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  1. Wookster76

    [TIW] Thames Ironworks - Uk based clan

    Hey man I'd be interested in joining you.
  2. Looking for English speaking clan for new clan wars.. I've a lot of T10's available to fit needed roles in clan wars. Playing since beta. I hail from Dublin Ireland.
  3. Wookster76

    Mogami need Rework

    I think they did just enough to bring this ship back in line with the other T8 ships and even at that I still think its better than both the US and German T8 cruiser.
  4. Wookster76

    TAW is recruiting

    Still looking for players? I'm a grown [edited]man playing ships.. occasionally drunk but mostly sober Looking for competitive team play and good craic in general while playing WoWs
  5. Wookster76

    SIMS Needs Buffing - WarshipStats/ShipAnalytics Proves It

    This man speaks the truth.. I feel robbed to be honest... I'd use harsher language if I could...
  6. Wookster76

    Fps drop / Lag Spikes

    I also have the same Issue AMD Radeon HD 6950's x 2 in crossfire mode.. Getting fps drops no lag issues ping is fine.
  7. Wookster76

    SIMS Needs Buffing - WarshipStats/ShipAnalytics Proves It

    I agree.. I really thought this ship would benefit from the reason changes to torps in the last patch to USN DD's but that was not to be... it got a buff to the rate of fire. The arc on the shots and poor detection range kill this ship. I got rightly shafted on this purchase
  8. Wookster76

    The SIMS is awful now :(

    I actually like the US destroyer line currently in the Tier 5 . Compared to my Sims it makes way more money which is a little crazy considering the Sims is a prem ship.
  9. Wookster76

    The SIMS is awful now :(

    Can Sims players post there average income from a battle please ?
  10. Wookster76

    The SIMS is awful now :(

    When I play my Sims i use its strengths .. its guns and hight rate of fire but the but with the charges to same on the small guns I'm just not making the credits I'd expect from a premium ship. even with a really good game the credit reward is pretty bad.
  11. Wookster76

    The SIMS is awful now :(

    I cant be the only one.. its so bad now.. It makes no cash.. its dmg is awful. torp range is crap.. I