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  1. Compensation container gave me a whopping 10 tokens.
  2. B051LjKo

    European containers.....

    Third batch was absolute shyte, 40, 20, 10, 10, 20, 40
  3. B051LjKo


    Your games are great, but why dont you add commentary?
  4. Real life is not wows, situations where you could not turn your turrets fast enough in real life are almost non existent.
  5. 40+20+30+40 - 130 in total
  6. B051LjKo


    And another one, this one was short term, I could log in instantly to see my ship dead, and another ranked battle lost.
  7. B051LjKo


    And again, two ranked games in a row... both were a loss, as without a CV it is impossible to win the ranked game. [] Forums were unreachable at the same time, as always. @Crysantos @MrConway do you plan to help the '''few'' players with this issue, or you just will continue ignoring us blaming someone else for the disconnects?
  8. B051LjKo


    If I cant reach WG server, then there is a problem. The fact that I can not reach it is enough to define it as a problem. If I can reach any other service but WG, that is a signal enough for me that it concerns WG. It is not a problem for you in Poland, but for me here in Croatia is a big problem. I could not care less for 10s of thousands of players having no issues, I am having an issue. And ''few''' is a single digit number, we are talking about hundreds complaining, and obviously thousands affected, that is no ''few''. I did, and there is nothing wrong with my ISP. It is working perfectly fine. Some packet loss here and there, but other than that it is perfectly fine. The problem is only with WG server. I do know that, because I do play my games, and have no issues what so ever with any of them. Are you now trying to explain to me that I have huge problems with my ISP, but am not aware of them? BWT. Is there any special reason for you replying here? You are not affected, and obviously can not help? Why do you spam the topic with useless content that will not help anyone?
  9. B051LjKo


    I did, and that is the answer I got. BTW. Why is your average gamer suppose to be a network engineer to play the game? Is the game working? No, I just got kicked out Is my internet still working? Yes, everything else is working. Is problem affecting multiple people at the same time? Yes. Logic indicates that the problem is not on the user side. Well, if you get gang raped by a bunch of gay rapists, it is really not your fault despite thousands of people that walked the same street did it without any issue what so ever. No, you should be able to enjoy the game without knowing how internet routing works. If there is any routing problem that is affecting hundreds or thousands of players, network engineers employed by Wargaming should locate the problem and either solve it, or contact network engineers on the ISP side to get the problem solved. The only thing average Joe can do is to call the ISP, report problems, and the person on the other side can only see that the problem is gone and everything else is working fine (as the timeout gap usually solves itself in 3 minutes). There is no way that the ISP will be investing multiple hours into troubleshooting the problem that is here and there occasionally for one specific game.
  10. B051LjKo


    No offence mate, but you are either a troll or retard3d. Hundreds of players reported this issue, the very same issue, and are trying desperately to solve it, including contacting the ISP whose answer is, ''Dear Sir, we do not see any issue with your connection, the line is stable, contact the tech support of the game in question''. Yesterday I was on a discord with a friend who lives in other city, and guess what, we both got disconnected for around 3 minutes, at the very same time. Since there is obviously no other way, I am officially stopping all money transfer of any kind to WG until this issue is resolved.
  11. B051LjKo


    There is nothing wrong with my connection to any other gamer or service I use.
  12. B051LjKo


    Well, at minimum I would expect someone from WG to contact the biggest ISP in europe and try to sole the issue that seems to plague their playerbase. Dont you think that is reasonable thinking from a paying customer?
  13. B051LjKo


    Done, ticket opened, all screenshots submitted, reply from WG ''It is your ISP''. My ISP is T-Com! How am I suppose to resolve that issue? How is it possible that out of all services, games and stuff that I do online, WG servers are the only one with connection issues?
  14. B051LjKo


    And again 5 times yesterday, and again few minutes ago. Everything is working except for WG servers including the forums. Few minutes later I have a dead ship premium cammo and 8 flags gone. @MrConway what am I suppose to do? Your support is claiming it is my ISP and my ISP is laughing at my support emails. I mean do you realize how ridiculous my request sounds. ''Dear ISP I am having a problem with one ofe the games that I play. I keep getting disconnected at random intervals. Everything else is working google youtube torrents. no issue what so every. The only problem is that Wargaming servers can not be reached for a few minutes at random intervals. I have contacted WG support, and they are assuring me that this is your fault ,and that is nothing wrong with their servers despite hundreds of people having similar problems and bitching about it in the forums''