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  1. Shaka_D

    Ranked Season 17

    In what way is it fair, balanced, justified, reasonable, to have a guy with a 42% win rate and over 13k games in your team in ranked literally sitting in one place all game barely moving? Had this person been marginally better at the game and actually contributed an extra few percent to the game it would have been a victory. Should we then blame ourselves for not fighting harder to win when we were virtually one man down? When does responsibility fall on teh guy who cleartly doesn't care? Does WG think it's fair, reasonable, justified that the rest of us on the team get to lose 20 minutes of our life fighting for a star with a clear disadvantage....and only one of us keeping it in the end (I kept it btw - but I felt very sorry for a few others fighting just as hard). What is the solution and when do you think WG in all their infinte wisdom will actually recongise the level of frustration caused by their lack of insight into this? Can they not implement a system similar to WoT where more than one retains a star if well fought and even the best player on the losing team can gain a star? No wonder people hate ranked and no wonder it's so toxic. It's a very very badly designed system..very lazily done.
  2. This is becoming less about warships and turning into something else entirely. Who's fantasies are we catering for here exactly? I guess in their effort to recruit a wider playerbase they're trying to appeal to those whose interest lie far beyond conventional naval warfare.
  3. Shaka_D

    Weekly Combat Missions: Wargaming Anniversary

    Happy anniversary WG, but I don't need any more camo's or xp (nor even credits). Those still grinding maybe, but not those of us fortunate to have lots of them already. Can you see how these incentives fall a little flat?
  4. Rather subjective or open to interpretation is what you're alluding to not so? Yes, I see the point, but I also see a fair number of retrospective justifications being made after the fact, such as a number of those you're possibly making (though you'd argue against this). No crime here of course, but the ground upon which the 'artwork' being referenced in my most humble opinion is rather shaky... No doubt it's an acquired taste, and certainly not mine. I find it all rather fetishist and creepy. But what do I know, it's my own interpretation. It could all be innocent, but I also know there are some pretty creepy people out there who might not see this as 'art' - with it appealing more to their more basic instincts. You only need to work with the darker side of humanity for a little while to appreciate the questionable psychology behind many decisions people make. Although, I see the game requires anyone younger than 18 to be supervised apparently, thus no doubt satisfying GDPR requirements in the EU. This in itself means that saucy cartoons are quite ok if intended for a more mature audience. I had initially thought it was far far younger. Still don't like it though and question in my mind those that do....this part I cannot help.
  5. Shaka_D

    What other games are you playing at the moment?

    Was thinking of delving into Red Dragon a bit myself, haven't played it much. Also playing a lot of Company of Heroes 2 with other friends who have recently stopped playing WoWs. Playing a bit of WoT and sucking at it...the game is much quicker than it used to be with all the light tanks racing about.
  6. I'll be a pariah, I'll be tarred and feathered and neg repped to infinity and beyond (pardon the cliche'). My children will be ostracised and my wife turned away from the food bank. Our lives, in todays current social climate and businesses blatantly rapidly declining moral standards and code of ethics, will be much different. On the forums, I'll be permanently marked for my ridiculousness. But it's ok, sometimes a person shouldn't be afraid to stand up and speak, even if they know it's contrary to mainstream opinion. Jokes aside, my point is this: Looking at the premium shop and the currently on-sale Azur Lane commander packs, etc. I notice the artwork of the young 'girls' on display is rather expressive in terms of boobs. Is this appropriate given the relatively young age of players allowed to play this game? Secondly, why is there such a strong appeal by more mature men toward this type of thing? This is surely the blatant objectification of younger girls? Anyhow, it's likely just the father in me toward protecting my daughters but worth hearing why so many 'guys' are so drawn to it so much given its popularity. Forgive any assumptions I've made and have a lovely day.
  7. Shaka_D


    Enjoyed it a lot, my only complaint being I wanted it to last longer. Sad that WG missed an opportunity here.
  8. Shaka_D

    CV's in ranked

    And that's one of the reasons why I basically don't play the game anymore, but my absence is a drop in the ocean and doesn't really matter, although I feel a lot less frustrated and found it surprisingly easy to walk away. I think it was the culmination of decision after decision by WG leading to a less rewarding, more grindy game sadly being dictated by the marketing team and people in the company who barely play the game themselves. It's repetitive, unimaginative and their scheme of incentives for playing are hideously scroogious - they have a limited number of items to offer as rewards and keep offering the same ol signals and flags, which in all honestly are not worth anything. I wish they'd rise to the challenge but when business heads prevail so strongly over creativity you have a rather massive recipe for failure.
  9. Shaka_D

    What's up with submarines?

    They have no place in randoms in their current state is a common argument and may well be true, but then cv's, radar and rpf also have no place in randoms. Remember the many arguments on these? The question is 'who is right?'. WG have proven they'll basically do watever they wish, it's their game and other than a mass exodus of players, things many of us don't really want will still find their way into the game and become a part of everyday WoWS life. Sad reality.
  10. Shaka_D

    Your Last Chance to Obtain Z-35

    I can't wait for the day people actually start admitting the truth when they buy stuff like this...for example, instead of the telltale 'i'm a collector' or 'I purchased her for her historical value' - neither of which really make complete sense in a computer game, it would be nice if people simple said ' i wanted her', 'I was tempted', I'm a hoarder', 'I could afford it so why not', 'it's a german ship and I'm german, so......', etc. There is nothing wrong with any of this, but so many folk tend to make up rather cliched excuses, almost apologetically, for buying something they wanted.
  11. Shaka_D

    why gift a ship that you cant play

    How exactly were you 'gifted' the ship?
  12. Shaka_D

    Avoid Stars and stripes hoax.

    ...until the next time and just because you're lucky enough to afford buying the crates, doesn't imply you should or that it's a wise thing to do. Learn from this if you have the willpower. Having money is not an excuse for stupidity.
  13. Shaka_D

    Avoid Stars and stripes hoax.

    Gambling addiction? Seek help.
  14. Shaka_D


    Only as free as you (subjectively) make it out to be. For me it's not free, it's a poor attempt to entice participation in a game rapidly becoming repetitive and boring. The rewards for playing are grossly underwhelming as always. For you it is likely the opposite. If you're going to say something clever, then make sure its actually clever next time.
  15. Shaka_D

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    You really need to learn to quote / link in your sources when you provide data like this, otherwise people might not be able to validate or appreciate it fully when viewable in context with other data. It could therefore also be you who is making stuff up? So, do the right thing next time if you want to appear more authoritative on the subject, otherwise you risk your claims being just as pointless as you make out others to be? Ironic isn't it?