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  1. We_Just_Dinged_Em

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I played bob, even Kostis couldnt carry me. I suck in DDs
  2. We_Just_Dinged_Em

    Banned by complaints after three games, not a single message sent

    It's normally the top tier BB who spent all game 'sniping' or a cruiser who yolo'd into Cap B at the start of the game and was focused by 10 enemy ships. The amount of bobs who think I'll come into cap with them in my paper cruiser to 'support' is beyond retarded.
  3. We_Just_Dinged_Em

    Banned by complaints after three games, not a single message sent

    I'm barely average at this game, althought Ive noticed the biggest whiners in chat frequently come near the bottom of the score sheet....
  4. We_Just_Dinged_Em

    Tier 6 premium Cruisers

    Yup, still in the tech tree for gold. A good choice if you need (another) Ruskie Cruiser!
  5. We_Just_Dinged_Em

    Tier 6 premium Cruisers

    Why not Makarov? I really like it, the weird turret angle helps you avoid incoming BB shells :) I quite like the Duca too, De Grasse I'm more meh, Molotv is nice but one hit and you're toast, I've been citadeled in that thing almost every game.
  6. We_Just_Dinged_Em

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to participate. Prize 1: Enterprise Prize 2: Mutsu Prize 3: 2500 doubloons Prize 4: Doubloons Prize 5: Doubloons Prize 6: Doubloons Prize 7: Doubloons Prize 8: Marblehead
  7. We_Just_Dinged_Em

    Halloween salt

    Another two wins and no result, luckily they were only 2 star victories :\ I'm a terribad player...but man, some of these 'teammates', CVs that charge into the BB hoard and die instantly wtf are they smoking??
  8. We_Just_Dinged_Em

    MTBs, Minelayers and Minesweepers

    HMS Adventure and the Abdiel class minelaying cruisers might be useful, if mines was a limited us consumable or special ability.
  9. We_Just_Dinged_Em

    Crap at ships

    Send invite I have 38% WR so far :\
  10. We_Just_Dinged_Em

    Crap at ships

    Cos I cba to set up WJDE, I'm looking for a clan in WOWS>
  11. We_Just_Dinged_Em

    WG please be more generous to the players, you are loosing them!

    This is basially why I don't play. I love naval combat and history, and I was very enthusiastic about this game but now...it just feels meh,
  12. We_Just_Dinged_Em

    Worst ship in the game?

    I'll second the Albany. Crap number of guns, crap accuracy, crap gun range, crap visibility range, not really that maneuverable.
  13. We_Just_Dinged_Em


    Some of the Dingers (WJDE/T-D-U) are playing, as I'm very interested in WOWS, we will have a presence in this game for sure.
  14. We_Just_Dinged_Em

    How did you come up with your name?

    I came from WOT, where I am a total douchebag with an ego the size of a small planet, hence I named an entire clan after myself.
  15. We_Just_Dinged_Em

    Do you want XVM in World of Warships?

    Absolutely not, it's destroyed all the remaining fun in WOT. However, any people in good clans who think they won't get focused in WOWS...well.....good luck with that (we will still be able to see your clan tag?)