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  1. Sotahullu

    New Russian DD's

    Soviet DDs seems to me relatively well balanced and unique. Maybe harder for most as you play as sneaky cruiser rather then as proper destroyer in higher tiers. Lower tiers are little bit annoying to grind for sure but at least you gets lots of torpedoes with fast reload.
  2. Sotahullu

    Opinions on Tirpitz armor?

    It seems Tirpitz is especially well armored on Citadels. At least much better then on other Tier 8 Battleships.
  3. Sotahullu

    Patch Notes 4.1

    Quite an big nerf but not so much it's unplayable.
  4. Sotahullu

    The Mutsuki (T6 Japanese Destroyer)

    I only use guns agaisnt other destroyers that get too close and then try to torp then. Hit-and-run attacks with torpedoes is the way to go with everything else.
  5. Sotahullu

    The Mutsuki (T6 Japanese Destroyer)

    It's been pretty fun with it but unlike Minekaze, I'm using the 10km torpedoes as the 6km torps were little bit hazard to use. Bit lackluster in gun fights but it's not fully elited yet.
  6. Sotahullu


    Good speed but 6km is not great. Definitely for self-defence.
  7. Sotahullu

    Italian WW2 Warships

    In 1940. And they didn't keep the ships there all the time. And the "philosophy" you are talking about is not fear of attacking but fear of losing ships. Italians lacked resouces to contruct big ship so any ships was hard to replenish. Allies had no such fear.
  8. Sotahullu

    Italian WW2 Warships

    Yeah, no. Italians weren't that much different from Roal Navy as they did have some old ships in service and they did have radar. I have been checking some things regarding Regia Marina and they definitely didn't screw around so calling them cowards is a big mistake really.
  9. Sotahullu

    mogami last hull refit

    Those were named as Aviation Cruisers. And it was particularly an heavy cruiser also and was armed originally with 155mm guns in triple turrets and later with 203mm guns. I think WG already said it was going to be included in the game. Personally, I would love having an own personal fighter squadron Edit. Oh this gets better, Japs used an Aichi E16A on these ships and it could be used as dive bomber. Perfect counter agaisnt destoyers.
  10. Sotahullu

    Opinion regarding the released German cruiser line

    It could be the "thing" but 279mm gun is maybe little bit too much in some cases. But having so many dreagnought -era ships is gonna be little bit annoying. Heck, I really thought Germans having plenty of Cruiser designs so seeing so many old designs is like seeing 60 year old granny in way too much revealing bikini.
  11. Sotahullu

    Where is the best place to shoot Iowa with HE.

    Well my advice is quite general but always aim at superstructure then hull with HE ammo when shooting at Battleships.
  12. Sotahullu

    Opinion regarding the released German cruiser line

    So most of the German cruiser line is from pre-1920 then. It's gonna be an huge mess.
  13. Sotahullu


    That is why some are talking to move him to tier 6 an give it upgrade that gives it double turrets. Problem would be it being identical to Aoba then.
  14. Sotahullu

    Tirpitz stats...and torps...

    All WG test ships are "premiums" for testing purposes so don't get all worry now
  15. Sotahullu

    this Kongo is a bloody good ship

    Kongo has it's points but damn it's so inaccurate at 17km+ Well, time to grind the Fuso which apparently packs a punch.