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  1. leo70

    Bug Reports

    Besides the fact that the game does not respond to orders, I have a bug that has become annoying for too long. Commander John Doe, who specializes (expert loader) in reducing the load time to shifting the projectile by 75% faster, does not do it at all.
  2. leo70

    Drops FPS

    A mess of play. A little bit of respect for the players we are tired of having FPS down all the time. After so many updates, this serious problem has not been resolved. Many players complain during the game but were tired of posting on the forum. We pay premium acont and you can not play.I say I do not have a lag. My system is over what WG recommends
  3. leo70

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Game crash.
  4. leo70

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Massive drops of fps in the game. And when the TAb button is pressed, the FPS drops from 75 to 45 and the game is frozen. We are still complaining about these issues and are not resolved, every new update package appears again!
  5. The same problems persist when I have 75 FPS behaving like 6 FPS. It's awful, after all unsolved complaints, do nothing to solve these problems. No money for this game, so far ahead. We are treated without any respect after spending time and money on developing this game.
  6. Micro patch 7.2.2 did not solve the FPS drop problem. The game is totally unpleyable.
  7. He same problems the game froze for 1-3 seconds when starting and using binoculars. During the battle, massive drops of FPS make the game unplayable. This is happening to me with the new patch
  8. leo70

    Graphic Errors and FPS Drops

    For a long time the world has been complaining about falling FPS and I see that this pach has the same problems. The game at the current time is a big crap. If the problem is not solved, I do not want to waste any time and money on this game.
  9. leo70

    The Dunkerque and how I hate her so

    Last Packet destroyed almost all BBs, when using penetrating projectiles AP. Dunquerque's the most annoying in any shoot proiectiel AP are seldom penetrate. When shooting at 99% bounce boy battleships when shooting at cruiser - shot without penetration. The game is a big circus now. I'm not atrafe with such error.
  10. leo70

    Update 0.6.0 Feedback - Bugs

    I have a big problem with this game. The game does not start when Windows 10 installed Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable.
  11. leo70

    huge fps drop

    I do not know if the new package is to blame for the drastic decrease lag and FPS. Starting this weekend the game is completely unplayable. I have lag with ping 36-40 but the red light illuminates constant lag and 76-18 FPS. Large disparities in the game and disappearance of ships during the game. And after we had a few disconnects from the server. My connection had no trouble always checked. I mention that before this weekend the game went well.
  12. leo70

    Lagging after update 0.5.15 1st of december

    The game goes increasingly badly thousand, most players have lag, but not posted on the forum. In the game many problems. Today I started with the Japanese carrier level 6. After the planes took off from the CV I gave the order to attack on a crucisetor and we see that instead of 4 planes of the squadron I only cite one. The planes disappeared without them being shot down anyone. The game goes magnificent !!!
  13. leo70

    Lagging after update 0.5.15 1st of december

    This patch has ruined the game for me. I lag all the time, constantly ping 36 and is combined du FPS drop. All orders are in delay.
  14. leo70

    huge fps drop

    Total unplayable , drops FPS again and again (71-11)