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  1. 21st bundle for me, not surprised at how 'random' it is, lol.
  2. Shaka_D

    Petition to remove the "provide antiaircraft cover"

    So, OP plays cv and gets asked to provide AA cover a couple of times and now wants to a petition to change the game to suite his own likes and dislikes so he can play a CV without anyone being able to ask for help. Nah, it's a baby post. There would be absolutely nothing left in this game if everyone got their own personal little wish, in fact, the game probably wouldn't even load up it would be so empty of options. My advice is, help your team and ignore the occasional troll, and if you are asked for help more than occasionally in this manner, then help your team or at least see what you are doing wrong.
  3. Shaka_D

    "Infernal Camo" is Lame

    Not sure I like going into a game with all these weird looking ships with their fanciful camos - it takes away from the game for me since I like more of a traditional look and feel. If I see too many it'll put me off.
  4. Shaka_D

    gaining coal

    Sure, but to do this would be very desperate or a result of incredibly poor self-discipline as both are very valuable in their own right, so to trade one for the other is lunacy. Only those pursuant toward instant-gratification would fall prey to this weakness of action.
  5. Shaka_D

    gaining coal

    The most valuable currency depends on what ship is most sought after in the game and how it is players can get at it, i.e.whether coal, steel, doubloons or credits...it's relative. Right now for me it's coal I favour most, but a while back it was steel as I craved the Stalingrad. Oh, and by the way, Hooray SA rugby!
  6. Shaka_D

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Two of those were meant to be mine, give them back or compensate me immediately.......
  7. Shaka_D

    Poll: Drop chance of normal Italian cruiser container

    No it isn't, it's rather weak. I think WG are running out of unique gimmicks for each next nation. Maybe they know this and are trying to capitalise on making money because they know players are fairly addicted to loot boxes and the endorphins released at the prospect of getting a ship in a container. This seems to be their tactic, which they appear to have increased dramatically lately. We're assaulted from all sides with loot boxes, yet they don't publish the actual drop rates. This has to change.
  8. Shaka_D

    Halloween 2019

    This seems to be a growing problem with WG. They overvalue their rewards and grossly undervalue our time and effort.
  9. Shaka_D

    Smash Pumpkins Event

    It's only a matter of time before Scrooge McWargaming tell us Christmas is no longer celebrated anywhere either, lol.
  10. Shaka_D

    New Code...?

    Yeh, lol. That's WG for you. Can you imagine what it would be like if WG ran a soup kitchen for the homeless? I'd really feel sorry for the homeless.
  11. Shaka_D

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    Trento gets citadelled at all ridiculous angles...or feels like it when half your HP melts from a single shell. Smoke is so short it’s barely useful and hardly any charges with a long recharge. Useless ship.
  12. Shaka_D

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    The only feedback I can give is I'm very bitter I'm still not invited to the submarine test despite being an early applicant.
  13. Thanks Crysantos, I appreciate the response and so fast too, but to play devils advocate they're not really free are they? It's give and take, the only free thing is the choice we make to watch / play / etc- none of that is forced on us. Creating these discourses of freebies like they're truly good will and gifts when it's simply good business. The fact is there is a requirement to access them or a 'chance' to access them which both imply an associated cost, even if it is in the name of fun and even if it is a game, which I personally play because it is so far the best naval game out there for it's genre. Sure, it all makes the game more exciting, but transparency also ensures mutual respect and perhaps garners far more loyalty. Why not turn fans into superfans? I'd still like to know what the published drop rates are, there has to be a legitimate number floating about somewhere, or is it state sekrit!
  14. Shaka_D

    Pan-Asian Squadron

    What are the drop chances of the early access ships please? I mean, what are the actual WG-stated drop chances? If I buy a container it's pretty much for the same reason everybody else does, i.e. for the early access ships because I couldn't give a rats bum for the signals, dubloons, camo's etc. Many of us don't care for these things, in fact I have 1000's of them. Its the ship I'm interested in as you know WG, hence why you so frequently add the hook of a ship drop to your crates, so what are the drop chances before I consider spending money? Are they really lower than 2% for the premium containers and even lower for the non-premium ones?
  15. Lol, twitch epic drops are rarer than ship drops in SC"S me thinks. Heard of one or two getting them but I presume it's another cheap ploy. Anyone know what the drop rate it or is this another those hidden / non-declared, seemingly very misleading things? Adding it to the list with all the other over-advertised, over-elaborated, overstated, misleading, not very sincere. not-free-at-all free things from WG, haha. Call me Mr. Positivity, but hey, once burn't twice shy...heck, who am I kidding? I keep burning myself on the same scalding dubiousness that is WG.