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  1. Bokusatsu_Tenshi

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    Why no one is talking about the AA range of the ships being cutted in half? Both the commander skill to extend AA range and the module to extend AA range too, had ben axed. They dont exist anymore. They do "other things" but they don´t extend AA range anymore. All my ships being fully AA upgraded are useless now. This is the last nail in the coffin. WG clearly wants a plane game, and not a ship game. OK. bye then.
  2. Bokusatsu_Tenshi

    Bug Reports

    False alarm. Delete post.
  3. Bokusatsu_Tenshi

    Bug Reports

    I found that they changed the behaviour to a useless and stupid DOUBLE CLICK (without telling anybody)
  4. Bokusatsu_Tenshi

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Failure to manually select enemy aircrafts with CTRL + R_clic to concentrate AA. Have to try in several places of planes names to get them finally selected. At least 4 or 5 times in different places. 2. Reproduction steps Try to select any group of aircraft 3. Result Enemy aircraft not being selected at first try 4. Expected result Planes manually selected in one try. EDIT: they changed the behaviour to a DOUBLE CLICK I DONT LIKE IT WG!!! At least give the option to use single click or double click, and for the next time, please.... tell us in advance any change in the game controls.....
  5. Bokusatsu_Tenshi

    Bug reports

    Same problem here, rudder freezes, unplayable. Also, game stuck one time after battle, on battle results screen, can click buttons but nothing happened, not even ESC,
  6. Bokusatsu_Tenshi

    Bug Reports

    Yes, server is down since this evening, and still is.
  7. Bokusatsu_Tenshi

    PTS Special Mission - Saint-Louis

    One of the five missions is not completing for me, I win not one, but two battles in a russian ship and is not counting as a won battle for the mission. The other ships did the missions without problem. And yes, I´m playing random battles.
  8. Bokusatsu_Tenshi

    Bug Reports

    Of course, I played all the others Public Tests before Solved, forgot I have different passwords for the same account on normal server and PT server.
  9. Bokusatsu_Tenshi

    Bug Reports

    Cannot enter 0.6.3 and both are correct, retested on primary client. Other ppl are playing now, but I can´t.
  10. Bokusatsu_Tenshi

    Update 0.5.15 Feedback - Bugs

    Im too lazy to write, pic talk by itself.
  11. Bokusatsu_Tenshi

    Couldn't update and now can't download installer

    I did the firewall thing, but the problem persist, both in normal client of public test client, both refuse to update.
  12. Bokusatsu_Tenshi

    General Feedback

    Keep playing. Every 10 battles won, 12500 doubloons are added to the account.
  13. Bokusatsu_Tenshi

    Test público 0.5.10 - Otros cambios

    ¿Dónde están los prometidos Acorazados alemanes? ¿por qué no se pueden probar? ¿por qué se anuncian a bombo y platillo para este Test público y a la hora de la verdad no se pueden usar? Vaya publicidad más engañosa.
  14. Bokusatsu_Tenshi

    General Feedback

    You can test the three of them. You just need to win another 10 battles, and another 12.500 doubloons will be added.
  15. Bokusatsu_Tenshi

    General Feedback

    Clickbaited for German BB´s. Pathetic WG. Smeggo, on 09 August 2016 - 07:08 PM, said: - no more sealclubbing with hermelin (and other cruisers) -> Tier 1 AP removed Wait, What??