fire at me. And yet god knows why the guy pop his radar (there was no DD threatening him). I was around 6.5 km away from that republique. I don't need to tell how the situation ended.
  5. rigawe

    Ship performances - question

    Sure it does, but improving the design wouldn't hurt.
  6. rigawe

    Ship performances - question

    Oh god Mapple syrup. 2018 and people are still making website like that.
  7. rigawe

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    There is no discount on Lo yang in game. Is that an error?
  8. rigawe

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    Of course not. But I bet that they will sell discounted premium ships during the sales as usual. And for the last days of the sale the T61 with the usual packs instead.
  9. rigawe

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    Ok So I might ask here since a lot of you guys have a lot of premium ship. Gascogne, Roma, Alabama, lo yang would be worth it with a 30% discount? And what about Z-39 with a 50% discount? As for the surprise I don't know why but I'd like to bet on the T-61 on the last days of the summer sale.
  10. Not saying that, but I don't play enough to even consider using free xp on that kind of ship. Maybe if I had twice the game played I could consider using free xp on ship like that. But right now free xp if for grinding lines. I enjoy playing the game, it's just I have other stuff to do. Since I have limited time to play I tend to optimize my time on it...
  11. Well sure, but how long do you have to farm to get that 750k XP? If you start looking at the time need to get that amount of xp and the average wage i'm not sure the cost is below 100€. Not trying to argue or not if the price is too high, just looking at the time needed. For exemple a T8 premium BB is around 45€. So in my country more or less 4 and half hours of work. If it's a T9 xp ship that would be around 7 hours + of work and I would still need to grind the free xp. And I don't believe I can get 750k xp in 3 hours.
  12. I'm so disappointed about Jean Bart, would have bought immediately. Now that it's a T9 it will probably be a free xp ship, meaning either you play like a mad man or spend hundreds of euros to get the required free xp.
  13. rigawe

    asashio back in shop? since when?

    Maybe WG is getting prepared for the summer sale...
  14. rigawe

    Summer Sale 2018

    Any news on the summer sales? Can we expect discount on premium account or it's just discounted ships?