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  1. I got everything selected and I know how game works. Yes I can confirm that actually it is graphical issue. For some reason in game on my graphics settings when your shell hit water by going over enemy ship,animation of water splash for some reason overwrites ship animation,so it looks like You hit water too short,not too far away
  2. Yesterday I played few games and in 1 i encountered this "bug" again, aiming above target,shell falling too short, once I watched replay in slow motion it shown that actually shells fell too far away, making me thinking that in game in motion those shells that fall over target in water in close proximity of a target make an animation that looks like they fell too short, will play now to test it out, so maybe my problem with shells falling short actually is just a graphical "issue"
  3. Bug that got fixed? Mate this happens to me many times a day, but whatever, I'll come with replays to see what people say then ;)
  4. Oh didn't know about replay feature, kk I'm gonna take few replays now. On that screenshot problem isn't that shell fell BEHIND target(because aim wasn't way in fornt of the target). Problem is that shell fell after ~17.5km while it was shoot while aiming at 21.4km... Brb with replays and time stamps soon
  5. You guys keep writing no-sense tbh. Check screenshots (link that i posted above). Enemy ship is at 20.2km, going TOWARD player, player is aiming at 21.4km. Enemy player got to 18.7km, player's salvo fell in like 17.5km or whatever the distance is. If You don't understand screenshots please read carefully what I wrote above... To make it even simpler to You SonofaSailor player overshooted target for 1.2km,target moved toward player for another ~1.5km, player miss like he undershoot 3km.
  6. So, is there any developer or someone who can explain shooting mechanics in-depth like this: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Battle_Mechanics How to choose how far my shells gonna travel?
  7. Urosh92

    Aslains WoWS modpack description

    Weird, got used to reading about things before I get them. Guess 2016 is really some sci-fi year for me. No pages on forums, no descriptions on products, damn
  8. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/13245-wargaming-stop-messing-with-my-aiming/page__pid__237774#entry237774 There are even screenshots of this by other guy, I would be more than happy to record it for You but my PC sucks:/
  9. That is my point, I aim at 20km range,target is at 15km range,my shells fall at 14km range, I aim at 8km range,target is at 15km range,my shells go over him... we move horizontally. And if they are moving diagonally form me or toward me its even worse,I can predict where they gonna be in that 8-15 seconds but still that doesn't matter because game's ingame "autoaim" throw shells at some random location. So my question is, is there actually a way to choose how FAR my shells gonna go or its based on some weirdly ingame autoaim mechanics? I would even be satisfied with an answer that I can actually put "autoaim" completely off, like, I want to aim completely on my own, to make it more understandable, I would like to have opportunity to aim and shoot like an artillery in the WoT, and I don't even need an eagle vision mode, just to fire shots where my reticle is...
  10. I don't talk about dispersion, or I get dispersion wrong as a word. I don't mean that my shells spread around so some shells goes over the target,some fall short and some hit. I talk about whole salvo goes into same spot but its either short or over the target like, I aim at 15km range but my whole salvo falls at 14km range resulting at missing target that is chilling at 15km range :/ @Glig69 move on troll
  11. So, so far I googled out few topics about this but not a single topic had an actual answer. I am aware of enemy ships' speed and distance, I know how to aim not to miss ship by hitting in front/behind ship. Problem is that when I aim and shoot, my salvos fall either too short or too long compared to target(where I wanted to shoot...). For that purpose I put Alternative battle interface on, thought maybe if You aim perfectly even the distance of enemy ship that shells will have better chances of hitting, realizing my shells still come too short, like I have no range to hit my target. I would count that as "auto-aim" rng if there were no people that keep landing every single shell even while I'm going zig-zag. So I wonder, is there actually a way to choose how FAR You want your bullets to travel? P.S. Just to mention, I am using shift+ 2 ticks scroll backwards aim if that has to do anything with it :o
  12. Urosh92

    Aslains WoWS modpack description

    Huh, asked my question in Aslains WoWS modpack topic but considering there is more than 1000 replays and looks like in 2016 pages with 10-20 replays per page aren't popular anymore I had to open new thread so I could actually see replay(s). What is this mod about? Couldn't find any info about it around forum nor even official mod site and I would like to have some info before I decide shall I download it or not.
  13. So, can we get any description of this mod? I couldn't find any info about what this is even on official site :S