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    Future of the RN

    "It will be armed with air defence missiles" I really dont understand the use, the new Type 45 destroyer is dedicated Anti Air, stock it cant even launch sea to ground missiles. Since the 18th century these ship designations have merged, to me it would seem that these frigates are very, very similar to the RN's destroyers. Could someone convince me otherwise?
  2. Toffeegerbil

    Why were French ships attacking US ships during WW2?

    Thanks, I have done some more reading based on what you have said, and in simple terms: Germany invaded France, French supporters of the Axis created Vichy France, Charles De Gaulle opposed them and created the Free French, UK preemptively attacks Vichy fleet worried that it may be used against them, November 1942 Allies invade Vichy controlled North Africa, many Vichy Troops change sides and support Free French, Axis occupy Vichy areas as a result - causing the rest to join Allies in spite. Would you say that was right?
  3. I have been reading Destroyers, (Anthony Preston, 1991) and came across this: "At Algiers two old flotilla leaders, HMS Malcolm and HMS Broke were to carry assault parties of US Rangers into the harbour with the object of preventing the French from scuttling ships and sabotaging the port installations" "The destroyers screening the western task force covering group became involved in a duel with French warships in Casablanca, one of the rare occasions when French destroyers fought their opposite numbers. The covering group which included the battleship Massachusetts and the heavy cruisers tuscatoosa and wichita, came under fire from the battleship Jean Bart at a range of ten miles. There was nothing the destroyers could do but dodge the French shells, but suddenly at 0815 the contre-torpilleurs milan and albatros and the destroyers boulonnais, Brestois, Fougeux and Fromdeur steamed out at high speed, heading straight for the US task force" I could understand if these were comandeered vessels as a result of the occuptation, but the first quotation is written as if it is the French themselves causing mischief. The wikipedia article on Jean Bart states: "After the French North Africa forces joined the Allies, the French hoped to complete Jean Bart in the United States.", so I can only presume the ex-french colonies fought as a seperate force to mainland France, for some reason helping the Axis? Can anyone enlighten me as to why the French would be assisting their enemies?