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  1. fugepilot

    super containers

    Just got my first one with ->250 detonation flags. Now let me think, when did I last suffer a mag detonation .... err .... well they may come in handy.
  2. fugepilot

    Ridiculous install time!

    Well, after two over-night downloading sessions pull down the initial 3.5 Gb patch ... to my horror I find I have yet another Gb to go! And with this carry-on so far, who knows how many more chunks are yet to come? Not impressed.
  3. fugepilot

    Ridiculous install time!

    Count yourselves lucky that you don't have to live with a 0.5 Mbps web-connection. ;)
  4. fugepilot

    0.5.3 - Goodbye Yubari.

    Great Patch! The old girl was buffed at last .... An immense 5 mm extra for the deck armour! But wait .... will I even notice it.
  5. fugepilot

    what is your biggest flaw in wows?

  6. fugepilot

    Project R is up on EU

    Ditto - sticking at 273 pearls.
  7. fugepilot

    0.5.3 - Goodbye Yubari.

    My Poor Yubari - RIP. Her Captain has already up-sticks and left to command a more useful ship.
  8. fugepilot

    rumor: BFT and AFT nerfs are comming with 0.5.3

    Another nail in my poor Yubari's coffin too perhaps, what with her 'massive' 140 mm quartet of guns an all.
  9. fugepilot

    Project R - Feedback / Questions

    I may be wrong but last night checking the count, I seem remember we were 4.8 ish million but tonight I see we only have 4.6 ish .... just saying. If real, I like this overnight 'pearl-evaporation' phenomenon as I only have 114 to date, but eitherway no worries as I already have the Fujin.
  10. fugepilot

    Young children playing

    in my, admittedly limited, experience chatting with non-native English language speakers in on-line games they 'to a man/woman/child?' invariably spell words far better than me. So ...
  11. fugepilot

    Best firestarter in game

    Yubari is quite good at it too ...
  12. fugepilot

    USS Arkansas Beta - a poisoned gift

    The only problem I've encountered with the Ark is that the 'kindly MM' almost always slips a CV or two into the mix ...
  13. Many Thanks for the info and have a +1. I will start using the HydroAcoustic now henceforth, having ignored it hitherto.
  14. fugepilot

    Did everyone else just sell the emden?

    Well I saw 60x on the honour to heroes icon before it reset back to 3x is all. However, I'm beginning to think it's a bug as the xp accrued did not equate to anyway near 60x. Strange but true.
  15. fugepilot

    Emden! why so inferior to the Dresden?

    Yeah I think you are right. Took more notice of actual xp accrued after I posted in a flush of enthusiasm and found it much less: a 1.3 max it would seem. Ho hum, if something seems to good to be true it probably is, that or ... the drugs are working too well.