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  1. Chib

    Toxic Behaviour

    +1 also just because i hit you in the citadel doesnt mean im a bot ^^
  2. Chib

    The game hates me

    its a beta test, it matters not a jot
  3. Chib

    Why atleast a premium RN ship is vital to release

    i actually love how we Brits noses are right out of joint when we found out the russians were getting done before us. tbh i can tell you now, we dont care what the americans, japanese and germans built either, we fully expect you to do us first! we are the greatest seafaring nation in the world afterall edit: also am i right in saying only the alpha guys can play with the premium atm as i cant see anyway to get piasters atm
  4. Chib

    Aren't battleships kinda underpowered right now?

    As i mainly play BB or CV i can honestly say i love them, im on the fuso atm so i have not experienced the disappointment of the nagato but other than that they are brilliant. i fear no cruisers as once i turn my attention onto them then they are fairly quickly dispatched and with some clever use of the repair functions they can take an absolute beating. and even with poorer manoeuvrability as long as your paying attention you can usually turn in time to avoid torp bombers and spotting when frigates drop torps on you just comes with practice (like when you see a DD expose his side then quicly loops round and exposes the other side you can expect 2 volleys of torpedoes to be on the way. at which point i change direction. tip i have learning for good BBing: 1: dont stop moving (dont park your boat behind an island and try that poke your nose out crap. leaves you sitting duck if the battle changes) 2: pay attention to the whole battlefield and react accordingly ( when 3/4 ends up engaging 1/4 of the enemy team on one side and the other 3/4 of the reds come round clear your CV's and flank your whole team : SUPPORT YOU MATES!) 3: react to other targets with low health to eliminate enemy dps quicker (dont crap there and shoot the full health BB while leaving the guy with a sliver around to shoot you. deal with what dies quickest first ) 4: try to think/plan 3-4 minutes into the future hope this helps
  5. Chib

    First Bot enounter of WoWs

    circumstances were different for me as i was accused of being a bot just because im actually not too bad at aiming and i was fortunate enough to score 3 citadel in a row. the torrent of abuse I received from a player was atrocious, using profanity to call me a cheat and other such nastyness. I'm sure AimBots exist but i don't nearly think its as prevalent as people are claiming and i find people just need to get better at the game!
  6. Chib

    WoWS mods. Should they be allowed?

    i am a strong NO for mods that would do anything other than change the cosmetics of the game, but then i really really dislike p2w also and we will no doubt see gold ammo in the future so what does it matter... edit: also not knowing what xvm was until i just searched for it. i couldnt really see what about that particular mod was problematic and game breaking. the only thing i could see which you couldnt really justify was knowing how many folks were on your flag. other than that it seemed just like information rather than assistance