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  1. Harry1987

    Wows unplayable with windows 10 64 bit...Urgent...Please help...

    that bluescreen usually occurs when your cpu is unstabble due to overclocking/overheating/bad ram. i would try to look into this, reduce clocks, put the RAM into a jedec spd profile, etc. due to the hard single core demand in wows instabilities that normally not occur can come to light. had to raise the voltage on my 4,6ghz i5 4690k. win 10 is there a bit more picky than win 8 or 7, when the processor or ram stumble over themselfs(or each other)
  2. Harry1987

    Co-op mirror questions

    not as far as i know, ai allway mirrors with stock ships. that sayd you don´t have to worry about aa on bb much either^^
  3. Harry1987

    0.4.1 patch notes finally today?

    nevertheless great thanks to hannibalurg for translating this, as google translate really messes this up. wish we had more people translating that forum section for us non russian ppl. but yes due to gamescom where wg eu office went all in with their capacities, they just had no f´ing time to do so. i think its great that wgru and -na wait a bit for eu to catch up, otherwise for news and changelog jobs some could have stayed in the office i guess... wgna did the same on e3 and it worked out well, for example
  4. Harry1987

    Heart Broken. Thanks, Graphics Card

    if you want to burn money with a gfx card worthy a place in a museum, you may go with a gt8800 which is the minimum recomendation by wargaming for wows. other than that i would recomend a gtx750ti or an r9 270x from amd, but i don´t know which century your rest desktop is from...lol you can get decent wows machines allready build for 400€, but please inform yourself properly, as a geforce gt7100 is total bs ;)
  5. Harry1987

    WG and the British

    simplest answer: first they introduced the navies which where most active(usn/ijn), then the ones with the biggest playerbases. so get more brits to play the game and bingo they should accelerate the development like they did with ze germans. the game is almost hyped in germany. they also statet what is first ready comes first, at a time where according to them german and rn where on a equal development lvl. so that has nothing to do with negativity against the uk. it is all about money
  6. Harry1987

    Pls buff income on Atago.

    i don´t see any atago economy buffs either, but as after work pve wallet warrior i bought the ship for the same reason. in pve you make barely money, even after they buffed it( yes it got buffed once as stealth fix). at start of the obt, with 50k dmg you barely made a 50k silver, now you get around 80k for the same dmg(just simple atago and atlanta only match as they are in pve tier 8). this covers at least for the repair(70k) and a bit of the ammunition. but yes in pve i play my kongo to be able to play my atago. and no after work i have no intention to play pvp after all that toxic enviroment at cbt end. maybe if we can disable chat like in wot^^
  7. they gave away the ingame ship the tirpitz, that is waesome, so it must be near for giftshop! soo sad i didn´t get one...
  8. Harry1987

    Aiming over hill

    1. you must be far enough away from high islands that the trajectory is high enough to get over it 2. if you don´t have the enemy ship locked in("X") your ship aims with the reticule and you will shoot the tip like with the purple line. works fine for me that way
  9. Harry1987

    penalty due to secondary battery

    simply press p to disable them for the time the friendly ship passes? guess you don´t need to be a nobel prize winner to do so...
  10. Harry1987

    homepage immer noch offline?

    drück mal STRG+F5 wenn du aauf der seite bist, wargaming forciert keine erneuerung der cookies auf ihren seiten, so das dein browser denkt ist immer noch offline. zumindest hab ich des problem gerne mal mit Chrome/ie/edge
  11. Harry1987

    Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) bei WoWs?!?

    nope die ui ist nicht skalierbar, deshalb forciert wargaming auch grade des bigworld engine upgrade in wot durch, welches entsprechendes unterstützt. das sie erst jetzt auf die idee kommen ist wahrscheinlich dem umstand geschulded das der großteil der wargaming spiel spieler von full hd oder etwas neuerem als xp nur in märchenbüchern gelesen haben^^
  12. Harry1987

    How is this even possible?

    my firend got a disco in his mogami one day, he killed 3 ships and took a heavy fight, then disconnected for the rest of tthe battle. he then got only 120exp, regardless of that he killed 2 nagatos and a pepsi. my friend was allmost 12min afk, due to isp problems, and he must have lost a sh*tton of exp. i in a warspite got quadruple the exp for doing far less dmg. my guess would be that for every second you are afk you lose exp.
  13. Harry1987

    Warspite, erste Eindrücke

    denke im team wird die warspite erst so richtig aufgehen wenn die ami bbs kommen, die machen bis einschließlich tier 6 sogar nur 21kn, dann ist die warspite nen richtiger raser^^. und der hohe alpha wert der kanonen wird ihr dann auch helfen gegen die schnellfeuer amis zu bestehen, vorallem durch die fähigkeit sich mal eben kurz wegzudrehen.
  14. Harry1987

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    hope 3.1 fixes this problem ,as i am not willing top play fuso/kongo anymore pvp. i usually hit my first salvo, firing full broad side at max range, and then have to read the folowwing 10min im a aimbot user(with actually no mod installed) want to see the comments if mod is disabled, well no i dont as i guess i would be accused just as before. so cbt is (and will be) mostly pve, lets hope the battles there count towards reward ship aswell.
  15. Harry1987

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    just watched some stream this morning with this mod on, this is pure easy mode... the streamer got about 10 amagi oneshots at max range with his yamato with just aiming for the x. i can hit quite well with the fuso at max range, but this would be easymode only for me considering that most bb drivers use the "i drive in a straight line with fixed speed" tactic. when turning the mod can predict that well, so there skill can make a difference, but i guess it is just a matter of time until that is "fixed" in the mod aswell. "funny" sidenote: as the mod is offical allowed by wg ru, the german thread was closed due to providing links to the mod^^(other subforums got the links still up, but hey wgeu/germany ftw)