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  1. Piasecznik

    Daily missions

    I read. You wrote "it IS free" and then "it SHOULD BE". Maybe you should read what you have written? I was referring to current status, not cloudy future which as well could never happen.
  2. Piasecznik

    Daily missions

    It is far from free. You still have to earn it. Some can be achieved as you play normally but some requires change your tactic, vessel etc. (like torpedo ones) which hinders your progress on your desired tree.
  3. Piasecznik

    New York (V)

    To jeszcze wytłumacz mi jak z pocisku 356mm HE trafiając w DD (no bo przecież critical hit to trafienie) zadaje zero obrażeń? Jak zadając zero obrażeń można coś uszkodzić? Szukam sensu. Jeśli tak samo jest w WoT tym gorzej. Oznacza to że nigdy to nie zostanie poprawione bo deweloperzy uważają że można coś uszkodzić nie zadając żadnych obrażeń. Prawie 600kg pocisk lecący z prędkością 800m/s ma energię kinetyczną równą wybuchowi 200kg trotylu.
  4. Piasecznik

    New mexico firing range

    Who said nobody can? It is possible, sure. But amount of RNG and silly misses or hits with laughable amount of damage is making BB very annoying to play.
  5. Piasecznik

    Murican or Japanese BBs?

    That would be St. Louis
  6. Piasecznik

    New York (V)

    Ja właśnie zaliczyłem NY krytyczne trafienie z HE w DD za, uwaga, 0 dmg. Nie mówiąć już o tym że z 4 pocisków trafił tylko jeden. Ale za to jak trafił No cóż, czas odłożyć WoWs na półkę aż deweloperzy się ogarną. Obawiam się jednak że nie dożyję tego momentu.
  7. Piasecznik

    Murmansk vs Omaha

    As in other russian games, stats are taken from propaganda sources. Recently their ministry of culture issue a statement that Russians won Battle of Grunwald (1410). Probably next thing would be how russians won Battle of Britain and Pearl Harbour.
  8. Piasecznik

    New mexico firing range

    And those juicy HE critical hits for 0 damage on DD are so rewarding.... This game is waste of time, literally.
  9. Piasecznik

    Daily missions

    I do, sadly.
  10. Piasecznik

    Has anyone tackled a Cleveland with their warspite

    Angling does not matter for HE and fire. It is even easier to hit deck equipment when enemy is facing me directly.
  11. Piasecznik

    "Critical Engine Damage" Occurance

    It heavly depends on what ship I'm in. BB almost never get engine damage. CL (Omaha) gets engine or rudder damage at least twice per game.
  12. Piasecznik

    Dive bombers are OP

    OP please play some CV and see for your self. DB are most useless thing in WoWs, closely followed by Battleships.
  13. Piasecznik

    Daily missions

    Why would you even care about missions? Their prize is lauchable at best. Any regular battle will net you twice as much as missions. They are in game as a placeholder I believe. Nobody takes seriously mission for 50k with refresh rate of 3 days. With such long refresh rate missions would be viable only when prize will be in dubloons.
  14. Piasecznik

    spread of canons of battleships is seriously too RNG

    Playing BB is frustrating to such extent that I'm already thinking about quit (just as I did with WoT due to bounce mechanics). I just hate all sorts of luck based games.
  15. Piasecznik

    Ogólne porady na temat Krążowników

    ... i każdego krążownika inna rola?