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  1. Will all maps in WoWS be filled with islands?

    Most seabattles were on open see, I too would like to see an open map. (guess its the same as wot, we wont ever see a flat battlefield...)
  2. thumbs up for the video, Japanese battleships looked badass as hell
  3. General Cool Pictures - WWII

    beautiful thread, keep them coming ;)
  4. Type XXI U-Boat

    looks like the beginning of modern submarines.
  5. the longest and still counting service escort :D not bad.
  6. When she had a chance it was not needed anymore or wouldn't make any difference. Nice post btw.
  7. We need ships!

    so, this is the new artillery support consumable they are talking about :D
  8. Russian Flying Submarine

    impossibru desing.
  9. both beautiful and sad video.
  10. INVINCIBLE ARMADA - (Portugal) 1588

    For 60 years Portugal was a part of Spain... that should explain why Portugal was here mentioned.
  11. Polsih Defence System "ORP Orkan "

    the "happy" music in the end made me laugh :lol:
  12. cute litle boat :)
  13. thats a looooong boat