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  1. Shaka_D


    That feeling when a 48% win rate player scores better than you in a game and then presumes he's a pro. That feeling trying to explain to him that the whole team going to one cap and sitting there is a bad idea and someone needs to spot the flank. That feeling when the whole team dies on the cap despite you spotting half the enemy team flanking them and you've not fired your gun yet. That feeling when he sends you a pm after the game to tell you to learn to play and offers tactical advice. That feeling when you know you can't push him off a cliff because it's illegal but you know it would make the world a better place if you did. Those feelings kill me man! He got abuse from me, yes sir. He sure did.
  2. Shaka_D

    WG we have a problem.

    Lool, you forgot to pay me of course.
  3. Shaka_D

    WG we have a problem.

    The real problem is the game presents a perfect recipe for toxicity: Random team mates Varied levels of skill or ability Different age groups with varying levels of maturity Variety of first languages Variety of cultural values Variety of different game-related values - some are competitive, some are not) A win-centric game formula Certain game mechanics that favour certain classes RNG Other real life variables like 'I had a bad day today so my threshold and patience levels are poor' and importantly...a chat function allowing everyone to immediately vent their frustration without first cooling down and thinking about it. 10 minutes thinking about something else can be a miracle cure for frustration. Sometimes the perfect storm presents, or after numerous games a threshold is reached and people with less self-control will respond accordingly using a variety of responses. It's perfectly normal to feel frustrated, angry, let down by someone, irritated, etc. It's even normal to say something when you feel these things, but as responsible people we really should be doing it using child friendly language in a game and also recognising when trying to communicate with an ignorant person is a lost cause and that the problem is not yours - you cannot make these one-legged halfwit horses drink, even when you introduce them to the trough. I really do need to take my own advice.
  4. Shaka_D

    WG we have a problem.

    That's because I don't play that much anymore bushy ol boy (or is it old boy bushy / old bushy boy / boy you're old bushy - ah well, you get the point)
  5. Shaka_D

    WG we have a problem.

    If people stop criticising the way I play then I'll stop being toxic....so who came first, the chicken or the egg? When some fool poops his pants in his bb because I'm not spotting for him in that moment in my dd when I was spotting all along while he was hiding, I sure as hell have a right to tell him where to go shove his attitude. And I may do it colourfully too, because I'm all for rainbows and such.
  6. Shaka_D

    Georgia/Ohio topkek thread

    Meh I reckon. Speed is something I use on dd's, my style doesn't rely on speed in anything bigger. Secondaries are still close game stuff and heal is fine, although I would hope there are a lot of them if you're going to be losing hp faster. But then I suppose the downside to making her like most of the other bb's is exactly that, she then becomes like most bb's and that's just boring. If they gave her torps like the gneis. then I'd be tempted (but that prob goes against her actual layout). Reckon I'll wait for general consensus before deciding.
  7. Shaka_D

    Georgia/Ohio topkek thread

    Not really excited about this one. 6 guns on a bb at tier 9 seems really underwhelming, followed by the fact it's marketed as a threat at close to medium range. Who in their right mind plays the close to medium game early on in a bb other than the braindead hordes in randoms (think I just answered it). Its got late game written all over it - I'm not waiting 10 or more minutes to have a little fun at the end, I want to get stuck in at the beginning of the game. Admittedly though I've not read a single review on it, only just first impressions from the images and the marketing statement from WG and even so it doesn't seem to inspire confidence or enthusiasm.
  8. Shaka_D

    Missouri owners

    No real point unless lots of samples can be given, validated, and time/date stamped so we know when the games took place. WG can capitalise on the forums representing a tiny part of the player base and with the fact that even this small number of more loyal fans are so fragmented it won't make much difference what anyone decides. Add to this apophenia and some folks whose thoughts are not always grounded in reality and you have a situation no-one can do anything about. Bottom line is, WG wins every time. They can change stuff all they like whenever they like and none of us will be any the wiser. i know people and I do not for one miserable second think WG wouldn't manipulate such things, but I'm one person and I have no proof, just my experience and knowledge of human nature when it comes to economics and capitalism. Ultimately is means nothing to anyone with more power and agency over the situation than I have, and in this case WG have all of it. This is a dish best served with a glass of whiskey and a good television program to watch, far away from your computer :)
  9. Shaka_D

    My feelings about the game.

    Must admit I feel strongly similar to this. It's all too much the same in terms of boring, overrated missions, expensive overrated signal and camo values, overly grindy missions sets, containers which in themselves offer very little unless you opt for very very expensive premium ones. The games lack of content truly shines through. Ship releases are slow, scenarios cannot be repeated solo and even if so are epically unrewarding. Lots of expensive ships (one way or the other) in development and not released and / or never heard of again. I have credits, camo's and signals to last me forever, don't need doubloons at all. There is technically no overall long term reason to play. I have more ships than I can ever use. If there were missions for steel or whatever new currency they can dream up I might be driven to play more, but at the moment the game forces people into more social scenarios by playing clan wars or in divisions for any sort of enjoyment. Solo play is boring but all I can muster up given work and family commitments. With all their haste to make excuses, WG are sure slow on churning out more long term content or side mission sets or something. Even watching their streams has become trash because it requires us to sign on and support them with nothing in return, or a system that is flawed and severely capped it becomes a totally one-way relationship in favour of wargaming and their streamers, despite them advertising that things like twitch drops etc are still active. Bottom line is the game is an environment that strongly favours WG at the moment and not the players. I've given up on twitch and won't support any more streamers per say. Our needs are just as important to us as theirs are to them. And now we have the cv screw up, which I like playing but which has ruined the dd class almost completely. //Essay over
  10. Shaka_D

    May Combat Missions: Bismarck in Action!

    Nevermind the prices, it's all rather underwhelming. Who are they catering for?
  11. Containers have been quite disappointing. It wasn't technically hard to get the regular containers, but it is a slog to get them, requiring quite a fair amount of time and when opened they were hardly worth the effort, lol. WG have a severe problem in so far as over-valuing their signal flags, camo's, etc. Sometimes they get it right, but signals and camo's are so ubiquitous now yet they still make really minor amounts as rewards for lengthy missions, etc. I'm a premium player and while I know many people might not be, signals and camo's are things I have huge amounts of so their value to me is really low, yet WG continue treating them as precious items by creating missions and rewards which yield only a couple of the things. Perhaps WG are not grounded in reality. I am not even remotely excited by regular containers anymore, nor their small little mission sets. Development on this game is slow, missions are boring, rewards utterly underwhelming for premium players. Am I spoilt? No, I'm a particular demographic in the WoWs gaming community who is important due to consistently supporting the game and yet quite hard for them to cater for. I might be alone in this, haha. Where's that mirror?
  12. Shaka_D

    Twitch Drops

    Spot on. Rather convenient for them, lol. Yet so many streamers conveniently continued drawing people in with 'supercontainer' and twitch drop advertisements in their titles despite knowing there was a widely advertised problem. Amazing isn't it?
  13. Shaka_D

    Impossible play with DD after this CV rework

    Those dd players are only doing what many of us feel like doing sometimes too. Can't really blame them, cv gameplay has rendered the once fun dd an almost totally useless ship. I like cvs, they are fun to play, but so many of them around its not funny. AA configs are now basically compulsory on every ship. How sad. Being a tier 8 dd blown to pieces in two passes from a midways rockets, etc is not fun at all. There is nothing that dd can do, nothing, not with radar exposing him, ubiquitous planes spotting him, etc.
  14. Shaka_D

    Sabaton Pays Tribute to Bismarck

    There are quite a few WG team members you can send messages to, they are usually quite good at responding or directing you to the correct place. Whining about it here is a little silly.
  15. Shaka_D

    Why this CV rework is FAIL

    I must admit, since complaining about cv's so much I started playing them to give them a fair chance. Ultimately I like playing cv's, really enjoying it in fact, but it feels unfair when there are two of us. Additionally, Hunting dd's is far too easy, they have no defense, at least no proper AA to speak of. I'm not sure how WG are going to fix this aspect of the game because to me they've taken one class and 'fixed it' and rendered an entirely other class almost completely useless. DD's have no HP pool and rather abysmal AA and with cv rockets and bombs doing repeated attacks in one go the dd's stand almost no chance. Whats the point of playing them? You cannot play a dd close to your teams cruisers and BB's just for protection, it's not what the class was meant to do, because if so good luck trying to make any credits and XP, unless they reward you handsomely for being a mobile smokehouse. Brit DD's are even worse off with the ultra short smoke duration, so you can't even hide from planes hoping the cv loses interest. I really feel upset by this ruination of dd's and to be honest cannot see how they intend to balance this out in the end. I hate to say it but WG have clearly not thought this through, it comes across as a rank amateur decision on their part because they failed to see the negative externality they've created by blindly persecuting the dd class. Good at programming, rather lousy at holistically evaluating these kinds of things. Perhaps they were too far gone in the development of the new age cv gameplay they couldn't admit an error was made. Granted the game samples are rather low so far, but I'm already seeing less and less dd's in games. A positive correlation to the increase in cv's and changed cv gameplay perhaps?