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  1. Bogdan_Andrei

    Murphy's Laws for Battleships

    1.Unsinkable ships... aren't. 2.The enemy fleet will see you before you see them. 3.If your advance is going well, you are walking into an ambush. 4.To a 1500-ton destroyer, your 45,000-ton battleship is nothing but a target.5.Battleships almost never run out of shells, and they seldom run out of fuel. However, they sometimes run out of luck. 6.Any ship can stop torpedoes...once. 7.Speed is not armor. 8.Incoming fire has the right of way. 9.Your battleship's barrage will put exactly one round on the target. That round will bounce and do no damage. 10.No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy. 11.Teamwork is essential; it gives the enemy other people to shoot at. 12.Odd objects attract fire. You are odd. 13.The only thing more accurate than incoming enemy fire, is incoming friendly fire. 14.There are two kinds of naval vessels: destroyers and targets. 15.A retreating destroyer is likely trying to bait you into his main fleet. 16.Flooding is the game's way of telling you to pay more attention to destroyers. 17.No matter how you try to compensate, your first salvos will always fall short. 18.Torpedoes that hit you will either hit the thickest part of your armor and do no serious damage, or hit your screws or rudder and cripple you with one hit. There is no middle ground. 19.Be nice to your escorting destroyers. They're the ones who will fish you out of the drink if things go wrong. 20.The secondary armament won't see any action, unless they can double as AA guns.21.Just because the other ship can't penetrate your ship's armor doesn't mean you're safe. Your superstructure is not armored. Neither are you.22.Treating your battlecruisers like substitute battleships is a good way to lose your battlecruisers.23.Every battleship design has an unknown weak spot.24.Enemy fire will unerringly seek out that weak spot.25.Torpedo tubes on a battleship are about as useful as nipples on a boar hog.26.When we get to Heaven, we will find people there who are still arguing about whether the Bismarck scuttled herself or not.27.Your ship is just as likely to take damage from friendly sources (blast damage, collisions, running aground) as from enemy fire.28.Your deck armor isn't thick enough.
  2. Bogdan_Andrei

    Arpeggio Compensation and More

    It's amazing to see how WG begins to ruin a game with a huge potential. Just two or three issues: - An inflation of 8 th tier premium ships led by players without any kind of experience.I am not speaking about the ships earned playing, but those purchased in the store. That ruin the game for everyone. For experienced players are just easy targets with unpredictable behavior. The owners of such vessels die in the first minutes of battle and I don't see where the fun is. But that is their problem. They pay, WG get the money, ultimately it is a business. - About this Arpeggio Mission. Almost everyone agrees that the weak point of this game is the economy and high service costs for 8+ ships.This mission would have been a good opportunity to start fixing something. Of course for those who play and manage to get the ships twice. But no, such thing has not happened. I found out that we will get in compensation skippers with horrible faces and slots in port. Does anybody knows that lack of commanders and port slots isn't the real problem?Apparently not. - A problem (at least for me) is the appearance of these ships and commanders voices. For God's sake, those ships are glowing! And pink? Seriously? And those voices..... OMFG!. Why isn't a button in the interface to change them? Of course I have changed anyway
  3. Bogdan_Andrei

    Paper Ship Competition Submission Thread

    BB 33 - USS Arkansas as it was in 1944 after multiple refits, with MS-31a/7B camouflage measure. IGN: Bogdan_Andrei, Server: EU Making off and other imgs Good Luck & Fair Seas!
  4. Bogdan_Andrei

    USS Arkansas Beta - a poisoned gift

    As you noticed CV players avoid to attack ships equipped with AA guns. Whenever there's an aircraft carrier in the opposing team, Arkansas Beta is the main target. A sort of sitting duck, dead in the water, that's A Beta when she mets a CV.
  5. Bogdan_Andrei

    USS Arkansas Beta - a poisoned gift

    Albany it's awesome! Surface detectibility range it's 8.8km and main battery firing range it's 6.3km.
  6. Bogdan_Andrei

    USS Arkansas Beta - a poisoned gift

    If the ingame version of Arkansas is "As built" where are the torpedo tubes?
  7. Bogdan_Andrei

    USS Arkansas Beta - a poisoned gift

    It's all about the ship and its features. It's not about the XP and ingame credits gained with it. In my opinion, this ship is a failed replica of a Wyoming class battleship. I remind the characteristics, both, before and after the successive refits. As built:12 × 12" 50 cal Mark 7 (305 mm) guns21 × 5"/51 caliber guns (127 mm) (reduced to 16 guns in 1919)2 x 3"/50 cal (76 mm) AA guns added in 19192 × 21 inch (533 mm) torpedo tubesAfter 1925-27 modernization:12 × 12" 50 cal Mark 7 (305 mm) guns16 × 5"/51 caliber guns (127 mm)8 x 3"/50 cal (76 mm) AA gunsTorpedo tubes removedAfter 1942 modernization:12 × 12" 50 cal Mark 7 (305 mm) guns6 × 5"/51 caliber guns (127 mm)10 x 3"/50 cal (76 mm) AA guns36 x 40 mm Bofors guns (9 x 4)26 x 20 mm Oerlikon guns
  8. You forgot to mention the torpedoes. Many players are complaining that these are OP. If in the game will be introduced a rowboat, you can be sure that will say about it that is OP.
  9. Does anyone want AA guns on USS Arkansas Beta?
  10. Bogdan_Andrei

    USS Arkansas Beta - a poisoned gift

    In my opinion, the main batteries are okay. They have a tremendous firepower and a decent firing rate. Painful problem is the lack of anti-aircraft guns that turn this battleship into the primary target of torpedo bombers. And unfortunately not only the target but also the victim.
  11. As long as Furutaka class cruiser have not any armor and maneuverability, maybe he would have some guns. For those interested, here are the features of the first type of naval gun mounted on Furutaka. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNJAP_79-50_3ns.htmAs you can see firing range ( and guns elevation) has been drastically reduced. Also it can be observed that the firing rate was sacredly kept.
  12. Bogdan_Andrei

    USS Arkansas Beta - a poisoned gift

    I found it. It's Gun Fire Control System. 14,1 km indeed. Isn't 18,6 but it's decent. Thank you for reminding me to read carefully what's the hell it's written there.
  13. Bogdan_Andrei

    USS Arkansas Beta - a poisoned gift

    14,1km? Which one?
  14. Bogdan_Andrei

    USS Arkansas Beta - a poisoned gift

    I have all possible upgrades on that ship, including Target Aquisition System. Unfortunately doesn't increase the firing range.And that's the real problem. It's a kinda binocular telescope in WOT. You can see the target but you can't fire on it.
  15. Bogdan_Andrei

    USS Arkansas Beta - a poisoned gift

    It says that, never look a gift horse in the mouth. Let's take a closer look at the USS Arkansas - BB33. Laid down in 1910, comissioned in 1912, struck in 1946. Main battery were equipped with 12"/50 caliber Mark 7 guns. There's a link with the characteristics of these type of naval guns. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_12-50_mk7.htm Also, USS Arkansas was equipped with plenty AA guns of various types. (3″/50 caliber gun - 10, Bofors 40 mm gun -36 ,Oerlikon 20 mm cannon - 26) I would have liked at least one of them to be mounted on Beta Arkansas.