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  1. 22500 free xp in the event a container drops a ship I already have in port? Bad bad deal. Who at WG is doing the math? If they can screw people so openly like this and make like it's normal, then it shows how little they care overall. Why not a respectable amount of dubloons as compensation given how rare it is for those ships to drop? No matter how they justify this silly decision, it will never make sense, nor be a fair deal for buyers of these containers.
  2. Well, I played a few games yesterday, but for the most part and very unhappy with WG's current mentality and am playing far less. They're nerfing the economy, monetising more of the game, using the same old boring recipe instead of developing the game further (huge number of options), have no loyalty scheme for veterans, their containers containing ships now grossly under-reward a player if you roll a ship and you have all the ships in your port already. WG seem to have lost the plot completely. They deserve to lose as many players as WT has, to be honest. WG are undermining their own business in the long term by being greedy and narrow-minded imho.
  3. Don't use camos, see no value in them at all anymore. Ships look better as their naked selves and not dressed up like cheap prostitutes.
  4. Shaka_D

    Anyone Else Like Me?

    I hate anything fanciful in the game, aesthetically speaking. I want dd's, cruisers, bb's etc to look like the ships they're meant to be representing, and not some scifi'esk crapomundo version of themselves. I despise anime, and anything similar, and cannot fully understand how so many adults, my guess is mostly men, would find these things even remotely interesting. It's all quite dubious imho. But each to his own. At least I can turn the stuff off. Whatever each of us chooses to see is our choice, as long as someone else's choice doesn't impact mine.
  5. Shaka_D

    So popular...

    What is this 'teting' you are referring to?
  6. Shaka_D

    Just wanted to say.......

    I love submarines.....I know this doesn't sit well with many people, but how great is our democratic world that we are able to say such contentious things and not be tarred and feathered for it. I personally think that inside every sub hater is a secret sub wannabe. Do we need a 'coming out' thread for them? Also, have to give credit to 22cm for leading me here and pointing out that the sub forum was empty. And there it is, it has begun.
  7. Shaka_D

    Hiding Stats

    Depends on how seriously you take the game. Might be worth hiding your stats in ranked, but might also be worth having them visible as a fear factor of sorts. I know when I'm up against someone better than me I play more cautiously and generally end up crapping myself a lot of the time when I make a mistake. That gives him an advantage. Honestly though, given that most players can't tie their own shoelaces, why even worry for the few that can?
  8. Shaka_D

    Hiding Stats

    I personally find it flattering if someone on the enemy team sees me as a threat and focusses me. It makes me fight harder and try my best to prove them right. No need to hide your stats, just play the game and do your best to be a force to be reckoned with.
  9. Shaka_D

    Ranked Battle MM according to player's skills.

    Some people like to play more competitive modes solo, why exclude them from your formula then? And besides, do you not see the problem with needing to win individual stars to progress in ranked and those stars depend largely on overall team ability and cooperative play, yet we have zero decision in choosing whether we want that 42% win rate player on our team???? Team construction is therefore flawed by default. I will always resent that 17000 game 42% win rate player for pressing battle into ranked and ending up on the same team as me, and the reason is obvious. Now, if someone at WG flexed a second little brain cell they'd see that rewarding individual effort within a ranked game will result in far less frustration and be far more equitable. They already do it in World of Tanks, and it works. Why not here? Because WG, that's why.
  10. Well done mate. Because it's a team game, your efforts are not only increasing your own level of skill, but also contributing more to the team effort to win games. I wish more had your attitude to try. Congrats...and keep going!
  11. Shaka_D

    Ranked Battle MM according to player's skills.

    There should be a stat cap on who is allowed to play ranked, simple as that. There is a level of selfishness evident when people of extreme low ability enter ranked and drag a team down to their level of gameplay and place them at a massive disadvantage. It makes it harder work for others and places more competitive solo players on an uneven battlefield, making it hard to retain or win stars if you're saddled with windowlicker McFarceFace. Seeing a guy with a 42% or lower win rate yolo in and die in a minute or two makes my skin crawl.
  12. Shaka_D

    It's Alive! Living Camouflages in the Armory

    Please give me the option to obtain a live camo that includes sailors and a bit of frantic life on board a vessel rather than the unmanned guns and AA, etc. Let their be lifeboats down on a sinking ship, fire crews fighting blazes, something other than overly sci-fi'ed freaky nonsense. Then I may bite.
  13. Shaka_D

    Forum members we need to talk...

    The wot playerbase is vast and guaranteed there are sufficient halfwits who'll opt for a measly 8 euros a month to feed WG's greed. If wot is a game you love, then fine. At some point everyone will have to decide what their threshold ratio is for money vs fun. As it stands I'm bored with Wows now and got bored of wot a long long time ago. The entire WG formula is boring, but they don't care because it's new players they want and new players bleed money.
  14. Shaka_D

    Coming Soon: New Features!

    The changes on Ocean look awesome!