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  1. Anyone cheating is scum, low-life trash with no self-respect. Irrespective of who it is, they all deserve the same treatment and fate. Vile cowardly creatures hiding behind their need to maintain perfect stats or get the better of others without earning it. There is no cliff high enough to throw them off.
  2. On another note, and one bound to get me some very nasty looks, I played a game last night which in terms of my own opinion sealed the fate of cv's for me. I am really happy they are being reworked, even if so dramatically at present. I played my dd and got into a tier 6-8 game which had a Graf Zeppelin on the opposing team. Long story short this guy ended on 7 kills and could've got 10 easily just flying his 3 AP bomb squads around killing stuff, killing a tier 7 German bb in one drop, then a Bismarck, then dd's, then cruisers, etc. and double-striking it a few times too. Our cv player licks windows for a living. No defence against a cv like this and simultaneously having a neanderthal in a cv on your team is disaster and tempts a person to simply just quit the game. As long as WG do the right thing and offer very reasonable compensation to cv mains.
  3. Shaka_D

    The Ranked One thread (post here when you reach Rank I)

    39 battles first time, 24 battles this last time. #gettingeasierbythesecond
  4. Shaka_D


    How is this trolls thread still active?
  5. Shaka_D

    Lack of Transparancy

  6. Shaka_D


    Another ship for free xp, and soon. Getting bored from waiting for all these test ships to come out of testing....
  7. Insanely underwhelming. The collections are ok, but starting to take on the same flavour now as all the others, repetitive and unimaginative. What's the point of mounting two flags anyone? Aesthetics? For who, just the user? How about a flag with some minor perks? The containers are boring as blazes, where is the special chance item in these? What is the point of all this again? Nah, the value I place in this type of stuff is really low. For others it's different no doubt.
  8. WG will have to be quite generous and accommodating here because this is a sweeping change and people have expended quite a bit of time and effort pursuing the line. What comes through clearly in discussions in this thread is that people value things in different ways, and their need for 'compensation' of some kind will depend on the extent to which they valued their cv's and time. It shouldn't be used as a 'get rich quick' scheme. The changes are happening, and the fair thing to do would be to offer refund in doubloons spent (or cash) and perhaps extra something for the time and inconvenience. Refunds do not ordinarily provide extra, when you return something to the shop, or something is recalled, all you are really ever offered is your money back. Tricky bit of business for their PR department, be interesting to see how this plays out.
  9. You've over-thought it all again haven't you? Tongue in cheek because your initial post was riddled with barnum-type statements. Some of my comments are generalisations and some not, most of my comments are subjective based on personal experience and should not be taken as proverbial gospel. A bad player telling a better player that the better player is bad player is a stupid thing is it not? This is what I implied but perhaps should have been clearer. A lot of my experience comes from playing around 35000 games in WoT, and quite a few in Wows. I'm no spring chicken and certainly do not need a presumed 'new guy' trying to put the world to rights in the vein of some know-it-all because he decided he has a mission. You're trying to preach to the choir - perhaps you've assumed we're ignorant and do not know much of what you say to be relatively true? I know how things can be read from a textbook, i know how in a utopian society all could work exactly as you perhaps say it could (assuming you are correct in the first place), but then real life happens and people don't always act reasonably. Your arguments would best be served to new players in my most humble opinion, not seasoned forumites who've long since tasted the reality of the game, it's community, and it's often hated but much loved overlord, WG. My basic experiences show that many people don't like being told how they should act unless the person 'advising' them comes from a position of respect of some sort. Have a great day, pops!
  10. Shaka_D

    30% coupon CAN be used for Jean Bart!

    Yes, me too because it offered no discount. They must have changed it for sure.
  11. I do think we overthink things too much in this game trying to analyse too much where it's not necessary. OP's comments, some really valid, but some way off target, can be summarised into a few simple points: Basically, it's a game If your overall stats after a fair amount of games are bad, then shut up - You only talk the talk when you can walk the walk If you're a good player, be tolerant with others and don't try make the horse drink when you've lead him to water - we know how this plays out If you have all these wonderful ideas for WG, just stop it, they do what they want when they want and only on the odd occasion do they mess up so badly it causes mass havoc which forces changes If ships are too expensive, don't buy them - stop feeding the troll you name as WG Everything happens for a reason with WG (almost) - they do things because they've thought about it first (mostly), and their primary motivation will always be self-interest (mostly) Most people's complaints are motivated by self-interest - we want something that benefits us in some way, screw the rest. Stop expecting the mm to be fair, stop waiting for the dice to roll in your favour, this is gamblers fallacy. No-one is out to get you, well, except WG who want as much money as you can give them. Lunch should be eaten at lunch time! Similar for breakfast and dinner, but beer can be drunk anytime (except before and during driving) and hardcore drugs are always bad for you All things in moderation I'm all out of garbage now, thanks for the outlet. Love to all, and peace Bruvs
  12. Shaka_D

    Lest We Forget.

    Spoken like a true mindless, indoctrinated drone who is most likely too young to have any experience in anything your allude to with your dark-hearted sentiment. You're a troll of the worst kind.
  13. Shaka_D

    T8 BB's in T10 games, an idea for survival.

    I don't see the problem with tier 8 b's being in tier 10 matches, their survivability is good unless facing higher tier cvs'. The real problem is for tier 8 dd and cruiser players who neither have the gun or torp range to take on too many higher tier ships, let alone evade the mass of radar ships. BB's have the easy life. Next concern please, one that's real this time please OP.
  14. Shaka_D

    1st Anniversary? Thanks , but not really...

    Got a 1st anniversary message with 10 meritorious camos after my first game yesterday (thanks WG, nice gesture), then 15 camo's second game (thanks again WG), then a 30% discount (purchased the Haida for £13), then after 4th game got a third year anniversary 20 camo set. Really pleased with WG on this, I wasn't expecting it and was a super gesture from them. I'm desperate for credits and these particular camo's are great!
  15. Shaka_D

    Dear WG: Is there a future for FreeXP ships in WoWs?

    Sad days, being held ransom by free xp and the JB gets released for cash and coal, lol