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  1. When I'm inbetween stuff, few games here and there, quick bit of fun. But definitely stopped investing too much of my time in it. Love ships, but a very big factor for me is that as a long term vet I don't feel valued by WG and that puts me right off the game. They might be punting for new money from new players, but they've lost a lot of mine. I now pay for entertainment in a few other titles and elsewhere.
  2. Shaka_D

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Random Drop

    What do you give someone who doesn't play that much anymore and doesn't care about extra xp, etc? Why you give him 5 + 5 days of premium time of course. That way, the premium time can whittle away in port with noone around, haha. It's all good though, thanks WG.
  3. Shaka_D

    Drowning in flippin TOKENS

    Basically because their creativity has tanked and instead of giving us fresh new stuff, all they can come up with is boring nonsense and more ways to indirectly monetise the game and encourage gambling. WG are at a major low point at the mo. Given the current financial crisis, their pricing can be seen as completely extorionate and greedy.
  4. Shaka_D

    Ruckus is not transparent and WG broke promises

    They have a fiduciary duty toward their shareholders / owner/s which clashes directly with any ethical / moral issues which may arise from their methodologies. The fiducairy duty wins every time unless their shareholders, etc themselves have a change of heart. Sadly this type of thing has been proven to be true in the legal system time and time again. WG's monetising has definitely become devious and deceiptful. I still enjoy playing the game though, just not as much anymore and I hardly spend anything on it these days. Probably doesn't bother them and it doesn't bother me they're not bothered by my absence. Ultimately, their are a lot of other games to play that are great, if not fantastic and far better than this one. If they want me back for longer, they need to grease my palms a little more - but they care little for long term players and more about ensnaring new ones, and they're getting us to do it for them through their shady recruiting program. People have no idea how little they're being paid / rewarded to recruit new people. Cheapest advertising and recruitment programme ever.
  5. Shaka_D

    Can We Nerf British BCs' AA?

    By your own admission it made you feel great to be able to deal so much damage to a ship who couldn't fight back? Did you for one second think how that other player in his musashi must have felt or have you not extended your empathy that far? I tell you what I think....your idea is not a great one. You're not the only person playing the game...if you need to get a fix for some easy killing, go play coop mode where you can only irritate bots?
  6. Shaka_D

    Lmao. A lovely post from NA....

    Anyone deliberately obstructing another player in their team from playing because they don't like their ship should be temporarily banned imho. Simple as that. It's deplorable behaviour and childish. Proving it was deliberate is another matter, but if any ape acts in this way and then is stupid enough to admit it for whatever reason, well then.
  7. Shaka_D

    ranked , teams

    How about you analyse your own ability / contribution in those games for us so we can make a judgement of where the fault really lies. It's rather typical of people to always look to another for blame, but ask yourself, were you in fact better than any of those people in the teams you played with? My guess is no. So why post nonsense about them and not yourself?
  8. When you become obsessed with winning and don't win as often as you'd like it'll only lead to your own misery. No-one else cares. Secondly, it's a noted fact that we tend to find fault elsewhere rather than looking at ourselves......often the real cause of our misery, beginning with our attitudes toward what we're trying to do or understand. I hate to say this, because it's an excuse used by so many of our less skilled compatriots when called out, but sincerely.....it's only a game. If you fail to find enjoyment in it, move on to something that does give you enjoyment or diversify your gaming experiences.
  9. For most people? How is this qualified? Does anyone really know? Posts like this become an echo chamber for similarly minded individuals who resent the addition of subs, and as such falsely reinforces the idea subs are loathed by everyone, a false consensus. It's obviously fact that many don't like subs, but does anyone know the real number and can we really assume 'most' people don't want them? I've yet to see any meaningful evidence of this. As far as we know, many of the silent majority who don't visit the forums also don't take the game too seriously and don't mind subs at all. Can we assume those of us on the forums have more invested in it as opposed to the more 'casual' players?
  10. Shaka_D

    WG is leaving Russia & Belarus

    Best not to spend money until things settle then (and apologies if this was said already, did not read all the posts)
  11. Shaka_D

    Discounts and Doubloon Returns on Purchases

    Yeh, same.
  12. Not sure I understand the link between tier 9 premiums and tier 11? I didn't purchase any tier 9s for that reason.
  13. Shaka_D

    SUB POLL for the benefit of YABBACOE.

    Edit: Lol, I accidentally posted the first line of my post. Was still further editing it so it looks like it's appearing again. Not sure what I did there! But here is the full post. Thanks. I enjoy having subs in the game. Like everything else, they need refinement (maybe a little more), but imho they belong as part of the genre. Voted yes. If popular demand (and I mean legitimate, validated popular demand) one day cries for their removal from the game, then I'll respect that is the will of the majority. But I am definitely not currently convinced most people do not want subs (other than the minority of the playerbase who enjoy contributing to the forums). Could it be that unhappiness can lead people to complain, visit the forums, partake in polls / surveys, seek out others similarly unhappy who then in turn reinforce and amplify their own unhappiness, leading to a false consensus that everyone is unhappy? On the other hand, positivity and satisfaction with a product are less contagious. Maybe people who are satisfied and who perhaps take the game less seriously have far less incentive to take part in polling or surveys, therefore excluding their vote and thus obfuscating the results of any polling. Also. perhaps some people here are too afraid of admitting anything for fear of being ostracized or downvoted? I used to, once upon a time. Maybe there are others? Either way, it doesn't look like subs are going away and maybe it's time we all come to terms with that and decide what is is we're going to do, leave or stay?
  14. Shaka_D

    SUB POLL for the benefit of YABBACOE.

    I enjoy having subs in the game. Like everything else, they need refinement (maybe a little more), but imho they belong as part of the genre. Voted yes.
  15. Shaka_D

    Savage Battle..

    Yep, it's much ado about nothing and I therefore steer well clear of this type of overly fanciful stuff. Boring as 'expletive' in deed.