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  1. evilmii

    NACL Recruit

    my first ever battle with stalingrad
  2. evilmii

    NACL Recruit

    yay!!!! manny thanks. I held my head high this battle!
  3. evilmii

    NACL Recruit

  4. evilmii

    NACL Recruit

    you again Aotearas?!!!hey good to see you again ! well here u find usually pink salt but if u drop by again we may change the color. next time i'll ask teammates to focus on you again. it'll be fun; for old times sake
  5. Indeed i think i did that! .
  6. the first day made 5 x task 1 was lucky enough to get the Galant drop from a winter box. With that came second task with 10 BB kills. with u.k. Dd can do 3-6 torpedo hits/battle. also 3rd task i've taken was not needed to complete. but will do it anyway since i unlocked the final task and those two tasks goes together.
  7. evilmii

    Hood - first impressions

    my best battle so far in pictures
  8. evilmii

    Hood - first impressions

    no problems with the penetration . only one battle at T8-T9. decent damage. prone to engine failure at torpedo hits. got hit 2ce consecutive. one shiratsuyu-engine damaged. repair. next another torp from fiji under 2nd FRONT turret engine damage. so skills cpt for module protection and engine rudder working while damaged shout be taken into consideration. will post some screen shots from my first battle. 90 k dmg. good dmg vs tirpitz. at around 10-12 km no problems with penetration. oh and decent money maker as u can see at the last pic
  9. evilmii

    Hoods out!

    sry a bit too expensive
  10. evilmii

    Santa's Convoy - The Mission!

    i got so far Leander, Faragut, Budyonny and omw to Fuso. got all the ships+camo+1point skill cpt+SLOT! check again if u have not made a mistake with your statement pls. about convoy we got it after all was said and done. also we`ve got the letter from General Manager of Wargaming Eu which is what we asked for. let`s make peace and try to enjoy what we finally got (after eu comunity made it happen ).
  11. evilmii

    german DDs, very flimsy?

    i did and still do. none of them looses so fast and so much modules. there`s for sure something too squishy about german DDs modules. Can be due to the fact they are wider and shells penetrate and not overpen through their hull. played yest only T5 german DD and every battle got my modules knocked out several times. usually repair and the next shot knocks them out again. this is a serious problem i didn`t noticed to Ijn or USA or USSR with SUCH MAGNITUDE> they loose modules too. but not so often. no matter the range your are shot at. no matter the area u are hit. no matter the angle just knocks out one or several modules.
  12. evilmii

    Where is german BB ın publıc test?

    honestly i find a bit of a bitter joke from WG. advertising the test prepares us for the German BBs. Sure it does. preparing us testing something that`s not the German BBs. the AP normalization and some other tweaks of the game. then i find it misleading announcing that the test prepares us for the German BB line. it does prepare us for the use of the AP mechanics of the game and not the particular German BB line. Public Test 0.5.10 Preps You For German Battleships Really???!!!!
  13. i have her and i like her too... a bit . It`s not only about the sheer number of guns. True! but also the caliber, range, the armor protection of vital parts, speed. warspite can compete with fuso , NM or Arizona. but tbh i`d rather be sailing one of those while facing a warspite. sure u can put any ship vs the other. they don`t have to be equal in every important stat. but the main weapons has to be taken into consideration. don`t forget about warspite`s arty caliber. comparing the other T6 BBs it`s quite high with a good penetration. Bayern has 8 guns too but lower caliber. low range. low armor prot of vital parts. medium reload time. My point is that i`m concerned about the ship balance looking only at the stats on PAPER. and on paper doesn`t look promising comparing other tech tree same tier Bbs. ofc i may be foolishly wrong about it and i may be happy when the ship will finally be released. i dont have the inner stats about the armor scheme, shell velocity, accuracy. those i guess are the data Devs have and obv. they know what they are doing. i don`t make a statement that the ship is underpowered comparing the same tier ships and class. i am just worried about what i see about Bayern`s stats at this moment
  14. looking at Bayern T6 stats on paper i became a bit worried. at T6 we have ( top config) 1. Fuso 57,100Hit Points19 — 305 mm. Citadel armor, 12 guns, Rate of Fire 2.1 shots/min, 28.57 sec. Reload Time, range 21.8Km, speed 24.5 knts 2. New Mexico 53.200 Hp, Citadel Armor 76-343, 12 guns , 1.8 shots/min, range 14.9 km ( can be upgraded with 16 % increase from arty plot mod 1), speed 21 knts 3. Arizona 57.200 Hp, citadel armor 115-343, 12 guns, 1.7 shots/min, range 16 km ( can be upgraded to 18.6 km with arty plotting room mod 1),speed 21 knts 4. Bayern 51.600 Hp, citadel armor 50-260, 8 guns, 2 shots/min, range 16.6 km (without possibility to mount arty plotting room mod 1!!!) speed 25 knts. had to edit my own post forgot one more incoming ship 5. Dunkerque 52.600 Hp, 40-225 citadel armor, 8 guns, 2.1 shots/min, range 18.2 km, speed 29,5 knts. (now this looks on PAPER! even worst then Bayern) Now looking at the Bayern BB stats ON PAPER! looks bad. 8 guns vs 12. low cita armor prot. lowest range ( without the option to increase range with mods) and 3rd best rof. A BBs main weapons are the main guns. not the secondaries. also not sure about the armor stats but again on paper Bayern has the 2nd lowest citadel protection of all the T6 Bbs. secondaries are NOT the main weapon of a BB. So i wonder how will Devs. balance that poor main arty stats comparing Japan`s Fuso or USA NM or Arizona?