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  1. It's a problem I have. 1/4 French, 1/4 English, 1/4 Dutch, 1/4 Austrian, and raised in South Africa. I'm truly confused!
  2. Refusing someone based of religious belief or kicking them out because of religious belief from a club whose rules do not specifically stipulate religious affiliations as a criteria can only be construed as bigotry and deliberate intolerance. I would like to see a clan in WoWs put down in writing in their clan manifesto such rules. How far would they get? Do you think WG would tolerate that? I don't. No-one is obligated to be friends with anyone, legally or no, but the rules differ greatly when it comes to intolerances, persecution, bigotry and and targetting people based on those intolerances. Are you really defending this with such a generalised argument? And virtual club? Are the people in it virtual or real? Is the hate virtual or real? Are the words virtual or real? The guy is playing ships, it has nothing to do with religion, but the clan are choosing to expel the guy for something that is not even relevant to the game. They're targetting him deliberately due to his religion. If he was pushing an agenda, so be it - I'd agree with them, but if he is not then they are so far off from the moral hig-ground (and so are you) that it beggars belief. You're applying very simple minded reasoning to a complex issue, one governed universally / internationally by laws and policies far beyond your own apparent knowing, and far beyond those silly little rules ingrained within a clubs manifesto. The power they think they have for kicking him out is what is really virtual. The world has no place for narrow-minded thinking anymore, especially when those narrow-minded views are based on very poor subject knowledge and intolerant dogma, or parochial points of view.
  3. Kicking a person out of a private club based on their personal beliefs goes way beyond just a 'private club with rules'. Were it a religious club for non-muslims, then perhaps I could understand it because I'd say he was looking for trouble, but a clan playing world of warships? Nah, that's just ridiculously hateful. There are many many reasons they could exclude a person from their club / clan / party / wedding, but to do so on grounds of belief without the guy having caused any offense other than admitting such is way beyond common decency. I could cite a whole host of analogies that counter your own analogies, because what we are talking here specifically is based on hate, or intolerance, rather than a breach of their clans rules. Besides, even 'private clubs' as you call them are bound to obey or comply with respect laws and policies. You cannot create a club / clan / etc and then simply make up any rule you want and hide behind the protection of 'being a member of a private club'. The one very big bonus of allowing bigotted haters to form their small-minded private clubs is you know exactly where to find them, and a single match to their club-house will get rid of a lot of haters in one go. Am I right or am I wrong.
  4. Dude, don't joke about the French. I got a year long forum ban for joking in that way, even though I am of the same blood myself.
  5. Some people are intolerant, bigoted, prejudiced, hateful and plain and simple broken. With all that said, I don't think this qualifies as 'racism' if you were kicked out for being a Muslim then this isn't racism, it's religious intolerance or religious persecution. Muslim is not a race as you know. Take screenshots as you have, use it as evidence and send tickets to WG with this evidence. WG take this type of stuff very seriously. You're also not alone, I would assume most players do not take this type of thing lightly. These haters are small snot-nosed losers with nought for brains and minds that make an amoeba look like a super-intelligent multicellular organism. Lastly, and this one is aimed at you...your game name is not exactly that clean is it. I'm pretty sure the 'shithead' part is a little sweary.
  6. Thanks very much for the opportunity folks, this is extremely kind. Yes, I would like to enter please. Prize 1: Enterprise (ouch) Prize 2: Molotov Prize 3: Doubloons
  7. The problem with your statement, and lets be honest about this, is the MM is not truly randomised is it? It definitely is NOT totally random. A: We already know there are certain rules in place in terms of ship classes / tiers B: None of us know what the actual rules / coding for the MM is and WG will not give away that information C: Experience from playing WoT for years and years and WG's own confirmation that there were certain MM rules in place over and above the class based rules, i.e. if more than certain number of losses you were placed in games with lower tiers, etc. Something to this effect. There are other factors involved in losing streaks, sometimes the player goes full tilt, bad luck, etc. but to assume the MM is truly random is a mistake. They'll never bother fully perfecting it unless we're all ok waiting a little longer for games to be better matched, and things like divisions screw up matchmaking too, so we either suck it up or we move on. It's not perfect, but most of the time it's not too bad either.
  8. That's not pay to win, it's simply a failure of the awesome matchmaker to balance ships across teams fairly (and possibly players).
  9. Can someone please tell me why exactly these flags are important? And no, please don't mention the 'collector' aspect, I've come to realise this is a moot point, a self-justification to collect pixels of virtual items - like paying a premium price to scoop air from around you into your hands and assigning it some form of future value. I'd be fully onboard if WG decided to start giving some of the unique flags certain limited abilities like the alpha flag has. It's only then they become marginal useful, but to pay money so only you can look at them in your port and on your ship (because frankly I never look at anyone's mounted flags -I simply cannot care less) is silly IMHO. Help me understand, as objectively as you can, why there is so much school boy hype around collecting unique flags...please?
  10. @OP: You think 'threatening to report you' is threatening you? My goodness me, you have a lot to learn about threatening behaviour. Threats to your health, or actually bodily injury, etc are threats you should report, but threatening to report you, post stuff online? Come on mate, you let this one get to you and you know it. I have said worse to people in the heat of the moment, as many do - the game is competitive and while horrible words are not nice and unwarranted, they do happen. I had several altercations tonight already, because I'm a no-nonsense type of person, and perhaps need to learn to be more tolerant. The best way to fight this, as I have done to others and others have done to me, is to simply pretend their words don't exist, ignore them. WG won't simply ban you for nothing, the other chap has to prove a lot before anything happens. Some people here need to grow up, and fast, or stay off the internet. Here's a hint, at the arrival of the first horrible message - add him to your blacklist. Then pretend he doesn't exist. He beat you this time because you're here upset by it all.
  11. Banter? Being part french myself I once engaged in a very innocent form of banter about the french and got awarded two points by a moderator a long while back, thereby contributing to a year long ban from the forums which took me months and months and months to have withdrawn. I may have been part guilty in my last offence, but this particular one was banter which sadly was not banter in the eye of the moderator. Some text is misinterpreted by some and some people here are overly-politically correct with a poor sense of humour, or perhaps have developed heightened sensitivities toward certain humour due to subjective experiences and are thus unable to interpret the particular phrase in the context it may have been meant. Deep stuff, but true.
  12. Your explanation is spot on, in fact it can be used everywhere EXCEPT..... on WG's own forums, Twitter feed, Facebook page, etc. Though shalt not criticise them who hath created this mess'th
  13. Freakin hell, that really is different. Human race is amazing isn't it. Imagine one of those thorns piercing his liver, femoral artery, other major blood vessel, or worse. No words, lool.
  14. Drugs are very very very bad for you. The make you halculinate and slavitate and sya lal srots of tupids tinghs. Venetulay yuo connat eevn raed peorerply and teh wrods are ala mxied up.
  15. And now for something completely different.................