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  1. I think we have solved the problem of FPS failures from (77-40) by activating Vertical synchronization and triple buffering. Which at the beginning of the game told you to disable them. The FPs stabilized at 61 with small variations. It can play, that's important. If you have the 60HZ refresh rate monitor but the stronger video card gives FPS frames higher than 60, enable Vertical synchronization and triple buffering.After I thought we solved the problem we had drops from 60-31FPS.
  2. I've also documented other players about fps failures, and I have monitored the use of the GPU, which is not optimized at all. During the game exactly when FPSs drop, the GPU is very little used around 9% when it comes back to use 100% FPS returns to 79-80. Upon returning to the port, the GPU surprise is always used at 100%. I think it's a program bug that does not use the GPU at 100%.
  3. I'm glad there are no problems with you. But that does not mean that you have to draw conclusions when you do not know the situation. These problems are encountered in many PCs with very good PCs and on the server in America, documented before you post something useless. I use 8 Gb RAM ,coad core 3.5GHz and Radeon RX 570 ,DirecX 12 its all ok.
  4. I can not believe that after so many updates the game has FPS failures, as if it's 64 or 32 bits. At the moment I do not think there are any PCs that will not go on 64. Today, besides countless FPS falls, over the end of the battle, I stepped back for 20 seconds to return to the port. These delays or repeated throughout the day. The game does not respond to orders. The game is totally unoptimized. Frankly, I'm a little tired
  5. This update is the worst of all updates, I have the biggest FPS drops from 78 to 30 on a RX570 graphics card. And the unsolved problem when you press the "tab" button in the game, drops FPS instantly to 30 from 78.
  6. leo70

    (Very) frequent freezes in game since 8.0

    I always have the drivers up to date, it's not a problem with me, the game continues to freeze. It's awkward, it's still boasting that it solves these problems, but it's going stupid to worse.
  7. leo70

    (Very) frequent freezes in game since 8.0

    Nothing changed in update 8.2 as bad as package 8.1. There are massive drops FPS and delays in the game.