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  1. You evil evil evil man, my ears have melted off
  2. Can someone point me to where the perth is on sale in the EU? I can't see her in the tech tree nor in the premium store? How can they remove her from reach when she's already out of reach? Sounds stupid to me.
  3. Quick, everyone go buy them....oh wait, I have them already. Oh well! Sorry WG, I tried to help you here.
  4. Forget about karma, it can be farmed, WG will not issue rewards for karma.
  5. Join an english speaking clan, simples
  6. Am I the only one that sees this? Really? It cannot be! The OP, 'Sadstories', is relating to us his own 'Sadstory'. Surely it cannot get any more ironic that this, or even perhaps a self-fulfilling prophesy? Come on folks, you're too slow! Boom shakakakaka pow wow! @OP: Stop worrying about it. Karma is not real, it matters nothing. Everyone is salty now and then, stop stressing about it and learn to live with it all. Sticks and stones buddy, sticks and sad little stones.
  7. Yesssss, yesssssss, I see what you did there...stop playing BB's indeed, yesssssssssss! That's the answer, do it OP. This man is 100% correct.
  8. So far 4 x 5K free XP - at a time I already have plenty free xp and nothing to use it on. Go figure!
  9. Indeed, but the point remains that no ship on it's own is indestructible. Bad players do the strangest things to good ships.
  10. Well stated, I'd give you a manhug but I hate aristocrats
  11. Radar, HE and some good aim is all I need to do some damage to a khaba. Not too many good players around these days so its more common to see bad players sailing around not using their ships to their full advantage. I think perhaps you came up against a good player or two. No doubt they're good ships, but there are many others just as good in many respects. I'm a torp man, so will never take on a khaba in my jap or US dd in a gun fight unless he is very weak. Instead I'll take advantage of their own strengths.......until I sink. Playstyle, skill, experience and knowledge of ships strength matters a lot. Then comes the ship itself.
  12. Damn, I disliked you in a game but I have to love what you just said. That makes sense? Agree here totally.
  13. Think about what you are saying here. It's up to the clan to get a good cv player? Many clans just don't have the skill and a single good cv player from a good clan can then win a game all by himself. No class should offer an advantage like this. How are average clans going to recruit good players? By adding a cv one team could easily get a terrible advantage over the other. I simply think many cv lovers here are not being objective enough and simply hurt they can't use a CV. I like CV's, but it's well know this is a broken class and a single tier 10 CV is extremely potent. What type of gameplay do you honestly expect with a CV in a clan game, especially when it's tier 10 all the way? The only, and I really mean the only way I'd consider a CV in a clan game is if it were two tiers lower, simple as that. I couldn;t care less for hurt feelings and people crying over a lost class, and instead of players here jumping the proverbial gun how about we allow clan battles to kick off and let it run to see how it all plays out. Maybe at some point CV's become feasible, but in their current state it is ridiculous to even consider them. This is by no means a screw up from WG, it is a very very wise move (tatty insulty phrase removed by me). Someone here needs a little warm milk and a blanky me thinks.