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  1. Haven't played since Halloween and all I got from WG was a noob team.
  2. tootz

    Is Missouri worth for 750k Free XP?

    I hate playing my Iowa and wouldn't pay 100k free xp for the Missouri let alone 750k.
  3. Haven't really had a problem with any of the Brit cruisers' smoke bug until i played the Neptune and now I'm getting the 1 puff bug nearly every time I use smoke. Not playing the ship any different, I used to slow to about 22kts then pop smoke and on all previous ships I'd get 2 puffs (99% of the time), but with Neptune I only ever seem to get one no matter what speed I start it at. Really annoying and needs fixing asap.
  4. tootz

    No more super containers for me

    I'm on about my 80th Try your luck without getting a super container; just 5 crap flags time and time again. When I eventually get one drop, I'll never choose Try your Lucks again, waste of time.
  5. tootz

    Secret santa- completely broken?

    Just send a ticket to support and ask for a refund. As long as you don't actually use those camos you have 14 days to withdraw from purchase and should be able to get your money back.
  6. tootz

    Gift Containers a joke!

    Bought 3 in total: 1x Commander = crap camos 2x Captain = crap signals both times Will not give WG anymore money and will spend hundreds on the Steam sale instead.
  7. tootz

    Gift Containers a joke!

    Streamers get a better RNG than anyone else.
  8. They should just bring back the old Boot Camp missions because they were 10x better than these new ones.
  9. tootz

    Emerald tier5 cruiser worser then Kirov

    Emerald is worse than the old Furutaka (and thats saying something). The line gets very strong and enjoyable from tier 6 onwards though with the Fiji being particularly good. Stick with it, the Emerald is the worst in the line and things only get better.
  10. tootz

    Steven Seagal captain icon

    The original one was awesome and looked just like him from back in the day. The new one is terrible, nothing like him at all. Hope they do change it back because Seagal owns and deserves a better icon!!!11
  11. tootz

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    Thanks to everyone donating prizes, hope someone gives you something nice this Xmas as well! Gamertag: tootz Preferred ship: Graf Spee (if available) otherwise Dunkerque
  12. tootz

    RN Cruiser 4th Captain Skill

    I use AFT on mine because the secondaries are actually pretty useful from tier 6 onwards (tier 10 has no secondaries but its a long way off and you can always respec). Combined with the secondaries module you get over 7km range and most of my fighting is done around 8km so they do contribute quite a bit of damage to an average battle; plus they fire HE and can set stuff on fire which is a bonus. Its almost like having a friendly DD strapped to the side of your ship, albeit one with crap aim, and who wouldn't want that? lol. If you are looking only at tier 10 endgame though then AFT is probably not a great choice and you would be better off with either manual AAA or Survivability Exp.
  13. tootz

    ARP Event (excluding Takao)

    WG seem to be confused, or backtracking, on the credit compensation issue now. I've had two different replies on the same ticket regarding credit compensation for existing ARP ships: the first one said that there was an issue/bug where credits were not being given and they were looking into fixing it; then the next day someone else replied saying there will be no credits given as compensation because the ARP ships have no in-game credit value. So basically two official replies and two different answers. All I know is that I've completed 3 of the missions now and received no credits for any, only a port slot and new 6pt commander (+ slot in barracks). If anyone can say for certain they have received credits for the ship it would be interesting given WG's latest reply ;p
  14. tootz

    ?% chance for getting super-container

    Opened about 35 TYL containers so far with only 1 supercontainer (100 dragon flags).