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  1. Christmas containers

    Halloween was before EA issues. I would be very surprised that WG try its luck with lootbox right now.
  2. Cruisers after Pan Asian DDs

    Not a problem yet. There isn't enough of them to be a problem. One or two at best in a team isn't a problem 5 BB however...
  3. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to enter the raffle. 1.Roma (if available), if not, Alabama . 2. De Grasse 3. Doubloons.
  4. Ingame Option to avoid CV batles

    People asked for the same stuff in WOT with artillery for years. Long story short never ever ever going to happen, at best WG will rework the entire class but nothing more.
  5. Indeed but even then, I believe that they have little room to improve it. Since the ship is somehow between US DD and USSR DD gameplay wise. Buffing the gun will be kinda hard.
  6. A little bit soon, but I'd say Aigle. Judging by the first video of the ship it's not the investment but the camo is really nice.
  7. Jesus, "Île-de-France" with this name you could be sure that at least half of the french players will refuse to play the damn ship.
  8. Don't worry WG is working hard to reduce cruiser pop anyway.
  9. OS on BB? How long WG will take to fix that?
  10. Christmas containers

    Wow wow wow, WG is going to make christmas lootbox back? Even after the ****storm that EA face with battlefront 2? Not saying that this is the same system, but this is a big deal right. WG is going to try its luck again? Sounds like playing with fire now...
  11. Alsace T9 Battleship

    I highly doubt richelieu got scrapped. It would be the same as scraping fletcher or Iowa.
  12. No BBingo yet? You guys are losing it...
  13. Gascogn French Beauty on the horizon

    Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the Jean Bart also planned? If so that would mean 3 T8 BB? Gascogne, Richelieu and Jean Bart.
  14. USS Sims rebalance needed?

    Interesting, I guess you used https://eu.warships.today/? Seems odd even when I check all time the two website don't give the same number. One of them is more trust worthy than the other? Can we expend the period? 2 weeks reduce the number of game played on this ship greatly.
  15. USS Sims rebalance needed?

    Ok then look at her strengh. When she was introduced she only faced hatsuharu and mahan. Back then she had good firepower, best speed (not that hard against japanese DD), and us smoke. Today: She still has good firepower, but serious new competitors got introduced. (Maas, bliska, leningrad and maybe Gadjah mada) She isn't the fastest DD at that tier anymore (leningrad and even more if you use def AA) US smoke is still good but there is 3 cruiser at that tier with radar, german cruisers with improved hydro and german DD with hydro. The only strong point she kept is her turning circle. The ship is more and more obsolete, what will it be when RN, French and italian DD will be there?