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  1. Some101

    Is there an option to see caliber in inches?

    An easy rule of thumb to keep is that for every 25mm, you get an inch. It's not fully accurate, but it works well enough.
  2. Some101

    Shells & torpedoes

    This is just a classic example of two things: One, someone expecting that this closed beta is the final product, which it isn't, and two, someone expecting that historical accuracy trumps game balance, which it doesn't.
  3. Some101

    Possible game breaking mod

    To be very honest, that's not something I really see being banned by any possible means. It's purely client side, after all.
  4. Some101

    Hype for US BBs

    Eh, Fuso -> Nagato isn't that much of a downgrade. In my experience, at least, Nagato tends to be far more accurate. Might just be bias though...
  5. Some101

    UI and UX improvement propositions

    Yes! I think it's absurd that ALT as a whole isn't toggleable.
  6. Some101

    First impressions - SIlver Prince topic

    I think most of the sounds are actually really bad. Especially engines and guns. There's no heavy bass OOMPH behind those 360mm guns. The damage pool is -very- predictable. Try aiming. And lastly, submarines will -never- be in the game. They tried subs early on but found them nigh-impossible to balance.
  7. The point that people are kind of trying to make, me included, is that actually learning such things takes a lot of time... Time not nearly everyone is willing to invest. So making it easier to learn would be very helpful.
  8. Some101

    3 flag domination games, over too quickly?

    Yeah, it's over too fast -if- your team is idiotic.
  9. Dark Souls is an excellent comparison, actually. Dark Souls is also difficult and requires some very different skills compared to other games, but when you die in Dark Souls you almost always understand why you died without needing a guide or outside help. Again, I'm not saying torpedoes are OP. They're not. They're balanced. Good range, speed, damage. Maybe they should reload FASTER on some ships. I still feel that torpedo bombers should have a longer attack run, (to prevent manual-drops at point-blank range) What I'm saying is that people's attention should be brought to the fact that they're -not- iWin buttons. That you can actually do something about them. Right now, that's not made clear enough. That's just my opinion though.
  10. It's quite useful for destroyers, actually. Japanese ones especially. Those have pretty good reloads but sometimes traverse slower than battleship turrets in the same tier.
  11. Some101

    tier list in team screen

    It's low-to-high within the classes themselves.
  12. Some101

    I'd like some game mechanics explained

    I don't know. I do know that once more realistic ammunition mechanics come in there will most likely be a period of two, three days where everyone screams in panic about how their shells work now.
  13. Dark Souls being a good game is your opinion, one happen to fully -disagree- with. But we can agree to disagree on that. What I want to say is that this isn't obvious for new players. New players that -don't- pay such attention to their surroundings and must be stimulated to start paying such attention to their surroundings, instead of whining about torpedoes being OP (which they REALLY aren't in the damage department, don't get me wrong) and continuing to whine on the forums and in game chat about them being OP. Instead, they should be given such audio and visual cues that basically summarize torpedoes into 'PAY ATTENTION TO THIS THING OR IT WILL KILL YOU DEAD'. Because otherwise they will just quit the game without even trying to get better. I'm just as much in favor of credit and experience rewards being given for sticking close to your team. Yes, literally, bonus experience and credits based on proximity to team mates. New players -must- be stimulated to perform the way they should be and it's simply a fact that punishing failure doesn't work in these cases, only rewarding success does that. And giving people such means to get good at a game means that games become more exciting to begin with, instead of yawn-inducing curbstomp after yawn-inducing curbstomp. P.S. For the record, I tried BBs, found them incredibly boring. I vastly prefer DDs and CA/CLs and I even play CVs. Yes, I play CVs and I am crying for them to be soft-nerfed.
  14. Have you ever heard of the strawman fallacy? Because that's what you're doing. Misrepresenting or exaggerating my point. I'm saying that the game should be easy to alright at but hard to be exceptional at (and proportionally rewarding to difficulty!). To make sure everyone is a credit to the team instead of a liability.
  15. No, he makes very valid points based on his observations. You can't simply decide that they're invalid based on your experiences. The average player in this game -will- be a completely uncooperative egocentric douche who would rather teamkill you than help you if it costs him score. That's not a guess, that's a fact. That's simply how people behave in online games.