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  1. American cruiser Salt Lake City

    Just another pensacola / new orleans? Must have been hard to make.
  2. Loyalty?

    The last time I'll ever mention this because quite honestly the sheer ignorance permeating this post is unbelievable and given how many times this has been mentioned and still not sunk in only means people here are predisposed toward not learning anything:....it is NOT free....NOT free....NOT free. Time is not a free thing, effort is not a free thing. It might be free for you to give, but the economy of gaining rewards in exchange for time spent playing the game is not free. Believe me, this is basic stuff and anyone claiming it is free needs to pull their head out the sand. Free is absence from a game and getting massive rewards....i.e. doing nothing at all and receiving a true gift (even if it is too entice people back). Come on people, wake up now and stop with the 'free' garbage. Time is a really expensive commodity because once it's given you cannot get it back and people charge a shedload for it in business circles, and by you disregarding it so easily makes it cheap...you're giving yours away too easily and telling WG exactly what they want to hear. You are not given anything for free...YOU EARN IT BY PLAYING.....EARN EARN EARN. Not given for free. The giftwrapping you speak of in terms of free things, rewards, ships, etc..are all tools WG need to use to retain a playerbase that would quickly dwindle if the game was simply all about the grinding of ship lines. They're add-ons to provide a greater gaming experience, and they have to do this. Its not kindness, they are not really gifts, they are part of the overall strategy to provide hooks to retain players. Simple stuff. The fact that you regard them as free things really shows how you've been hooked, line and sinker. There's a big picture here, see it.
  3. And also any visual reference to fires and flooding so your ship hp mysteriously diminishes without you knowing why.
  4. I think this is a great idea, but instead of removing them lets make them really hard to see for BB players, so it'll force them to get closer to see what they are.
  5. Explain this before I lose my s**t

    Thinking of Serb as a god in any shape or form is a massive mistake. I'll shed something alright, but not blood, if you get my meaning
  6. No, but he wanted to. It was removed due to being inappropriate because everyone knows chocolate is poisonous to some animals. And sometimes, people did things with chocolate that would render them inedible afterwards.
  7. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose; sometimes your luck is bad, sometimes it's great. To quote a movie hero of mine, 'life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you going to get'. We all don't like losing, it's human nature, and we all have bad reactions now and then, but we need to recognise this and try better ourselves for the next time something doesn't work out well. In the end, it really doesn't matter does it? It's all just a game and none of this is real. What's real is environmental degradation, poverty, cruelty. Do what I do OP, have a little rage now and then, suck it up, say sorry, try be better and above all, enjoy the game or what it is. Imperfect but still lots of fun. And yes, I agree with others here. getting matched with better teams is a great way to learn. Use the experience to better yourself.
  8. As much as I hate the random slapping of tinfoil hat labels on people, this OP goes beyond that. Scary stuff.
  9. Mission impossible ... aka "having fun"

    While I agree with you, fun was also killed when games became so wincentric in terms of overall team performance offering rewards over individual performance, just like in this game. And I use the word 'team' as loosely as possible. We have a matchmaker than randomly assigns players to teams (I have no issue with this at all), and then to advance at a reasonable pace in this game you need to win battles. Winning as you know offers greater credit and xp rewards, makes the gruelling grind easier, and affects all those things you mention too. But the winning! This is my issue. If teams are randomly assigned, and I am assuming most people play random battles, then why is it that even if we ourselves play very well we still suffer the fate of the team overall? So we get punished for reasons beyond our own. This in itself creates a lot of friction between players, and then what happens is all those things you mention become even more apparent, since they're tools we use to judge and prejudice others. Add perceived unfairness and imbalance to the gameplay mechanic and you then start getting anger, frustration, prejudice, racism, hatefulness, anxiety, over-competitiveness, insulting, rudeness, profanity, and so on. This is all a result of WG's own outdated recipe for an even more outdated system of reward which favours team effort in a randomly assigned team. Clan wars and team battles are totally different. Yes, one could argue that people have this 'bad behaviour' inside them already, but WG are certainly doing their part to nurture than part of human nature. It's ironic, because WG then have to police something they themselves have created. There is no issue with winning / losing, but punishing people for something they're not guilty off is an outdated and completely ineffective system, and will hardly ever favour a more peaceful gaming atmosphere. If WG included a system which rewarded individual performance more over team effort it would go a long way to restoring a little harmony here and there. And of course the one stat that is possibly to blame for the most prejudice, i.e. WR. PS. Have a look through the forums and see how many post have been, or are, about losses and noobs, bbabies, etc etc etc. All, when you look at it deeply enough, points to their reward system. Unless of course WG are in league with the anti-christ and his minions. If so, they should just carry on as normal because their ultimate goal is then chaos and human suffering. At this they will and are succeeding .
  10. Mission impossible ... aka "having fun"

    WG are of a particular preference for more swift games, i.e. higher game turnover. Longer games will in fact slow down their in and out game economy. RPF was one particular change that did away with more protracted gameplay and brought about a swifter end to enemy vessels who preferred more strategic gameplay over brawling. They need us to use our dubloons, all our flags and camo and tier up faster. I presume longer gameplay also renders the game boring to the familiar player types represented by the following statements: 'I don't care about stats', 'only play for fun' or 'it's just a game'. These guys (and girls) will leave the game before long so it's in WG's interest to make the thrill as quick and flashy as possible to appease the lesser able of our WoWs kin. Remember, WG will always always always push it's own agenda first, and offer justification after the fact. Very little is done to please players unless it in some way benefits WG in the short or long term. This is my most humble opinion of their motives and I'm not being overly subjective here either.
  11. Suggestions thread

    I simply want an option to dismount all signal flags with one click of a button. Nothing hard WG, so get it done.
  12. When you think about it fella, cognitive decline can possibly be attributed to the degeneration of braincells, but not only from this obviously since there are many other possible casues which may be clinical of sorts. Over the course of our lifetime you could say our body parts are replaced over and over again as cells die and regenerate. You can almost say we end up in totally different bodies, but certain areas of the brain only have something like a 40 year lifespan and don't regenerate. (Remember that every time you header a football, haha). That said, our aging bodies are slow in their production of many essential things. Cognitive decline can also apparently be slowed or halted. That said, every cocky little testosterone filled jockstrap I wipe out in the game gives me great pleasure. This aging body suffers from zero reactionary, nor cognitive decline . And I'm pretty sure bellegar is not using the phrase in a clinical sense, so take it easy. I can always 'play' with you if you want to show someone up? I like these types of conversations, they amuse me.
  13. Missouri nerfed income?

    Be careful what you say matey, there are sad souls around here who disregard the sheer brilliance of the human brain to recognise things we ourselves are barely conscious of, some patterns, etc. These same sad souls simply downgrade any 'suspicion' people have to a colloquialism (tin foil hatting) associated with a clinical condition they know very little of, lol. Whether it's true or not we can only guess. WG have done it before in WoT and caught doing it without declaring anything officially, but their 'nerfs' were usually through indirect changes to what they deemed to be 'balance' issues in gameplay. The net effect was a drop in credit generating capacity. They just make the game very grindy this way, a pertinent point raised in a well-known pc game mag review a while back. Bottom line is WG will never admit it, and many close-minded forumites here will assign you a tin foil hat label for merely mentioning something you have no evidence of, the irony of which is that these same labellers cannot prove contrary to your suspicions either, but they nevertheless commit to labelling you in the same vein. Just hypocracy at its best.