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  1. What petition? The only petition they understand is the money... stop giving them money and that is the best message you can sent them.
  2. B051LjKo

    WOW losing internet all the time

    Try VPN, it could be routing of your ISP!
  3. B051LjKo

    First Steel ship - Guide me please!

    +1 for this, you said it all, I have it, and it is exactly as described... It can be a blast to citadel someone at 24 km... She can be boring from time, but if you don't have any steel ships, I would not disregard her
  4. B051LjKo

    First Steel ship - Guide me please!

    Dont go Austin for the first steel ship, that is advice I can give you. Stalingrad is not the monster it used to be, but that would be my first pick.
  5. B051LjKo

    Solution to the submarine problem

    There is a problem for every solution...
  6. B051LjKo

    CV planes and islands/aiming

    WeeGee calls that counterplay...
  7. B051LjKo

    The amazing world of Belarusian physics

    My personal favorite is the flag that eliminates the possibility of your magazines detonating...
  8. B051LjKo

    German Battleships: I already have the Moltke.

    What he means to say is that he has Moltke in the harbour, and when he goes for the german tokens, he still has tu buy the bundle with the ship that he already has... That is kinda retarded... Not that i care (I already have Moltke same as him, and I still dont care)
  9. B051LjKo

    Super containers? lol not really!

    I don't have a lot of good things to say about WeeeGee, but in my case, opening 44 containers gave me 100 days of premium 10500 dobloons 2 Ships (TIer 9 Azuma and TIer 6 Aigle) 45K coal Plus a bunch of flags, cammos and free XP Not bad at all
  10. B051LjKo

    Black Friday 2021 ships datamined?

    Saipan B will be a blast!
  11. Well, you buy a loot box and have 3% chance to receive an uber haxor cammo, that enables you - 3 tier matchmaking, so you can take your Georgia, and end up in a match against Fuso. I am sure this would be greatly appreciated by the player base and could be advertises as a unique player experience. PS. Hmmm, maybe Georgia vs. Fuso is not motivating enough, something like Kitakaze vs Bayern, or Alaska vs Pepsicola sounds even better! I fully support this idea and hope they introduce it in paralel with the new set of rigged santa containers.
  12. B051LjKo

    Agir or Azuma ?

    Neither! Both are underperforming cripples...
  13. Only if the offer is available via loot boxes, then for sure!
  14. B051LjKo

    These New German BCs....

    I don't care about the performance, I just hope that they will be the first regular line available only through the loot boxes. Instead of grinding the vessel, just make it random drops, at least 300 of loot boxes at the price of 1500 gold each. That would be so much fun! Special gimmick of this offer would be that it is rental only. When rental period expires, you need to buy 300 loot boxes again. That would be so much fun!
  15. B051LjKo

    Important message for the community

    WoW~ Is this the best you can do? This is the biggest pile of crap I have read in a while...