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    Bring back the CV platoons?

    Tier X BB`s can go Division (which is fun), and the stats are generally something like firepower worth 30k+ damage per salvo (per ship) anywhere inside a 23km+ (per ship, some up to 30km range) circle every 25-30 seconds, 10km secondary range (per ship), 200% increased anti air capabilities (per ship). ^those numbers>x3 But you`re afraid of the 8 (max) paper plane B5N Kate`s who get through the AA, outputting a combined 15000HP MAX TOTAL (because of suppression) at a rate of once every 5 minutes around 2-3 times per match (because CV`s have limited planes) because one match lasts 20 mins max, 5 mins to launch, prep and coordinate strike, and thats IF, IF the torps hit, IF the CV`s face no American fighter CV (check what I suggested earlier), IF they manage stay out of main gun range (which as I mentioned, is up to 30km) IF they get through AA Cruiser picket lines etc. Of course a lone BB is gna have a bit of a problem with that, but all the more reason to stay and move with the team isnt it? For those unknowing to the fact, T7 CV`s has, because of the nature of how an aircraft works as a weapon, far less dmg output per round than one Tier X DD, and we can usually see the planes coming from a long ways off. I see solid enough K/D rates with anything EXCEPT carriers on the stats of most of those that say naye. So I can see why some subscribers of this game wouldnt even want CV`s in the game what so ever. The problem is though, it`s not just a game for captains of DD`s, BB`s and CA`s.
  2. ToreDL87

    Bring back the CV platoons?

    What about 2 CV Platoon of only lower tier put in higher tier match then? We`d have matches with 2x Hiryu`s vs 1xMidway or 2x Ryujo`s vs 1x Enterprise for example. Or 2x Hiryu`s vs 2x Ranger`s in a Tier X match, they`ll have to contend with each other as well as the Tier X Battleships and Cruisers. Lower tier carriers and planes take less damage before they go down, with the reward of more coordinated effort. Balances it out I should think? We`re several CV players who just want to cooperate, to many of us it don`t much matter what we are facing, and of course we want it to be fair to others.
  3. ToreDL87

    Nagato Main Battery II

    Why does the Main Battery II module for Nagato give longer reload and turret turn time? Is it not supposed to give LESS? For what reason would I PAY for longer reload and turret turn?
  4. ToreDL87

    OMG - WTF have they just done to CV..unbelievable

    Well thats it for me until they fix this. That said, maybe the ability to choose spread size as IJN wouldnt be too dumb? And on another note, how do you get the Taiho atm? I asked in game but got various answers, none of which coincided.
  5. ToreDL87

    A CV players two biggest enemies

    Kind of silly, how the fully upgraded 4x30mm IJN fighters somehow was figured to have LESS firepower and turning rate than/by the Corsair and Bearcat, this has me laughing :V Historically, Even the A7 would have turned circles around these sluggish Grunman (Nicknamed Ironworks, for a reason) fighters, the only reason for their so-called """unmatched""" superiority was inferior IJN/IJA pilot training at the end of the war.
  6. ToreDL87

    Ship turn rates are rediculously fast.

    Finally some selfless CV players taking a stand, as a CV afficiendo I shall join you sirs First off, I`m UTTERLY aware that this is Beta and that we are enjoying a privilege here (though many of us paid for it), with that in mind, please do not take what I say below as insults or offenses to the dev team (or anyone else for that matter) in any way what so ever, it`s just that 2 days playing as CV`s has me very frustrated! Please know that I do not hold 100% discontent to this game, if I were I wouldnt even bother putting money into gold, ships, feedback on forums etc etc! I originally wrote a huge message here but, dont want to get into chess-game discussion about singularities and irrelevant stuff. So in short: 1>At least 2 Carriers in Division: You know it, and I know it, herk, EVERYBODY with a bit of historical knowledge knows that in real life, Coordination and Teamwork was the CV`s strength, not the headless-hen mess we have now thanks to whatever bunch of whining cornflakes who had this function abolished in the first place (I looked it up on google, cornflakes cannot in any way be relevant to calling anyone anything bad what so ever) 2>Manually controlled planes: Think Pacific Storm/Pacific Storm Allies (You guys made those games, so you know what I`m talking about, that function is 90% of the in-battle experience ) and Battlestations Midway/Battlestations Pacific, it would add 99% more fun without in-balanced game-play, provided tweaks are done to things like torpedo arming and leveling distances etc, kamikaze = instant shot down within certain distance and AOA parameters, limited altitudes and so forth. Sit down and play CV every available hour you have for this game, then come back and tell me that it`s just as much fun as blasting away with BB`s at close range.. Just think of the fun and additional value this game would have with manual plane control (where your one controlled plane is sort of like controlling the whole squad). I`m a strategy fan as much as the next guy but WOW(S) this would be a fun function 3>Planes turn rates: They look like little toys handled by children mimicking dogfights, there is no connection to reality with the planes movements! I`ve spent quite a few hours in PS/PSA and I know what you guys are capable of, I`m sure you too feel that these mighty (in a sense) planes maneuvering about deserve a little grace 4>Implement water shock wave when battleship guns are fired, you already have them on impact, and for the player firing his guns it`s going to add so much more of an impact as to the power of those big guns Anyone are free to say what they want but in related topics to this I will be sort of hardline in advocating the (re)implementation of the above things pretty, because I feel that they will contribute to the game all that more I`m not saying that currently the game is without fun or anything, friends and I are having a blast with BB`s (up to and including Yamato), my Battleship soul has been through bliss several times (Every time I fire the guns really!) I just think, and dont take this negatively, that Carrier related things could be improved by quite a lot, and with that I`m not saying devs or WG are crappy or anything as I`m well aware that I should be grateful for being in beta (which I cannot be thankful enough for), so for anyone thinking I`m assaulting dev`s/WG > get a grip please! ^^Discussions might be heated, but I think that in most cases that`s just because people thinks the game is all that more awesome (and rightfully so), all thanks to WG and it`s dev`s Thx for far better game than I expected out of a Closed Beta, and thx providing forums where we can contribute to and happily discuss game play related things, and thx to admins who spend their time keeping things tidy and telling the bad seeds out of their nasty play!
  7. ToreDL87

    0.3.1 tomorrow 14 May ?

    Anyone wanna team up? My ingame name is the same here on forums, I`m going Tier 4 for IJN Carrier right away, but can play other classes if need be! I also have Skype/can go Teamspeak
  8. ToreDL87

    0.3.1 - An overview of the upcoming patch

    Update can now (5:08 GMT+1) be downloaded! Just a 1hr and 23 minute wait until the servers are back up!
  9. ToreDL87

    0.3.1 tomorrow 14 May ?

    Any Cruiser captain is in my opinion kind of pushing it if he hopes to go muscle to muscle with a Battleship, like they do now (and still accuse me of cheating when they get absolutely blasted by my broadsides). Battleships have a much higher point of view (longer range for spotting), they usually have superior targeting systems, they have superior guns, heftier secondary armaments, superior armor and so forth.For pete`s sakes, they are floating fortresses designed for the sole purpose of carrying cannons each bigger than the average house, and slugging it out head on against similar ships in open sea, in the same situation a comparatively puny Cruiser is usually dead meat against such firepower. Seen the shell damage on the Bismarck? Those things just absolutely plows straight through, and if they were semi deflected somewhere inside the ship it just means they caused massive concussive damage, killing hundreds, in the process! What do you think those same shells are going to do against a little cruiser steaming in for a cheap kill at 1000 meters showing blunt regard for the 14inch+ guns pointed at her? I couldnt tell you that, but I can tell you for sure what happens to a armored belt on a battleship from 2000 meters: http://pds12.egloos.com/pds/200810/14/96/c0066396_48f3c200d1ca5.jpg Thats potentially 16 (1 per gun) huge 14"+ (in diameter) sized leaks per broadside (provided it hits below the water line, because it WILL go through), and if we are talking about HE shells I do not wish to discuss the details about the interior of said cruiser, because what I have to say, considering the age rating of this game. would be a complete invitation to get kicked off the forums, use your own imagination. Cruisers were built, largely, to take out Destroyers, Destroyers were meant to screen for, or if possible, take out, Battleships. If Battleships were all that terrible, as some WoWS Cruiser captains seem to make them out to be, they never would have made Battleships. Remember, up until the aircraft carrier, Battleships were "teh shiz", and in lieu of carriers in opposing fleets, Battleships were still "teh shiz". This all said, I`ve been watching quite a few Russian 0.3.1 videos on Youtube, a destroyer captain demonstrated the hopelessness of shooting at turrets of a battleship (the little shells just bounced off there), but had no problem taking out the same battleship (An American one) with a combination of team effort, well-launched torpedoes and well-timed HE salvos. Another thing he also showed: Get too cocky against a Battleship = Fiery death. Also, update can now be downloaded, its 2620mb!
  10. ToreDL87

    0.3.1 - An overview of the upcoming patch

    Two "Amagi`s" were being built, both hulls were completed, one destroyed during the earthquake, the other modified into Akagi CV