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  1. Henriques

    Will all maps in WoWS be filled with islands?

    Most seabattles were on open see, I too would like to see an open map. (guess its the same as wot, we wont ever see a flat battlefield...)
  2. Henriques

    The Glorious Imperial Japanese Navy!

    thumbs up for the video, Japanese battleships looked badass as hell
  3. Henriques

    General Cool Pictures - WWII

    beautiful thread, keep them coming ;)
  4. Henriques

    Type XXI U-Boat

    looks like the beginning of modern submarines.
  5. Henriques

    Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carriers

    Nice thread
  6. Henriques

    The Longest Serving Destroyer Escort

    the longest and still counting service escort :D not bad.
  7. When she had a chance it was not needed anymore or wouldn't make any difference. Nice post btw.
  8. Henriques

    We need ships!

    so, this is the new artillery support consumable they are talking about :D
  9. Henriques

    Russian Flying Submarine

    impossibru desing.
  10. Henriques

    The Italian Navy between 1940 and 1943

    both beautiful and sad video.
  11. Henriques

    INVINCIBLE ARMADA - (Portugal) 1588

    For 60 years Portugal was a part of Spain... that should explain why Portugal was here mentioned.
  12. Henriques

    Polsih Defence System "ORP Orkan "

    the "happy" music in the end made me laugh :lol:
  13. Henriques

    Croatian Navy - Patrol boats - Mirna class

    cute litle boat :)
  14. Henriques

    FN - La Mèlpomène class destroyer

    thats a looooong boat