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  1. What are you talking about. GK received a huge buff with the commanders rework. Just go full tank build, invest 0 points in the secondaries and enjoy the free basic accuracy buff. You will perform better than before. Just try to avoid getting burned from 20+ km,
  2. B051LjKo

    Revert CV's rework : poll

    Can you please add the pool option to replace CVs with giant Hello Kitty inflatable toys. Its implementation is as realistic as going back to RTS time...
  3. B051LjKo

    Worst T10 Battleships now?

    GK has just been buffed, significantly! It is a joy to play actualy
  4. I don't understand why would anyone play Siegfried when there is a much better choice under the name Georgia. Same tier - Much better armor (not a comparison really) - 7 times better overmatching 18 inch monstr guns with similar accuracy - Faster - Much better secondary's - Much better heal The only pros for Siegfried are hydro and torps. And no, I will not take ''But Siegfried is a cruiser'' argument. I dont care about the class. Georgia does a better cruiser job that Siegfried in just about anything that comes to my mind.
  5. I can confirm that Alaska is still effective!
  6. It is already confirmed, they will increase secondary guns traverse rate by 20 percent, and increase secondary gun velocity by 7% to compensate for the lack of range. Your secondaries now fire at both sides of the ship, so if two enemies come to 3 km away from you, and stand there for like 5 minuets, you will do up to 7000 damage with your secondarys.
  7. B051LjKo

    buff saipan, i am suffering

    Saipan is dead and burred. It used to be amazing! But it was hit really really hard with the nerf hammer. The first blow was when they changed the way planes take damage (at the beginning of the rework, the damaged was soaked by all planes, you could take a heavy punishment before the planes stsrted falling) and Saipan never really recovered from that, as it has tiny reserves and plane regen is horrible. The final nail in the coffin was annihilation of Tiny Tims that are completely useless today, and good only against broadside BBs. I dont see WeGee doing any buff to Saipan, it is an old premium in their eyes, it will not sell, they don't care. They will rather issue a sister ship (Wright) and sell it than fixing the broken ship that is sold out for the most part.
  8. B051LjKo

    Dead Eye

    Actually it is much better than before, as it is free. Even before this patch, full tank build was more effective than secondary one. Just ignore all secondary skills, that are ridiculously expensive for firework effect only, go full tank build, and enjoy 20% free buff on the secondary that is here, and will stay as an extra bonus.
  9. B051LjKo

    MVR overnerfed?

    Oh I agree with you here The thing is, they went 2 far with removing the skill gap. Now it is just dumb. I mean, take Montana, a good player can have a devastating impact on the game, a poor one will end up with 40K of damage.. It should be the same with CVs
  10. B051LjKo

    MVR overnerfed?

    MVR needed the nerf as it was way too powerful. However, I really dislike the accuracy nerf, as it is all down to RNG now, and that is not good. I would have preferred a 30% damage nerf than this. They should lean more towards how AP rockets work... Close to no damage if you miss or the player angles, and huge chunk you do a perfect run and opponent misplays. As it is right now, you do a perfect run, and weather it is all overpens, or triple citadel, all up to the RNG, and that is not good. I took FDR from the armory for steel, and that is again the path do dumb gameplay. We have: - noob friendly CV, when a total beginner can do 100K in his first game (my second game ever was something like 270K of damage) - rocket planes are complete sh!t, I have no idea who designed those and what is their purpose. They doo little or no damage. I really do not understand why there is no fighter planes as a consumable or why do you have to wait 25 sec for the second run. - planes have a stupid amount of health - level bombers are way do brutal... completely OP, huts like 25K of damage plus 3 fires are not rare - torpedo bombers are equally brutal. If there is a solo BB, poor guy, he is dead... you can easily do 50-70K with a single full squadron. - planes are slow - hull is very vulnerable - waiting 25 seconds between the attacks is stupid and boring, but much needed... ________ Solution 1. Make rocket planes useful 2. Reduce the damage from the HE bombers 3. Reduce the damage from the torpedo bombers 4. Reduce the health 5. Increase the speed of the planes Will that happen... not likely...
  11. The only ship I want is not on sale. I really want Jean Bart C, with a bonus mission Jean Bart B that I do not have, to accompany Jean bart that is in my port and provide diversity,
  12. B051LjKo

    General CV related discussions.

    MVR nerf hurts quite a bit. I can understand that the ship was overperforming, but they could have reduced the damage. With the accuracy nerf, it is just stupid RNG...
  13. I am not talking about reward for tanking, I am talking about the efficiency of the tank built as oppose to the secondary one. You are wrong, you can be, and normally are in a situation where you have enemies 45 degrees both port and starboard... nothing wrong with that, and in the current meta, ''other'' side secondary are just useless Naaah, you will still buy the Pommern.... Naaah, german line lovers will still be secondary lovers, only now even more useless...
  14. No, for a true potato, the build is irrelevant. You will play German hips regardless of how weak they are, thus it is better to nerf the German ship than a French one, as it will improve the variety in the game Potato going for full secondary built will be less effective, full tank build will be more effective, the spreadsheet will show a small buff in the end. I would be more concerned with the global captain change In general, it is a nerf to all ships, with 19 point captains being more capable then the improves 21 point ones, with a massive grind added to the tables, and a lot of dobloons required for the ''upgrade''
  15. In a way this is a good thing for the game. GK secondary built was already weaker than the tank build, and by weakening it even more, the people will play more tank builds, which in the end will result with bigger win rate numbers for the GK, and the overall changes on the spreadsheet will be manifested as a buff to the GK. In addition, german ships are much more popular than the other nations, so nerfing down their performance will increase the variety of the game.