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  1. Sean473

    Is eu down again?

    Can't get in... Could log in a bit earlier...
  2. Sean473

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    This mod and whoever uses it should be banned.. Can't believe WG allow it... Any aimbots should be banned period!
  3. Sean473

    What to do with a cruiser?

    Cruiser players should follow and protect BB's... Most of the time, nobody does this so my BB becomes a one man army... The destroyers are also supposed to do the job but they go off on their own and get knocked out..
  4. Sean473

    Piasters when I get these?

    Agreed.. I'm out of slots already!! We need more slots!
  5. Sean473

    piasters (gold)

    How do we get more slots if we don't get any currency?
  6. Sean473

    GO GO GO!

    It's taking longer to install then download!! Come on!!!
  7. Sean473

    Where is NDA?

    There is no NDA in Closed Beta... I think there was a mistake in the email!
  8. Sean473


    Downloading now... 1.7GB done in like 5 mins!
  9. Sean473

    WoWs doesn't work for mac

    Yeah obviously! You need Windows to run it!
  10. Sean473

    Just downloaded the closed beta client

    I've got in... Downloading Client now!
  11. Yo mate.. Any idea how long WG will take to process the applications for closed beta to let us in?
  12. Yes... Go download the client: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/cbt/game_download/
  13. Not scaring you.. I really got a confirmation email after I submitted!
  14. Sean473

    GO GO GO!

    It actually started early (9.56a.m BST)... I register at around 10.01a.m and around 10.07 form was closed! You guys should have been faster