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  1. Sweetheart

    AA and Aircraft needs a rework

    Fun times ahead. Had a battle a few days ago where a Kutuzov dropped a full dive bomber squad (7 planes, Midway)in 5 seconds flat from way over 5km range.
  2. Have you even looked at the specs? Plane per plane, they are very similar. Neither side has an advantage. The only reason this "US has better fighters" is a thing is because of 6 planes in squad vs 4. Of course the US squad will win. 6 vs 6 and the outcome is a total coin toss.
  3. Sweetheart

    Advanced Carrier Guide

    Finding 4/2/2 haks pretty much impossible to sink in a Midway. Not worth the attempt, which will most likely fail.
  4. Sweetheart

    Cv torpedo dmg

    If you increase aerial torpedo damage you would also need to reduce the number of torpedo bombers, because the performance is not lacking in CVs. They just aren't fun to play, which is why there are so few around. As for a Midway deleting any BB, perhaps, if the BB is completely alone and not AA specced, or 2 or more tiers lower. Otherwise you just don't have enough damage unless you luck out on 3-4 fires. And if its equal skill vs equal skill it gets even more unlikely. CAs can be deleted easier however, just with TBs.
  5. Sweetheart

    Essex upgrades

    +15% survivability is mandatory for T9+ carriers.
  6. Sweetheart

    repair cost with 0 dmg

    Lost planes have no effect on repair costs.
  7. Sweetheart

    repair cost with 0 dmg

    100k for the Midway for repair, plus ammo costs (around 15k off the top of my head).
  8. Sweetheart

    thank wargaming you have destroyed cv playing

    TLDR; CVs are fine performance wise, but they are extremely frustrating to play, which is why there are so few CVs around. Toxic gameplay mechanics such as fighter decks, carrier sniping, defensive fire and others make them frustrating.
  9. Sweetheart

    Ryujo V Independence - No competition

    Take solace in the fact that you will most likely win the battle and certainly get more xp/credits. Playing against a fighter deck on any tier is frustrating. Holy thread necro btw, this is from august.
  10. Sweetheart

    What is dive bombers set of fire change?

    With the Essex/Midway my experience is that I get a fire every 30-40% of the time a bomb hits (not incap).
  11. Sweetheart

    Carrier unbalanced (overpower) vs Battleships

    Not really true, unless the BB is afk. The most you can do with 12 TBs is about 5-5.5k dmg per hit (12x5.5k = 66k) , against T10 BB, and not all of your planes will survive to drop even against a lonely BB. Tried looking at youtube for those vids, couldn't find any and the closest I found was a midway hitting an afk montana and leaving it with 6k after flooding timed out. CV loadouts go as you say in high tiers (9-10), with over 90% of USN using strike loadouts and maybe half of IJN using AS loadouts.
  12. Sweetheart

    Lets destroy the Ranger players and buff the Hiruy's ones...

    Please stop with the outright lies/misinformation. Midways theoretical maximum torpedo damage is 9867. Same for Hak is 8567. In practice the average torpedo damage at T9 is very close to 6000 for the Essex (same torps as Midway), so possibly a little lower for Midway as it faces more T10 ships with good torpedo protection. Yamato, for example, has the highest torpedo protection in the game at 55%. This means that my Essex torps hit a Yamato for something like 4500 damage. IJN CVs have a much smaller manual bomb drop circle (changed in a patch a while ago), meaning they hit much more often, even though the USN CVs do more damage per bomb. The IJN dive bombers are also much faster at tier 9 and 10, 117 vs 149 and 125 vs 156. As for T9-10 CV gameplay, USN CVs are much easier to carrier snipe (also easier to carrier snipe with) as they only have 1 fighter squadron, whereas the IJN ones have 2-4. Also, comparing the T9 CVs, the Taiho has an armored flight deck. This means that dive bombers often do zero damage to it, however they can still set it on fire. The Essex takes a lot of damage from dive bombers. The number one problem with CV gameplay in general is that they are frustrating to play with so many easy counters.