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  1. Shaka_D

    Battle of Jutland container worth it?

    Neither was worth it for me, but then I literally only got a couple of each.
  2. Shaka_D

    People NEED to stop reporting CV

    Your view of fun is different to mine perhaps? You might think its fun to troll dd's in cv's while I don't think it's fun for a cv to troll me when I'm playing my dd. So guess what happens when I feel I have nowhere to run and no way to defend myself against you? I get a little irritated and before you know it, oops. reported. Aah, I feel much better now....even if only reducing your meaningless karma.
  3. I've not experienced this as much so your example is hardly an indication of the general status quo now is it?
  4. Shaka_D

    And the BS meter goes to 11: Curving Halland Torps

    Turn off the auto colllisiion avoidance in your client and the torps will go straight again.
  5. Shaka_D

    Are WG changing the direction of your torps? ? ?

    We'll need a fair few more samples as evidence to determine a pattern. Until then, it's an isolated incident?
  6. It would be nice actually to have a couple of bright tropical maps. Most of WG's maps are darkish, grey and rather bleak. Where's the open tropical sunshine, pacific beaches and where are night battles????
  7. Are you proposing a ban against ships you don't currently have or those that have killed you? Or both? Either way, your motivation is somewhat dubious. I say just ban cv's from ranked
  8. Shaka_D

    Premium disappeared?

    Cmon mate, take it on the chin. We've all gone through this type of thing before. A little humour and resilience goes a long way some days. No offense was meant. The forum is a place we like to argue, debate and tease about a game we all like playing. We might come across a little rough, but in the game we all greet each other as friends - except when I'm chatbanned for setting some armchair generals to rights ;)
  9. Shaka_D

    Premium disappeared?

    Do you have any funny marks on your body, like little burn marks? If you're missing two days in your life it could be aliens.
  10. Shaka_D

    Azurlane collab this year ?

    In an effort to try understand my fellow players, rather than be all judgy, what is it that you like about azurelane? What is the attraction to it if you don't mind me asking?
  11. I can certainly see your point. Maybe I need to rediscover a bit more positivity..but being a jaded WowS lover has put me in a deep dark hole, haha.
  12. Shaka_D

    It's coupon day! MARCEAU!!

    I also got mine this morning, while I was at work. Will look at her this evening....exciting times!
  13. The unification is a nice idea and not having to division up too, but ultimately the return is extremely low (purely subjective, yes). WG gain cold, hard currency, while players get a kick of addiction from some pleasure-inducing brain juice, ultimately accepting rather low yields form containers. If player numbers are falling, then it's nought but WG's fault. I still think WG are being completely ignorant in their refusal to acknowledge the value of veterans...old dogs supposedly can't learn new tricks, but they're damned loyal if treated correctly and there are no greater advocates for recruitment imho. I used to purchase premium monthly, with lots of odds and ends here and there. Though I can only speak for myself, this spending has dropped to tokensitic levels nowadays because for a while now I've come to feel WG's attitude toward vets is lacking reciprocal loyalty. What WG are failing to see is that they're simply treating the symptoms of the problem and not curing the disease. The symptoms will therefore persist and history will repeat itself.
  14. No, you've made it sound like a huge amount of work for such a tiny little reward or a rare chance thereof. The return of value from WG for the work you're doing for them is extremely in their favour. You're going for dopamine kicks and they're cashing in the money. Wonder when people will learn? Never?
  15. Shaka_D

    Please return flags for achievments

    You're correct, despite thse people down-voting your viewpoint, though you're possibly wrong in labelling it a punishment - it can't be seen as a punsihment when all they're doing is promoting equality to reduce any widening gap between good and bad players. I've said it before and now again, good players got achievements which gave them signals which gave them further advantage over less good players who's own signal stores were not as lucky. It really is this simple and is certainly not punishing any good players. I'm not hurt by the loss of the signal from acheivements and at least the playing field is more level now, though some would argue otherwise (and they'd be doing so from a more possibly self-centred viewpoint - though they'd not see it this way - cognitive dissonance and all). If WG wanted to assign more value to achievements, they could do it via a random container or super container drop or something, with more chances for SC's the more rare the achievement? Just an idea.