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  1. battleships

    Ok wise 'man', since you make such a convincing argument. Let me counter you with a 'I don't like having 9/10 of my hp disappear from a single stray shell from a bb commanded by people like you whining about fires'. Would you like every other class to just sit still and not shoot back? They have coop mode for that, go there.
  2. Reporting system - hit back

    Have you ever considered that it's quite common that those left alive at the end are often the ones who stayed far back, farmed damage, did nothing in the way of team effort..so while there are salty players harping on after yoloing about and dying early, there are also those players left stranded by runaway players with no courage or brain, etc etc. I've just had a game where this exact thing happened. Will the game know under what context all this is taking place?
  3. Premium shells in WOWS

    NO NO NO NO NO..The worst thing that could happen to this game is if they added premium ammo. If they did I would stop playing it immediately. It ruined WoT utterly.
  4. Would you like a after chat?

    For me, no. I'd in fact welcome it if WG would stop players chatting after they have died, and restricted post game chat for at least 5 minutes or so to allow any tempers to cool before impulsive rage chatting ensues straight after a game. Call it a mandatory 'cool down' period to ease tension, because face it, this game is competitive. When we're chasing missions, etc. we all want to maximise our scores and losing doesn't allow this as much. I only want to protect others from me, not the other way around
  5. Command and Conquer players, rejoice!

    @OP: You've just overcomplicated the game I really love playing to the point I don't want to play it anymore. I only play for fun.
  6. Soldoni

    translation is 'pay to progress'
  7. Tin foil hat... (TFH)

    The Philadelphia Experiment, it's real and in a game near YOU!
  8. USS Buffalo guide

    Is this meant to be a heavy cruiser? I am being citadelled constantly from the front and rear by long ranged shots. The Buffallo seems to be extremely squishy
  9. lemming spawn 101 WG got your back jack....

    This has nothing to do with promoting a lemming formation, ok maybe, but only as a secondary effect. This particular formation is because the MM is vastly intelligent and knows that those two guys on the left have skill enough to take on the 3/4 of the enemy team they will face from their bottom half of the map. On the right, the dd is a fairly skilled player who will take the players above him on a tour of the map and show them the sights, all the while helping these low-skilled tourists feel secure by travelling in a pack as they attempt to master WASD and left click in their high tier ships. They will only encounter 2 enemy ships and will ultimately be defeated by these two enemy ships, but the point of this game is not to win, it's to promote personal growth from being constantly defeated. It is to reinforce the idea in these hapless commanders that they only play for fun, stats don't matter and everyone else should get a life.
  10. I think they would do rather well by lowering their overall prices because I believe they seriously overestimate the value of their ingame goods. If they lowered their prices you'd probably find a shift toward more premium accounts, etc. who knows, but they treat everything with a slash and burn mentality rather than a nurturing one. Perhaps this will help stop players trying to exploit a vulnerability when they see one. But we do have to be careful we don't accuse them of things we ourselves do as often as we can.
  11. Obviously the higher your game count the more games you have to win to try claw back from a lower win rate. Be a hypocrite like me and tell everyone that win rate matters when in actual fact we're all here to have fun.
  12. DD play at T6 and above is now broken ...

    It might just be due to the abundance of cruiser play at the moment, I am personally seeing a lot more cruisers in the game than before, with less bb's. Missions? Campaign? My asashio has been hard up lately, searching for bb games and mostly coming up against teams with only 3 bb's per side.
  13. Thanks mate, will do ;)